If That Mistake Didn’t happened! (TS)~komal {last shot}


Hey guys!
How are you all?
I hope everyone is doing good!
I was free so I decided to write today!
So here is the second shot to my TS!

If That Mistake Didn’t Happened!

Precap: Twinj married, yuvi going to jail and Anita Luthra decided to enter the play!

(Note: The shot is in Twinkle’s Pov)


Today, the 20th May!
Its been a year me and Kunj have been married!
Everything was going well, until Anita Luthra, Yuvraj’s mother decided to enter the play!
Me and kunj were in my room having a talk after having dinner, suddenly we heard some noises from downstairs!
It seemed like someone was shouting!
Me and Kunj decided to go down and see what’s hulla-bulla about?
As we stepped down, we saw Anita Aunty standing over there cursing us for sending her son to jail!
Who can make her understand her son was in jail beacuse of his own deeds!

Anita: Today, beacuse of you Twinkle, because of you, my son is in jail! I swear twinkle I will not leave a single stone unturned to get my revenge! You’ll have to pay for all the loss you have caused to me!

Bebe: Just shut up Anita! Your son is in jail today beacuse of his own deeds! He say’s he loves twinkle! No he really don’t! If he would have loved Twinkle he would have really known whats the true meaning of love! Love only doesn’t mean to get someone or possess someone! Love is pure! Love means to sacrifice, you sacrifice those who you love the most only for their happiness! But yuvi really didn’t knew the meaning of love!

Anita: Bebe you are saying this! Only beacuse of your this daughter-in-law you are taunting me! Did you forgot bebe you always promised to stay by my side whenever I needed you after Ashok passed away! How can you do this to me bebe?

Bebe: Anita I told I will be your side in all ups and downs but only if that is for the good! I can never be a part of evil plans! And about yuvraj, he is rightfully at the place he deserves! He should rot in the jail!

Me: Anita aunty! What yuvraj did was not right? If he wouldn’t have done that he wouldn’t be in jail today! He can’t force someone to marry him and over it he tried killing me! It wasn’t right on his part the only reason he is in jail today!

Anita: You just shut up Twinkle! I promise to you twinkle that you would mong for death from today onwards! You would mong for death everyday now! I well turn your life to a rotting hell! It’s my promise Twinkle! It’s my promise!

Bebe: Anita just shut up and get lost from here!

With this bebe throwed anita aunty out of the house while her words started haunting me! What is she upto! What if she do something to my loved one’s? I can’t afford to loose anyone after my dad left me! I can’t!
With this a tear escapped my eye!
And I found a hand wiping it! It was kunj!

Kunj: Twinkle! Shhh! Please don’t cry! Nothing will happen to anyone! I will take care of this! Nothing will happen to you!

Me: Kunj I don’t care about anyone! But what if she do something to you! What if she do somthing to my family! What if she do something to OUR BABY kunj!

(Yes you guys read it right Twinkle was Two months pregnant)

Kunj: Hey! Listen,shhh Twinkle nothing is going to happen to me ever till you are beside me! And our baby, till we both are together Anita aunty can’t do anything! She can’t even dare to touch you and our baby! But if you will leave my hand I wouldn’t be able to fight the world! I will die! So promise me you would never leave my side!

Me: I promise Kunj, never ever! Ony death can apart us! Nothing else!

Kunj: Please Twinkle dont speak about death! And now smile see we are together right? Nothing would happen!

And I smiled! I just wish everything goes well! Everything!


I had delived a baby boy and we named him ABEER KUNJ SARNA!
Abeer brought all the happiness in our lives!
He was the reason why kunj would comeback early from office!
He was the reason of a 24/7 smiling kunj!
Finally life was better! Our family was completed!

Today me and Kunj have gone to for shopping leaving Abeer home!
Abeer was asleep and we find it a better option to spend together as from the last 1 month we couldn’t find time for ourselves!
We went out and did some manual shopping and enjoyed ourselves! We were sitting in the food court of the mall when Bebe called us and told us to come home immediately!
She was tensed and the scores didn’t settled well! That rised our tension and we rushed back home!

As we reached home we found Bebe and Usha Maa crying and Papa and Bhaiya having a worried look on their face!

Me: Bebe what happened why are you crying? Usha Maa what happened? Papa, bhaiya! Please someone can tell me why is everyone tensed!

Bebe in a crying and shaking voice told!

Bebe: Twinkle puttar, someone kidnapped ABEER!

And this was enough for me to fell off the gaurd! My baby was kidnapped! Who could have kidnapped him?
I was shocked! My face emotionless! I couldn’t comprehend what was going on! Suddenly my phone beeped! It was a message from an unknown number!
The message was-

If you want to see your baby alive! Do what is said to you!
Tell kunj that you don’t love him! You were just with him only because of his money! You actually loved me! And don’t try to be oversmart I’ve fixed camera’s at your home! Say what is told and come to marina bay hotel! As soon as you would reach the hotel tell the receptionist to show you room number. 123! And yes if you tried to be oversmart, get ready to say bubbie to Abeer!
Also I have kept divorce papers in the hall! Make kunj sign them and come to me!
~ Yuvraj Luthra
(Your Future Husband)

I couldn’t find what to do! If i didn’t do this we will lost Abeer! Kunj loves him so much! I have to do this!

I tried laughing evily though I was totally broken!
Hahahaha Kunj Sarna you lost your most precious gem! So sad! Abeer was so closed to you? Now what? I feel really pity on you!
You know what I was always behind your money! I never loved you! I always loved Yuvraj! And Abeer is the only sign of our fake relationship! If you want Abeer then Give me divorce and Abeer would be sent back to you! Hurry I’ve to leave sign the divorce papers!

