It Was A Mistake (Last Part)

Part 2 Of It Was A Mistake
Here we start

Its been some weeks and everything was going fine but dua still avoid talking to dany sometime but he always do when he find her online one day both were talk just like that he was talking to fiza also just then dua’s 3 number sister said (her name is sona)
Sona:we r going out would u come
Dua:ok but who else is going
Sona:me mom and meenu (meenu is 4 sister)
Dua:ok and fiza appa
Dua:ok I’ll come just let me say bye to dany bhai
Dua told dany that she is going out and will talk later but dany didn’t reply anything so dua get up from chair and get ready she wore her abaya and came where everyone was fiza was also there as the other computer was there dua saw dany said to fiza that he’ll come in a min as dua saw him talking she thought he would have answered her so she came in other room and saw dany was typing after sometime he said
Dany:ok when you’ll come then and why r u going
Dua:umm don’t know just going to buy some chips and cold drinks
Dany:who else is going
Dua:everyone except fiza appa and bhai jaan he came late so sleeping
Dany:then how you’ll go alone
Dua:not alone with mom sona baji and meenu baji
Dany:but you’ll go by walking
Dua:off course now stop asking so many questions I’m going bye tata
Dua:please bye saying this dua logout and said to herself
Dua:weirdo its better not to talk to him much saying this dua left days passes and it was dua’s birthday and she turn 16 as she wanted a tab her family gifted her and she was really happy then dany and dua again start talking daily for hours even when dua ignore sometime but he do and when they don’t do dany would msg her as where r u didn’t came online and dua in order to ignore the increasing attraction toward dany always said she’s busy and was studying she don’t know why he was caring too much even her family don’t do this much one day both were online but didn’t msg and then dany msg
Dany:what r u doing
Dua:game as always but getting bored
Dany:hmm so what to do
Dua:don’t know
Dany:let’s play antakshari
Dany:I’ll send u songs then u
Dua:ok first u
Dany:ok saying this both played for sometime and then at night both said bye to each other and dua slept off then it was time dua thought to talk to him clearly but was not able to tell him that she likes him so she made an fake I’d and msg him saying that she is dua’s frd and told him about her feelings dany msg dua and ask her about it and she confessed but what he said was shock for dua he said he don’t feel anything for her and they can’t be together because her family won’t agree because of age distance and start saying that she should forget him and should not think about him like this because they can’t be together he start avoiding her this left dua shattered she thought how can he do like this with her how can he break her heart like this dua become sad and she also start avoiding him because when she tried to talk to him he didn’t so she also did the same then one day dua was out with family for shopping but she forgot her I’d open at home dany msg her and her brother talked with dany and told him that dua is out when dua came back her brother told her and dua said ok she play game but didn’t msg him but just then when she was logging out dany msg

Dany:didn’t sid (dua’s brother name) told u I msg u
Dua:he did
Dany:then any u didn’t reply still angry
Dua:I was busy and no nothing like that
Dany:u r always busy when its me don’t u
Dua:nothing like that ok I’m going dad is calling
Dua:bye saying this she logout after some days dua was awake with her sister sona as sona was fasting so she was awake to do sehri and dua like to stay awake in night a lot so dua was awake with her and as usual she was playing game on her tab and dany msg
Dany:still awake
Dua:yeah with sona baji she is keeping fast
Dany:ok so for how many days
Dua:this whole week
Dany:ok what r u doing
Dua:game as usual
Dany:hmm how much will u play
Dua:till it have hearts (as games have hearts candy crush and all)
Dany:and when all will be finish then
Dua:then I’ll ask from u
Dany:ok I’ll send u
Both talk then after 2 days in night they were talking and just like that when they were talking he send 2 songs to dua
1st: Bheegay Hont Teray
2nd: Jab Bana Uska Hi Bana
Dua don’t know what to say and said
Dua:why did u send these songs to me
Dany:just like that babe
Dua:god don’t start again
Dany:what I did
Dua:u r not dany bhai
Dany:yeah I’m not dany bhai I’m dany only for u
Dua:no u r not I know u r someone else who is using his I’d
Dany:no I’m dany jaan
Dua:ooohh shut up please I know u r lying
Dany:ok how I’ll prove
Dua thought what to do and said
Dua:what I was wearing when we did video chatting
Dany:white top with girl print on it and black jeans with white stripes on it sides am I right babe
Dua was shock because she was wearing exactly the same she thought something and said
Dua:he told me there were someone sleeping u can be that someone
Dany:but babe I told u he was sleeping my frd he was
Dua:first stop calling me babe and all that
Dany:why can’t I call u something by love jaan
Dua:no u can’t
Dany:leave it because I’ll call u what I want now give me ur pic u uploaded on fb but then u hide it from me not fair babe
Dua:I won’t why u want it
Dany:to see u when I want to
Dua:u r mad or what god u know what I’ll tell everything to fiza appa last time I deleted the convo but not this time
Dany:really but who’ll believe u babe
Dua:what do u means
Dany:last time no one did jaan I told I wasn’t and they believed me not u
Dua:this time they’ll fiza appa will I know
Dany:we’ll see my babe bye saying this he logout and dua thought tomorrow she’ll tell everything to appa and gone to sleep

