HIS MISTAKE (episode 3)


Recap : Nandini and Navya were eavesdropping on fab5’s conversation.
Cabir sees this . He walks towards the door to catch them redhanded but then they get alerted and runs away.
Mu: cabir what r u doing there ?
C: that Nandini and Navya were there
M: oh god that girl ! Just leave her for now . Let’s find this person first .
Al: yeah u r right .


Meanwhile Navya and Nandini are walking .
N: we just had a narrow escape . Aiyappa thank u so much .
Na: but I just don’t understand why that person helped us .
Just then they see someone stopping their way . He was tall and handsome and had a smile on his face . It’s Abhimanyu.
Abhi: hey guys ! I’m Abhimanyu
N: hi! I’m Nandini
Na: hi I’m Navya . but who r u ?
Abhi: well that shouldn’t matter to u but bcz u asked I’ll say .I’m the one who threw stone at manik’s hand .
Nandini gets shocked .
N: u threw ?.. But y ?
Abhi: well I don’t like these stuff called ragging and violence and all . So to rescue from them I did it . Instead of thanking me u r questioning me ?
N: no no it’s not like that . Thank u so much . I just asked cuz they r very dangerous . They …
Abhi: Ik Ik . Ik everything abt them . Well so guys can v be friends ?
Na & N : yeah sure . Friends
They shake hands and They go home

IN murthy house
Mr.&mrs. Murthy (Chacha and chachi) just received a parcel.
Chacha: this is a very small one . Ma said she Sent a huge one .
Chachi: Areyy wait Na . Check the address again .
Chacha: ayyooo. The house no. is 325 given here . Ours is 235. They gave it in wrong place . Now what will we do ?
Nandini comes just then with rishab.
N: chachi, I and rishab are going for a walk
Chachi: nandu , could u plsss give this parcel in this house no. ? And yeah get ours from them .
N: ok chachi .
She takes the parcel and goes with rishab . She is walking and gets tired .
N:Where on earth is this house ? 323,324, and yeah finally 325 ! Aiyappa it’s a huge mansion . Look rishab its so huge right ?
Rishab has nods
N: Chalo lets go inside and get our parcel .

She rings the door bell . A man opens the door . It’s the servant of that house .She tells him the matter .
Man: maam pls come in wait here . I’ll go get the parcel .
N: ok . Rishab come .

They sit down on the sofa . They get amazed seeing the beautiful mansion .
The person gives the parcel and she takes it out . She comes out and then remembers she left her purse inside .
N: oh shit . I left my purse inside . Rishab I’ll go get it , u get an auto I’m already tired walking

She goes inside and takes her purse .
Suddenly a voice speaks from a distant behind her: Kaun hai yeh ?
The servant replies : sir it’s the girl who got your parcel and u got her’s .

Nandini turns and sees the shock of her life .
Nandini’s POV : aiyappa ! What is he doing here ? Oh wait , don’t tell me it’s his house . Why does this monkey all be there wherever I go ? Save me plsss
End of POV
Manik smirks and starts walking towards her . He asks his servant to go . Nandini gets scared and tries to escape but Manik asks her to stop .
M: oh so nandu came here to meet me ?
N: Manik I didn’t come to fight . I’m sorry if I ever knew that it was ur house , I would’ve never ever come in this area . Now pls leave me .
M: really ? Cool .
N: so can I go
M: U came alone ?
N : no my brother is waiting outside .
M: very good now come with me my friends are waiting there for u .
Manik takes Nandini forcefully towards his room .

Dhruv and cabir was there in manik’s room .
Dhruv goes Searching for him . He comes down and just then cabir calls him and he goes back. Rishab was coming inside and gets the attack .
M: guys look who’s here
C: whoa she came searching for us ? Very nice
N: pls let me go . My brother is all alone there . Pls

He puts things down there . He ruins the hall . Nandini and others hear the sound and Nandini pushes Manik and runs down . She sees rishab getting attack . She consoles him and with the help of one of the servant she brings him in the auto and goes. Manik and others come down
Manik looks on shocked at what rishab did to his house .
C: omg! Wth did he do ?
M: now she’s gonna pay me for all this .
D: why r u behind her yaar? Just leave it
M: no Dhruv . We’ll have fun . Just wait and watch . ( he smirks)

Nandini’s POV : aiyappa ! Manik won’t spare me . He’s gonna make khichdi out of me . Why did I even go there ?