Kunj was totally broken and it broked me into million pieces to see him like that but I’ve to do this for Abeer and kunj both!

He forcefully signed the paper and I laughed even though I couldn’t control my tears! Before I was going Usha Maa slapped me! I knew I deserved this but without paying any heed I moved out the house because I can’t cry in front of them!

As soon as I reached out I cried till the heavens too started roaring with me! Why god? Why you have to do this with me? With US? Why?
I decided to leave to the hotel but not before ringing the police!
As I reached Marina bay I asked the receptionist to take me to the room no. 123! She showed me the room and I went inside it!
Yuvraj was standing there waiting for me!
Fortunately I carried a hidden camera with me that would record all his confessions!

Yuvraj: so baby you are back! Well done very good acting!

Me: Where is Abeer?

Yuvraj: As I told he is back in Sarna Mansion!

And i sighed relief!
He started confessing how he did all this to get me! To possess me! How he kidnapped my baby!

This was all recorded in the hidden camera! Soon the police reached the hotel and I handed them the proof!
They took him away but before they could take him I slapped across his face for trying to hurt my Kunj and my Abeer!

As soon as Yuvraj was gone I hurried back home to tell everyone the truth!
But what I didnt knew was that my small lie would have created a huge storm!

When I reached home I found everyone crying! And what I saw took my life away!
My Kunj has poisened himself and my baby Abeer was lying on the floor!
My two most loved one’s were taken away on that day!
Usha Maa cried and slapped me! Bebe told how after I went away Abeer was back home but he was already dead and Kunj couldn’t take the shock! He took the poison and he too died!
I tried explaining them what happened but no one listened!
I was thrown out of the Sarna House!

I went back to Taneja Mansion and I saw Leela Maa was also angry on me but she listened to me! I explained her everything and she hugged me! But the truth was I lost my precious possessions today! I can’t live anymore! No I don’t have the right to live!
I went to my room and then started righting this diary! It was end of my fairy tale story! Everything ended today!
I couldn’t live without them so I decided to take the step!
If we can’t be one here on the earth we can complete our uncompleted story there in the heaven! Atleast there would be no one who would try to separate us!

And with the last line I took the bottle of sleeping pills and ate them all!


This is how my dee and jeeju died! I found her diary and the doctor said that she died because of overdose of sleeping pills!
I know if their story is completed here then it would surely complete there in heaven! I know right now they both would be seeing us from there above! I know they both would be happy there!
And this is what my novel IF THAT MISTAKE DIDN’T HAPPENED is based upon!

Phew! And its finished guys!
Do leave your precious comments in the story!

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  1. Suni

    TS’s soo lovely with emotional ending!
    Its beautifully written??..
    I read ur ff in one go: all epis are just AWESOMEEEEEE! Loved them??
    Concept is very good!!?

    1. Komal123

      Thank you sunni ??
      Tarif ke liye shukriya ?

  2. Roshini125

    Nice dear….but I am eagerly waiting fr ur ff plz post that soon

  3. Anam_sidhant

    Heya Komal, it was so emotional!!!?? But I loved it!❤️ You nailed each and every line!?❤️ Do write more os’s❤️ Waiting for your ff ? Post soon✌? Loads of love,komaliii!!!!!??

  4. Chiku

    Hey komu
    ?????????u made me cry. Ohh god soo emotional story. Each and every line depicted pain. Its marvellous. I dont know wat to say.
    Its my fav emotional story. I just loved it
    Itss soooo very emotional. Loved it to the core. I dont like tragic end stories but its my fav now
    Love uu?

  5. Very emotional episode u explained each n every emotion very clearly

  6. Oh god….m crying….what was that….this is unbearable….my heart ache….. Its soooo emotional…..u nailed it…love it very much… Wish i could show u ki what going through in me r8 now while reading this stories….well god surely complete ur di and jeeju in heaven and they will be happy.
    Plzzzz post ur ff soon dear…it to long…
    Keep smiling and stay happy…….,,,,,,

  7. SidMin

    This story made me cry How emotional it was I just can’t express how beautifully you have written it 🙂
    I have no words to describe how brilliant a writer you are 🙂
    Just Awesome 🙂
    Is it a real life story ?
    Love you 🙂

    1. Komal123

      No its not a real life story! Just my imagination!

  8. Kritika14

    OMG! I’m having goosebumps all over my body! I was completely touched while reading this. So emotional and the feelings were beautifully depicted! I swear, this is one of the best tragic end stories I’ve read! You are a great writer! Sad to hear about the actual reason behind this whole story.

    Anyway, I’m really waiting for your ff. So post asap!

    Lovess! xx

    1. Kritika14

      Oh shoot! I guess, I misunderstood it! Just don’t consider the last line of the first para ?

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional sad ending…..

  10. Aanya_pandey

    It ws jst soo good.. ending ws soo damn emotional fab one it ws

  11. Adya

    Komal di ! .well woow that was lovely . .
    You made us spellbound . I love it to infinity That was soo emotional ! My gosh. .. The feelings were expressed beautifully !
    Post your ff soon if you get time .
    Loads of love.

  12. Ramya

    Komal awesome amazing beautiful loving
    Loved it

  13. SidMin23

    The Episode was emotional and twinj and abeer die and that yuraj ?? how dare he did this to twinj and abeer will miss this story a lots and waiting for your come back

  14. Angel20

    It was so damn awesome. The way you described everything was just perfect. I felt really bad for Twinj. I’m really very sad reading this. But it was really splendid. Loved it very much.

    With Love?

  15. Ria

    Hey Komal,
    This story was amazing. The emotions were portrayed beautifully. That Yuvraj will always remain an a**h**e? and that Anita too. Why the hell can’t they understand these things!!? Okay, I’m already waiting for your ff. Please update that soon.

    Loads of love,

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