HIS MISTAKE (episode 6)


M: y…yes dad.
K: really ? Manik I’m ashamed of u . I never thought my son would be like this . What values did nyonika teach u then when I was not here?
M: dad I’m really sorry .
Manik holds his ears and goes on his knees . ‘I’m sorry dad I won’t repeat it again ‘
Kuber was touched by it .
K: it’s ok but this is the final tym . Everyone needs a second chance , so I’m forgiving u .
Manik gets up and hugs Kuber .
Abhi: sir , so I’ll leave .thank u so much sir …

Abhi is going towards the door and collides with nyonika , who was coming in . Abhi gets shocked seeing her .
Ny: now who the hell r u ?
Abhi: I’m sorry , I’m manik’s friend

Saying that abhi left the house . He was left in thoughts as he drove back to his house .

Upon reaching his home he realizes his phone was switched off . He calls Nandini.
N: hello abhi where r u ?
Ab: I’m in my home . Did u reach home safe ?
N: yes abhi . I never thought u ppl would be so concerned for me . U ppl r my real best friends . Thank u so much abhi .
Ab: no thank u between friends . Ok now Tc bye
N: yea u too Tc bye

Abhi disconnects the phone and is lost in thoughts .( why did he get shocked seeing nyonika , pls comment I want to see ur guesses )

It’s the next day in college . As usual fab5 makes an entry and everyone makes way for them . But this tym , manik was a little changed person , as he had to keep his promise .
Cabir : yaar it’s not fun without ragging any student . But v know ur promise to ur dad should b kept .
M: cabir , where there is a will , there is a way …
Mu: means there is a loophole in this ?
M: yeah exactly. I said that I won’t repeat it again . But I didn’t say WE won’t repeat it again . Which means ….
Al: we can do but u can’t
M: exactly … But I can be rude , it’s just that I can’t rag . That Nandini ….. We will make her suffer .
C: exactly
Mu: and Yesss that idiot guy also …
Al: yeah he Told everything to uncle .

They go to canteen . There they spot Navya and Abhimanyu . Seeing Nandini missing , Manik excuses from there and asks them to carry on .
Fab4 goes towards them .
Mu: so hi guys !
Na: listen , don’t trouble us . Pls go from here .
C: it’s ok we r ur friends now so I guess friends can share tables .
Navya and abhi gets up to go . Fab4 stops them .

Manik is walking through the corridor searching for Nandini and all the girls’s eyes stuck on him only . Manik searches for her everywhere , when he suddenly collides with someone and it’s none other than Nandini .
M: there u r ! Uk I was searching for u in the whole college.
N: why me ? Listen abhi told me everything . U promised ur dad u’ll never do anything of this sort

Manik just drags Nandini to a corner where no one is there .
M: listen , I said I’ll not do anything but that doesn’t mean u can escape from the contract . My friends knows what to do . As coming to my home is dangerous for me , u can become our servant here . Uk spot girl .
N: what ?! I’m not gonna do anything for u ppl .
M: then I’ll take u to the court
N: u go on with it , Idc … How on earth will u prove that it’s caused by me ?
M: because there is cctv camera in my home nandu .
N: what !
M: yes… So all things are recorded in it .
N: so that means it will be there in ur room also right ?
M: no . It’s only there in the ground floor to keep an eye on all the workers and all . Now tell me what will u do to prove itself innocent ?
N: ?
M:So , whenever my friends call u ‘ spot’ u should be there … ( same rules like in kyy except bowing down )Got it nandu ?
M: common nandu , don’t be like this . Provide ur service with a smile. Like this ?… Ok now come , let’s go to ‘our friends ‘
They go to canteen ………

Na: nandu
She goes and hugs Nandini .
C: spot
N: yes sir…
Abhi: Nandini what r u doing?
Mu: oh hello , u don’t interfere orelse even u’ll have to follow these rules .
C: clean my shoes .
N: yes sir ….
She cleans his shoes and someone stops her . It’s Raghav sir .
Ra: I’ve told u ppl enough times not to do this . Next time no warning for u all .
Ra( to Nandini he tells): u don’t have to worry . Next time they threaten u , just tell me . Ik how to handle with them .
He leaves .
Nandini looks at Manik and leaves from there with abhi and Navya .
C: yaar what is his problem ?
Mu: who care abt him ?
M: no mukti . We’ll have to listen to him . Or else it will reach nyonika and my dad .
Al: it’s just not done
Dh: guys just leave it now .
Manik thinks in mind : I won’t spare u …

Precap : Nandini brings rishab to college . He gets attack and Nandini gets worried . Manik sees this and gets shocked knowing even rishab gets this attack . He feels bad for troubling Nandini .

So guys I want to know ur guesses why abhi got shocked seeing nyonika. Pls pls pls comment . And I just want to know whether someone other than Sindhu di is there on wattpad . Pls follow me ther and do vote and comment . Plss ….
My ID is mannan_0206
Thank u
Hope u’ll,accept my request
Love u all

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  1. Mahi13

    Poor Nandini. Eager to know what’ll happen after Manik comes to know about rishabh. Plz update asap. Take care.

  2. Ammmm…. I don’t know y abhi is shocked to see nyo…no clues… Maybe coz abhi knows her from before..!!! Plzzz update soon..it was too good…n poor Nandu…
    Manik’s plans r always failing?…

  3. No idea sry but loved your update might be they have some past connection pls update soon

  4. Sindhu_Varma

    Super awesome ?
    Maybe Abhi nd Manik are cousins ?

  5. May he sleep with her before.

    1. Manan_0206

      Well my answer to this is surely no . Abhi is a Gud guy …

  6. may be abhi saw her with someone ,somewhere………………..:P

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