Next day
Dua woke up and had bf then she open her I’d to show the convo to appa but her I’d was not opening after sometime it got open and she was shocked to see empty inbox she checked all the msg but couldn’t find it and she felt so bad same day in night when she was awake dany msg again
Dany:hey what’s up
Dua was irritated now and said
Dua:what is ur problem can’t u just leave me alone
Dany:hey hey what’s wrong
Dua:u r asking me u deleted the whole convo of yesterday didn’t u and u also change the privacy of my pics
Dany:yeah I did jaan because u didn’t listen to me of u have listen i won’t have done it well what’s wrong u said u liked me now what’s wrong with u
Dua:u don’t like me u said so u should stay away
Dany:ok babe don’t get angry now will u be angry with ur dany
Dua:hello Mr stay in ur limits ok and I know u r not dany bhai he can’t do anything like this and listen u blo*dy jerk next time u msg me even a single word I’m going to police because dany bhai know about it and he’ll kill u got it
After that he didn’t reply and logout dua told dany bhai to change his password as she just said like that because dany didn’t know anything she just said like that and then everything get back to normal everything was going fine then after 1 year dany came to Saudi Arabia as he got job and dua used to stay there he was in other city and dua was in other he came to meet them and both were normal some days passes and somehow fiza get to know what dua like dany in that way and she asked her she first refused but then told her truly that she do but told her that he don’t she told everything to her sisters only then after some days dua was on computer playing game everyone was out except her parents as it was their parents anniversary everyone gone to get gift but fiza left her I’d open dua was getting helping from fiza’s I’d when by mistaken fiza and dany’s chat came in her view and she was shocked to know that they love each other dua shocked she cried and cried a lot when everyone came and sona saw dua she asked her what happened and she told her that she got to know that fiza and dany love each other and they hide it from her after 2 days dua talked with fiza and told her that she got to know everything and she was angry that they didn’t told her and fiza said that she don’t want to break her heart like this and they were planning to tell her and she also told her that dany was used to talk to her must because dua was close to fiza and dany want dua’s help to make fiza realized his love but dua said she don’t have any problem and she is fine but in her heart she was totally broken but just for her appa she agreed after some days fiza and dany’s alliance was fixed and on eid both get engaged dua show she was happy and don’t care anymore but she knew it’ll take time to forget him but somewhere in her heart she knew
It Was A Mistake

The End

Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is the 2nd part I hope u guys know it was a real life story it was not any imagination so tell me now what u guys think who was wrong and who was right who’s mistake was it ?

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  1. Plz update infinity regularly

  2. brilliant dear…. brilliant to the core…..
    dear i really want those people who cursed you to read these 2 parts…
    i had tears in my eyes while reading…. our heart says to love and wish but our mind says…this doesn’t work out…. we always ignore those thoughts and continue it….
    finally one day we will feel for that….
    Mistakes are done…and certain mistakes cant be rectified tooooo
    Brilliant dear… Love you a lot….
    i will say this is the best 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. thanks a lot dear ?

  3. I dint get the clear picture. IF Dany wasnt tge person then who was he? And why dint Dany take any step other people were using his id? And how come he could change the privacy of pics? He had hacked dua’s account too? Well the story is good but some points are a bit unclear. And really I dont think it was anyone’s mistake. Loving someone isnt a mistake. Dua could have told Dany of her love. And Dany talked with her like that just because he wanted her to be the love middleman? Keep writing.

    1. well no one knows who that person was… And why he didn’t don’t know… Yes he hacked the I’d I hope its clear now and u r right dear

      She did but he just said they can’t be together… Yes this is what dua felt she was a middlemen only ?

  4. awesome angel

  5. plz update infinite
    this ff is so nice

  6. Awesome Angel.. I know it happens in this it world. I really connect with the story.

  7. Awesome angel. Really good. I am speechless

    1. thanks a lot dear ?

  8. it’s truly amazing and heart touching………………………

  9. Hey angel lovely epi.. hurtFul tHough. it was so hilarious when dua called him dany bhai.. seriously, I laughed hard. And this is a real story? Fiza must not have done this . Its like the couple knowingly betrayed her.

    1. hello
      Thanks and yes it’s a real story and she felt the same ?

  10. nyc ending… if he was the same guy who talk to her so vulgarly or whatever…then its ending must be different…………

    1. thanks well no one knows if he was that person or not but it’s a real life story so the ending can’t be always happy ?

  11. Awesome angel….the story was really very heart touching. …..the man who faking as Dany is real mystery……dua was only bridge between fiza n dany….that’s really hurting….it’s no one’s mistake but the way people fake themselves in these sites is very wrong……who knows who is at the other side ….. n hacking the account is not a big task here….keep it up. …love you loads

    1. thanks a lot dear

      Yeah u r right love u too ??

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