Nandini goes home and makes rishab sleep. She gives the parcel to chacha and chachi and goes to sleep . She just cannot sleep thinking about what Manik will do with her .


Next day in college …
Nandini is looking scared and walks . Just then someone keeps hand on her shoulder.
It’s Navya she gets scared .
Na : Kya hua nandu ? Why u looking worried?
N: vo Navya …( she tells what happened )
Na: nandu r u serious? U r in big trouble. Now what will u do ?
N: idk Navya .
Abhi comes and asks them the matter . They say it .
Abhi: chill guys . V have many ways to b happy . For example when fab5 comes inside in a cool style , throw eggs at them . In the crowd no one will see . They do injustice with u so a revenge . How’s it ?
N: abhi , one day we might get caught and then another problem on head . Just leave it yaar .
Na: no Nandini abhi is right . U try doing it .
N: me?…
Abhi: yes this time u and next time Navya will do something . Ok ?
N: acha fyn .
Fab5 makes an entry and all students make way for them . Nandini who was in the crowd aims .
N: aiyappa , hope it goes good .
And she throws . It hits at mukti .
Mu: eww! Who did this ?
Nandini , Navya and abhi runs away from the crowd .
ALYA : can’t u hear ? Whoever did this cousin front or else…
ALYA takes mukti to the washroom . Navya name and abhi laughs .
Abhi: all is well. That was fun right ?
Na: ya that was sooo fun . Thank u abhi . I was so happy it hit her
N: but I’m scared .
Just then they see Manik in front of them .
Navya and abhi gets shocked. Nandini gets double shocked.
M: oh so it was u , right ?
N: n…no Manik it wasn’t me . Actually …
M: wait , I’ve seen u b4 ( to abhi he says )
Abhi : ya obviously I’m a student here so u would’ve seen me b4 .
M: anyways come to the canteen in 10 mins . ( to Nandini ) we won’t wait any longer . And if u don’t come then wait and watch.

He goes.
N: see I told u all. Now I’ll b in trouble.
Na: so sorry nandu v didn’t know it would become like this .
Abhi: ya I’m sorry
N: it’s ok . Btw I had fun throwing the egg . But I wanted to throw on that monkey’s head . Monkey monster Manik .
N: ok anyways now I’ll go . Bye .
Nandini goes

In the canteen fab5 is waiting
Nandini comes .
M: come nandu , come .
Mu: here , take this .( she gives her something)
N: what is this ?
M: nandu, think u might remember

Nandini’s POV: aiyappa! What might be this ? Is it some notes for music class ? Or…wait! Is it something related to what happened yesterday ? I’m dead . Shit !
End of POV

M: oh hello , don’t remember? Chalo teek hai , not a problem . Now open this .
She opens it gets shocked seeing it .
N: wha…what Is this ?
M:this ? This is a small gift for u . The amount u have to pay for the damage caused by ur dear bro. Just Rs.45,00,000/- ?
N: what!!! 45 lakhs only ?
M: kyun? Kam Tha ?
N: no.
M: Gud . Now I’ll give u 3 days . Within that time I need the money . Or else ur dead .
M: Chalo guys lets go .
Fab5 leaves. Mukti and ALYA gives Nandini a look . They leave

Nandin: aiyappa! Where will I give this much amount from ?save me Plssss


So guys I want to know ur opinions about my update . And yes sometimes it gets updated late so pls ignore that . Pls pls comment . I’m waiting to read all ur comments . And I just want to know if this news is true that parth samthaan is coming to Dubai in October . I just saw a post on insta . I couldn’t believe so that’s y asking . Pls reply if anyone knows or if anyone is in Dubai right now . ?
Thank u all fro reading and Tc
Bye luv u all

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