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HIS MISTAKE (episode 1)


So this is my new ff on Manan – HIS MISTAKE . Hope u would like it . I wrote an ff – this is called destiny. So all the characters are same like in that and only the story is different . There is fab5 in this and it’s their college days . It’s about a mistake which one person from this story committed due to which an other ones life changed a lot . To know who those two ppl are , keep reading .
So Manik, mukti and cabir are 20 yrs old . Alya and Dhruv 19yrs . Nandini , Navya 18yrs .
The rest characters I’ll write when I’m adding them . Mr.&mrs. Malhotra are in business field but they also own a college – space academy .
So this is how …

Fab5 members
Manik – a rude arrogant handsome college boy . He had everything a girl admires for . His interest is in music but is planning to help his dad in business.hates his mom cause all she cares is for money .
Alya- the college hottie .loves Manik since childhood. She knows it’s not easy to win manik’s heart .
Cabir – the prankster of the group . Always interested in making videos . Never imagined what he would do if one day his mobile would be one . Manik is close to him .
Mukti – A girl who never trusts in the word love . Her parents divorced and is living alone . Let’s see what will happen to her life . She thinks that everyone wants money and nothing more. Will she accept that true love exists?
Dhruv: a shy cute boy. never had crush on someone . Manik considers him as his brother
Now comes …
Nandini- an orphan and has only a brother rishab( rishab is just like in kyy) for whom she’s living now . She also has an uncle and aunt . Now She lives with them in Mumbai .
Harshad is alya’s brother and is also a student of space academy . Rest all characters same .

So the story starts ……
It’s 7am in Mumbai. Nandini just woke up from her sleep .
Nandini’s POV
Aiyappa ! I’m late . Today is my first day in college and I hope I won’t be late .
Saying that she ran to the washroom and got ready , prayed to God and went to the hall where her uncle and her brother was there .
She went and took blessings from her uncle hugged her brother and took blesings from aunt who was in the kitchen and hurried out of the house . She got into an auto .
Nandini’s POV
Shit I’ve to be there in 5mins.Finally reached . Thank god. Wow what an amazing college . I’m lucky to be studying music here just like ams said . but I wanted to take up MBA course as my parents wanted me to do . But I’m sure she is doing all this for my well being . Anyways how will I find my class?…
End of POV
Just she sees a crowd gathering and goes there . It’s fab5 ragging some students .
Cabir: so guys today these 6 sweeties of our college are going to try chili powder . So my dears pls encourage them and yes u ppl can start eating . Let’s see who does it first .
The students eat it unwillingly . One of the students doesn’t eat .
C: common eat .
They force her to eat .

Nandini POV : aiyappa ! What is this ? Eating chili powder ? What kind of ppl ? And these ppl are nicely taking videos . I didn’t know ppl were so cruel here .
The student whom they forced to eat was Navya . She starts coughing and spits it out . Alya goes to slap her .
Nandini’s POV : aiyappa ! No this can’t happen . I won’t let her do this . This is not fair.

Nandini goes to stop Alya but then realizes someone holds her hand . It’s Manik. Nandini looks at him .
Manik’s POV : I spotted a girl going to stop my friend . I didn’t want that to happen so I stopped her . Her hands were as soft as feathers . I didn’t really want to leave her hands like forever it seems .
Nandini’s POV : I wanted to stop that girl from harming that innocent girl but I couldn’t cause someone stopped me . I turned around and found a tall handsome boy. I don’t know who he was. I couldn’t take my eyes off him .

ALYA slaps Navya . Nandini turned around and saw that . Manik still didn’t leave her hand .
Nandini’s POV: aiyappa why is he not leaving my hand ? I struggled so much but still he’s not leaving my hand. What happened to him ?

Just then cabir says video over . Now u all can go back to ur classes . And yes Ms.Navya ji it was just a matter of few minutes and u wanted to spoil it ?
Navya starts crying and leaves from there . Manik then Leaves Nandini’s hand.
Nandini also goes behind Navya .

Navya goes to washroom and cries . Nandini comes there .
Nandini’s POV: I felt sad seeing her cry . I felt pity for her. Afterall they didn’t do right with her . I also felt like crying . I tried to console her .
N: listen stop crying. Ik they did bad with u . What’s ur name ?
Na: my name is Navya .
N: so let’s be friends if u don’t mind ?
Na: yeah let’s be .
N: btw why don’t u complain to the principal?
Na: r u new here ?

N: yes I am .
Na: that’s why . This college is ruled by fab5 . That tall boy is the son of the owner of this college .
N: seriously ? What’s his name ?
Na: his name is Manik , the one who was taking video was cabir , the one who slapped was ALYA , the other girl was mukti and anther boy was there his name is Dhruv . They r our seniors . What they want happens here . Anyone can be the victim of their ragging .

The bell rings .
Na: let’s go to class or else they will catch us to do some make mischief.
N: yeah let’s go .
Nandini is going to the jamming room of fab5 without knowing about it .
Nandini’s POV : theres no one here . Wow what a lovely guitar . I would like to try it but what if someone see . Wait lemme check … No there no one around here .

She plays the guitar and someone gets hold of the guitar . It’s Manik .

What do u think manik’s reaction would be ? Gud or rude ?

So that’s it . Hope u will liked my update . I will update this alternate days and the other one the rest of the days . I would like to know from u all whether this ff is better than the other . Pls comment. Once I finish the other ff I’ll try updating this one regularly. Thank u all for ur support . And pls comment as that encourages me a lot . Tc bye .

  1. Of course Manik ll be rude.. After all he is our mr arrogant malhotra.. Superb one… Too good… Keep going

  2. Inu

    nice one.may be monster manik will be shown/

  3. Mahi13

    Thasni dear ur both ffs r interesting. It’s hard to tell which 1is better. The starting is good. Waiting for ur next update.

  4. Amazing start dear….
    Plz plz plz plz continue….

  5. Manan_0206

    Thank u all sooo much .

  6. Meghna shanti

    I’m expecting him to be gud

  7. The Manik Malhotra nt easily fall fr anyone nt even nandhu”
    He will b rude but if he kind thn something must b going in his evil mind
    Awsmm start keep going

  8. Great start

  9. Rude episode is nice

  10. I think he ‘ll be rude as it’s his fav guitar but not sure i mean afterall he is”THE MANIK MALHOTRA”may … some evil plan is going in his mind

    But i must say gud start nd yes plz continue

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