It was a mistake to love you.. Chapter 2

Hey guyz, this is Pavithra here.. I am back with my ff’s 2nd chapter.. A big thanks to those who commented on my previous article.. Hope you guys like this one..


Recap: Keerthi and Madhav thinks of each other..

Next morning at school.

Keerthi , Sera and Mishal comes walking along the corridor to third class. While walking they were talking about boys.

Sera: Keerthi, that big- boss boy, Madhav, he is just a stupid boy ( with a funny expression)

Keerthi: ( laughing) are, don’t make me laugh Sera. You always make me laugh. Your expression!!

(Keerthi and Mishap laughs)

Sera: you two… I will kill you!!! ( laughing)/

Their discussion continues….

Keerthi: Sera , we can’t misunderstand Madhav like that. We should be really carefully. He would be up to anything at any moment ( in a thinking tone)

Mishal: ya, you are right Keerthi..

They reach their class and sits in their seats

Kevin: Keerthi, will you pass me that book.

Keerthi gives the book to Kevin. Keerthi to Sera and Mishap who was sitting near her –

Keerthi: Kevin is the only one who speaks to girls and is really friendly to us.

Mishal: Hmm…. Ya Keerthi, he is the only one. And may I say this…

Keerthi : You may say what??

Mishal: I have heard that…

Sera cut her short and says…

Sera: Keerthi, you may not like this!

Keerthi: ye kya hai yaar? Don’t keep it a suspense. Do tell me..

Mishal: I have heard that Kevin… (Stops)

Keerthi: Kevin ??? What did he do??

Sera: Kevin loves you!!!!!!

Keerthi: ( suprised) kya????

Mishal & Sera nods

Keerthi: Yuck! I don’t love him. I love someone else. And it is…

She suddenly stops knowing that she is going to reveal her love for Madhav. She shuts her mouth and turn straight.

Mishal: ( with a cheeky tone) Keerthi, tumne kya kaha?? You said you love someone..

Keerthi: ( stammering) it… Its just nothing

Sera: nahi, nahi… You said something…

Keerthi: me me kaha, I love someone and that’s my mom.. Okkk

Mishal:OK, OK!! This time we are believing you..

Keerthi smiles a faint smile….

PRECAP: Madhav comes to class and he enters class. Keerthi looks at Madhav. Madhav looks at Keerthi when Keerthi turns and speaks to Mishal..
He and. she remembers their childhood bond of friendship..


Hope you guys liked this one. Sorry for this late update.. I don’t know Hindi that much.. I want to study Hindi, so I tried to construct some sentence in Hindi.. Hope it is right. If it is wrong, do ignore.
Hope you guys liked and enjoyed this. Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes.. I will soon update my next chapter. Do remember, this si a non serial ff.. I need all your love and support.. Do forget to hit the like button.. Let me know what you think of the story by dropping in a comment..
Thanks for reading…
By, Pavithra..

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  1. This episode was so so cute!! ?
    Waiting for Kirti and Madhav’s love story!
    If you ever need any help…in Hindi or anything…you can always ask me…
    Love you loads lil sis! ?

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thanks sis for this lovely comment… Keerthi’s and Madhav’s love story will be starting anytime.. Wait and watch..
      I will definetly ask u di…. Love you too…?

  2. Hey Pavitra.Nice & sweet update just like u dearie.One thing,u used correct Hindi lines.
    Loved it.Waiting for next one…Update when u r free…???

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thanks di.. I don’t know Hindi as I am from Kerala as you know.. I was a bit nervous actually when I typed this..I will definetly update soon… Maybe tomorrow…

  3. Riyarocks

    sweetieee….I read all ur posts in one go & commenting here……dear…..ur writings r amazing…..being a non-serial ff, its just commendable….& dear, don’t worry abt any grammatical errors or abt hindi…..for us feelings does matter….we’re not here to write the oxford dictionary for which u need to be perfect….thats it…..sweetu…..ur updates was just like u…..I mean….sweet & cute…..luv u a lot dear……..keep writing, but haan, when u r free…..

    1. Pavithra1616

      Awwww??? sissy,ur comment was very sweet.. Actually I didn’t even thought of grammar or spelling.. I was worried for Hindi, as everyone except some knows Hindi… And if I am wrong that would be bad… Thanks for this lovely comment di… I will only write when I am free…sure of that!!??

  4. Ahk26barbie

    Awsome episode Pavi.You rocked.Loved the moment where Keerthi hide the feeling for Raghav.Just rock.

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thanks chechi.. That was very sweet of you to comment.. And chechi, its not raghav its Madhav!!!!? will update soon as possible..

  5. Aleya.marzan

    cute n amazing epi it was.
    donno who the hell disliked ur epi . feel like sl*P the one
    okk yaar sorry for delaying in doing comment u know na how hectic it is.
    lots of best wishes for u

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thanks aalu.. I also thought who was it who disliked this… But its alright.. No sorrys in friendship aalu.. U forgot.. All the best for you too..

  6. Harneet

    sorry ..sssoooorrrrrrry sissy .. helo pavi m sorry for not commnting .. amzing update .. dont worry for errors and hindi and all … love u …

    1. Pavithra1616

      Noneed for sorry di.. I won’t worry if u all are there to say the right one… Thanks di for those lovely words.. Love you too…?

  7. Anuradha123

    Can I call u pabi? Actually long names I don’t like… Coming to your story it is too good my dear.. Very nice script… Waiting for the next part… Post it fast and longer OK my dear

    1. Pavithra1616

      Hey di.. Is ur fracture alright?? Are u doing well now?? U can call me Pavi di.. Thanks di for those sweet words.. I will definetly post as soon as possible.. Thanks for reading…

      1. Anuradha123

        Dear I had an operation recently.. Now I m fine pabi… Thanks for asking about my health…

  8. I am really sorry sweetie pie for late comment….busy with studies…..chapter is awesome dear….but short….whenever I start reading ur this cute story ….I want to read more & more….do update soon…lots of love to u…take care??

    1. Pavithra1616

      No need for sorry di.. I knew there would be anything as reason for your delayed comment.. I know it is short. I hadn’t got time to type so much actually.. Thanks for those sweet words di.. I will update soon di… Love you loads.?

      1. Aww…so sweet lil sis…it’s alright if u are fine with short update….actually I am so much demanding?….& whenever I read ur ff ….I want to read more & more…already told u…I want that I never stop reading….study is first priority….study well & stay blessed….keep writing…u know u are the youngest writer of TU …I think…I am damn sure……..u write so much beautifully…….i think about myself , if u write like this….no one read my boring writings……I inform u that i post my ff next part….soon it will be published….plzz read my boring writng…..take care my girl & luv u so much ??

  9. Ghvpriya

    Wow yar pavithra. You write really well. Every nice one!!!

    1. Pavithra1616

      Hey priya.. That was very sweet of u to comment.. Thanks a lot for commenting..
      Thanks for those lovely words..

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