HIS MISTAKE (episode 4)


Recap: Nandini reaches MALHOTRA mansion . Rishab ruins the hall . Manik asks Nandini to pay him .
Nandini doesn’t know what to do . She goes to Navya and Abhimanyu.
Na: what !??
Abhi: r u serious ? How will u pay that much ?
N: I don’t know . I never knew it was his house , or else I would have never gone there . Aiyappa what will I do now ? That monkey monster Manik will…(she turns and sees Manik standing behind her )she gets shocked ?
Nandini’s POV: aiyappa ! Did he hear me ? Save me ?

M: so Nandiin , what’s up? Found a solution ?
N: n no
M: very Gud , then come with me .
N: where ?
M: for world tour ! Seriously? Now don’t ask questions just come .
N: ok ?

Nandini tells Navya and then leaves .
Manik comes to fab5 jamming . There is no one there.
N: where is everyone ?
M: where is everyone that is non of ur concern . I called u here and I’m there , that’s it u need to know . So what’s the solution u found out?
N: I don’t find any .
M: well what if I say I have one ?
N: what do u mean ?
M: I have a solution for u . U can come and work as my housemaid after college .
N: what ?? R u nuts ? I’m not gonna do it .
M: fine then 3 days, that’s it . I need my money .
N: Manik but pls have mercy on me .
Manik shows an evil face to her .
M: look at my eyes , do u seriously think something called mercy exists there ? ?
N: I already know that .
M: Gud for u . So no sympathy and all I need to know ur decision right now . Will u be my servant or u’ll pay me money .
N: I’ll be ur servant .
M: oh wow ! U’ve become smart . So yeah I’ve already got this documents ready yesterday itself cuz Ik u won’t pay me .
He gives her the documents .
M: u just have to pay me ur service for Hundred days . That it !
Nandini unwillingly signs it . Manik smirks ?
M: Gud girl . So today at 4 I want u in my house . So bye for now
He goes and she gets sad .
Nandini’s POV: aiyappa what did I just do ? What if he does something wrong ? No hope he won’t torture me . Why do I always land up in trouble ?
End of POV

Mukti and ALYA are coming out of the washroom talking . Mukti collides with Abhimanyu .
Her phone falls down . Abhi picks it up for her . Mukti just snatches it from his hand and walks away . Abhi calls her .
Abhi: excuse me , if someone helps u then j should thank them . Or atleast smile at them , that’s called courtesy.
Mu: really ? So now u r going to teach me ? It was ur duty to pick it up . Don’t u know who I am ? And I don’t care about this courtesy thing and all ok ? So just get lost and don’t come into my sight again .
Abhi’s POV : oh god . What kind of girl is she ? Doesn’t know how to even behave ? And wait did she say , I should never go infront of her ? Now u see what I’ll do .
End of POV
Nandini finds Navya and abhi and then tells them the matter .
Na: nandu u can’t go there . Can’t say what that rakshas will do .
N: but I’ve no other way .
Abhi: why don’t v go to his house and tell this matter to his parents . We can apologize right ? If We all will go and apologize,then they might forgive .
N: no , then Manik will make my life even more miserable ,
Na: but if he gets money back then why he wants to trouble u ?
N: it all started because of that guitar , idk what’s so special abt it .anyways now I’ll go home freshen up and then start the first day of my job ?
Na: ok fyn but if he troubles u then call anyone of us ok ?
N: yeah fyn . Ok bye

The trio hug .
They leave for home . Nandini reaches home and doesn’t know whether to tell chachi and chacha about it or not . She freshens up and haves food . She then goes to chachi.
N: chachi, can I go to my friend’s house ?
Chachi: kyun ?
N: just like that
Chachi :ok fyn but comeback by…
N: by 10?
Chachi: 10? What r u going to do there till10?
N: no chachi we have to practice for our assignment . We have to prepare a song . So plss.
Chachi: acha fyn teek hai .
N: thank u chachi u r the best
She goes and gets ready and leaves for the MALHOTRA mansion .

Pre cap: Manik And the rest of fab5 are sitting on the couch having popcorns and Nandini is cleaning the floor. Just then someone steps in and Nandini smiles looking at that person .

Whom do u think it was ? And y did Nandini smile ? Pls do comment , waiting for ur comments
Love u all loads for supporting me .
Thank u Tc

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