HIS MISTAKE (episode 2)


Recap : Nandini plays the guitar and someone gets hold of the guitar . It’s Manik. She gets scared and gets up . Manik smiles
N: I’m sorry I actually …
M: no no it’s ok . u played it very well .
Fab4 comes there with Alya in the front .
Al: wow today is our lucky day . Like seriously we’ve got another target .
C: yeah so what’s ur name sweetheart ?

N: Nandini
Al: who gave u the permission to touch this guitar ?
M: no Alya it’s ok . She didn’t know it was mine right ? Leave it . Let’s go now .
Manik and the rest of fab5 turns to go and mukti put the fab5 target sticker on Nandini’s shoulder . They all go and Manik smirks .

Fab5 is sitting in the canteen .
Mu: what will we give her ?
Al: let’s thinks of something unique .
C: let’s do like this , why not take any one of our enemy and make both of them suffer ?
M: let’s make her eat something .
Mu: but what ?…
C: got an idea !
M: what ?
Cabir tells them the plan . Everyone smiles.


Nandini and Navya are walking .
N:idk why They gave me this sticker . Idk for what a.
Na: wha?… Omg this is their target sticker . They give it to their next target . They rag that person .
N: but they weren’t angry with me .
Na: somethings fishy .
Nandini is looking at Navya and talking .
N: but why do they do like that ? Why r they so mean ?
Just then Navya gives a sacred expression
N: Kya hua Navya ?
She looks and finds Manik infront of her
N: Manik ?

M: hi Nandini
N: hi ( she’s scared )
M: my friends wants to give u a treat . Will u pls come to the canteen ?
N: treat ?
M: yeah pls nandu come ok ? In 5 mins . I’ll be waiting . Bye
Manik goes .
Na: Nandini I can’t believe my eyes
N: me too
Na: is it their trap ?
N: I doubt .
Na: I think u shouldn’t go .
N: but they will anyway rag me so now if I don’t go then they might be harsh on me .
Na: bye nandu . Pls give me a hug . This might be our last hug . Can’t say what all they will do .
N: Navya , instead of consoling me u r scaring me ?
Na: no but I was just trying to tell u the truth .
N: oh god . Ok now I’ll go .
In the canteen .
Fab 5 is waiting there .
Nandini comes there .
M: I knew it u would come . Come why u standing there?…
Manik brings her next to the table . These a glass of juice kept there .
N: what’s this ?
M: it’s karela juice. U just have to drink it . Uk, it’s from our side as sign of becoming friends . So drink .

Mukti gives it to her .
Mu: uk what ? I made this myself
Al: oh god! Mukti , when will u start remembering the recipe ? Why didn’t u garnish it?
Mu: oh I’m so sorry I forgot . Wait I’ve got the right thing to garnish it with .
Cabir brings a box and opens it . Mukti takes out a cockroach from it . She puts it in the glass.
Nandini freaks out. They laugh .
M: nandu don’t get scared we are friends right ? Just have it . Cummon…
They force her to drink it . Manik holds the glass and brings it next to her mouth . She denies it but mukti and ALYA hold her hands , cabir takes the video and suddenly someone throw a stone ans it hits manik’s hand . He drops the glass his hand bleeds . Everyone get shocked .
M: ouch !

Mu: oh shit wth . It’s bleeding .
Nandini runs from there .
C: who was it ? Close the door no one will go out .
The person gets out b4 they see . Cabir asks again and they say they didn’t do . He gets angry .

Fab 5 goes to jamming room .
alya dresses manik’s hand . ( it’s a small one but she shows concern)
Al: who the hell did this ?
Mu: maybe that Navya
C: I don’t think she’ll do that cause she was scared after what we did with her today.
M: check whether Nandini has any other friend
Mu: yeah maybe a boy can do it .
C: oh wait I’ve got the video of it lemme check .

Navya and Nandini goes to the washroom .

Na: what did they do with u ?
N: they made me drink karela juice with cockroach in it .
Na: chiiii cockroach?
N: ya and uk how badly I hate them .
Na: who cockroach or fab5 ?

N: both !
Na : sahi kaha tumne . Even I hate both of them .
N: they are monsters . And uk what when Manik was forcing me to drink , someone threw a stone and it hit his hand . So the glass fell down .
Na:but Nandini, who threw that Stone ?
N: idk

Meanwhile in fab5 jamming room .
Cabir is checking for the one who did it in the video . He sees a glimpse of That person .
Cabir shows it to the others .
M: who is he ?
C: idk it’s not that clear . But we can make out if we see him .
Mu: is it any of our old target ?
Al: no our targets never shows courage to do this .
Dhruv: maybe a new boy .
C: could be
M: whoever it is , once we get him it’s gonna be the last day for him

Nandini and Navya were eavesdropping on fab5’s conversation.

So who do u think it was ?… Why did that person do like that ?was it fab5’s any old target or enemy ? To know more stay tuned .

Pls guys I beg u reply once u read . It’s the only way I come to know how can I improve on it . So pls . Now a days I’m getting like the least comments for my other ff . Is that soo bad ? If so pls tell I’ll try to end it soon .

Thank u hope u’ll accept my request and comment . Love u all loads .

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  1. good going . i guess its harshad not sure or is it a new charcter

  2. hai …gud going yaar ..super i love it ..plz keep writing dnt stop..plz daily update friend..and im very exciting to nxt update ..my requst is plz more manan scense include and plz give big updates…and wt u think by kerala juice .bad .?.no yaar u cnt insult again wid my place(sorry big cmmnt hogai)

    1. Manan_0206

      Actually u got it wrong . It’s Karela juice which means bittergaurd juice not Kerala juice . And btw even I’m from Kerala

  3. Ayshath Safeena

    hai …gud going yaar ..super i love it ..plz keep writing dnt stop..plz daily update friend..and im very exciting to nxt update ..my requst is plz more manan scense include and plz give big updates…and wt u mean by kerala juice .pbad ..no yaar u cnt insult again wid my place(sorry big cmmnt hogai)

  4. I think, it’s harshad……….

    Good going dear…..

    Eagerly waiting for next part….

  5. Sindhu_Varma

    Maybe aryaman?
    Anyways the update was awesome ?

  6. Meghna shanti

    Nice update dear
    May be it’s abhi

    1. Manan_0206

      Yes u r right

  7. Ohoooo.. It’s abhi… I love it… Plzz update soon tasni….. N don’t be sad.. I know less comments are not good nt ppl ll comment don’t worry… Loved it….keep rocking

  8. Manan_0206

    Thank u all so so much love u all

  9. Mahi13

    Nice update. Don’t be sad for less comments. Trust me u r doing a fabulous job.

  10. It going greatttt….dnt stop…manan feelng soon plzzz…..n e known charactrs defintly….eagr 2 read nxt udate…plz update soooooonnnnnnnnn…..waiting….lovd it.

  11. Update is superb yar……


  12. I feel like it’s abhi.. still u have ur story line so prosper in that … Happy writing?

  13. Update is nice its harsad

  14. Nice

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    Really it’s nice yaar….waiting fr nxt epi

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