If That Mistake Didn’t happened! {Shot One}~ Birthday Special


Happy Happier Happiest birthday dear chiku!
My 2 AM gossip friend!
Wish you a day full of happiness!
You remember you requested me to post my ff on your birthday!
But here this first shot of my TS, I dedicate specially to you on your birthday!
Without any further delay!
Lets start!

If That Mistake Didn’t Happened!

{Note: the shots are in Twinkle’s pov}


The story starts 3 years back in St. Marry’s college!
We can see that the college was fully decorated! This day was special for every couple in the college because it was VALENTINES DAY! And we all know what we do this day!
We see many couples celebrating this day!
St. Marry was in Delhi
(Its an assumption! I really dont know if such college exists)
This college was specially known for its full freedom to the students! They were allowed to make boyfriends and girlfriends but they were asked never to cross their limits and all the students studying there were as obidient as they were asked to be!

We 4 friends actually not friends but besties were too enjoying this day!
Oops! Sorry I didnt introduced my friends and myself!
Hi! I’m Twinkle Taneja
And meet my 3 most precious gems Kunj Sarna, Mahi my Sister and Yuvraj Luthra!
We 4 were known in the college because of our friendship!
No one ever dared to speak against us!
We always stood for each other in the thick and thins!
We always cared for each other!
But there is this special relation between me and Kunj that I don’t share with Yuvraj!
Me and Kunj had been in relation from past 1 year and we were going to get engaged in another 1 month and then in 1 year we would be married!
Our parents readily agreed because they always thought we are made for each other!

Time passed away in blink of a second and it was our engagement day!
This day was very special for us both!
Very special! Its said that ring finger connects to our heart thats why we wear ring in that finger! We were going to adorn our ring fingers with the names of our better halves!
Everyone was really happy!
Mahi and yuvraj had joined us!
I greeted them!

I gave a friendly hug to yuvraj!
But something felt different to me today!
He very sensuouly placed his hands on my bare back and hugged me!
I found it odd but letting go off the thoughts I passed a smile and soon Me and Kunj were on the stage to exchange our rings!
First I made him wear the ring and then he adorned my ring finger with a very beautiful piece of ring!
Finally we were engaged! I smiled as everyone was clapping for us!
I looked at mahi who smiled at me and congratulated me while when I looked at yuvraj I saw something strange in his eyes! His eyes show rage, it showed irritation and anger!
I was really confused of his strange behaviour when I asked him what happened to him he felt irritated while his answer was that he wasnt feeling well and he left from there! I felt it to be very strange so I decided to share it with Kunj!

Kunj told me not to worry and overthink and just enjoy the best moments of our life!
Soon our engagement party ended we left for our homes!

One year has passed in blink of second and it was our marriage day!
In this one year a lot of strange things happened!
Kunj had a fight with Yuvraj beacuse he was passing nasty comments on me!
 They stopped talking to each other!
Yuvraj was behaving odd from our engagement day!
Still leaving these thoughts out I got ready for our special day!
Our Marriage!
(Imagine both Twinkle and Kunj wearing the same marriage clothes they wore during their wedding! The first one! The tashan one)

I was all ready and bit nervous! Every bride feels the same! I was waiting in my room till the pandit calls me for the pheras and other rituals of marriage! I was sitting on my bed while I heard some noise from the window! I saw someone entrying from the window! Slowly that someone came in front of me and it was none other than YUVRAJ!
I was shocked as to why he came from the window!
What next he told shocked me more!

Yuvraj: Twinkle listen I love you alot! Please leave Kunj and come along with me! I know even you love me alot! You are marrying Kunj just as a freind! Please come with me!

Me: Yuvraj have you gone mad! Who said I love you? I dont love you Yuvraj Luthra! I Love Kunj only Kunj! You get that better leave from here its my marriage! I dont want my day to be spoiled!

He throwed a glass vase from nearby table and took the broken glass piece near me!
I was scared he was behaving like a Psycho!

Me: Yuvi what are you doing! Please leave that it will hurt you or me!

Yuvraj: No twinkle either you will come with me and marry me! Either you will die! Tell me fast what are you going to do!

Me: Yuvi look I told you I love Kunj not you! Please leave this Yuvi! Its dangerous!

No one can hear us because of the marriage hustle-bustle

Yuvraj: You want to marry kunj right! You love him right! You know what baby? Instead of marrying him you will now die infront of him!

He grabbed me from neck placing that blo*dy glass piece on my neck and starting taking me downstairs! I started shouting to help me!

Everyone stood up from the places they were sitting and looked towards us with shock while Kunj couldnt control his anger!
He came forward and asked Yuvraj to leave else he will not leave him!
Yuvraj laughed his evil laugh and said that he wont leave me until I agree to marry that blo*dy dog!

Kunj: Yuvraj leave her right now! I swear I wont leave you to breathe your last breath too!

Yuvraj: HaHaHaHa Kunj! You are a loser! You cant do anything! You blo*dy cant do anything now! See your Twinkle! See she is here with me! One stroke and she would be dead! Better you stay away Kunj Sarna or Twinkle would be gone!

While they were fighting through words I found a chance and bit Yuvraj’s hand and ran towards Kunj and hugged him tightly!
I wasnt able to control my emotions!
I cant marry Yuvraj! What if he forced me for marriage!
Kunj consoled me and we heard police sirens!
Mahi used her brains on the right time and called police!
Police took him away!
While going away he told that he will be back!
He will come back to take me!
He will come back to take revenge again!
As he left I again hugged Kunj!
I could have almost lost everything today!
The mere thought scared me!
After everything was settled The pandit recited the mantras and we took pheras!
Soon Kunj tied the holy thread of marriage around my neck and then the sacred vermilion on my hairline!
And we were happily married!

In another 1 year Mahi found Rahul who was a very nice man and they both married!
(Imagine Karan tackar as Rahul)

Everything was really going well!
Our love for each other have been growing more day by day!
Kunj cared a lot for me!
He provided me with the warmth of his love everyday!
While coming back from office he  would always bring something I like as a gift for me!
Life was going smooth till ANITA LUTHRA decided to enter the play!

Thats it for today guys!
The next shot will be posted on 17th december and my ff will be posted on 18th december!
Show your support guys and do comment whether you guys like it or not!

Precap: Why is Anita Luthra here!?

To know stay tuned to If That Mistake Didnt Happened!

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  1. SidMin23

    It was good and hope Anita don’t separate twinj in taking revenge for uv. Waiting for your next post.

  2. Roshini125

    It’s really nice I will be eagerly waiting for ur next shot n plz post ur ff asap I am missing it…

  3. Kruti

    That was just amazing
    Continue soon

  4. Ayu

    Hey Komal! Amazing epi! Cont soon?

  5. Chiku

    Woaah komu
    Thank u soooo much???????????I seriously loved it. Its nust amazimg. Although u have exams u posted it for me. Thank u soo much. I seriously loved it.
    Thank u ???u know i suck im writing long comments sorry
    All i wama say is i am glad to have a friend likeu???????
    Love u??

  6. Sohi

    Hey the episode was awesome iam imagineing Krystal D’Souza as mahi as Karan tacker look good with her only and about Anita I think she came to take revenge please post next shot soon

  7. Ramya

    Awesome komal

  8. Kritika14

    Hey Komal,
    This was incredible. I so loved it! Really eager to know what’ll happen next! Will be waiting for the next!

    Lovess! xx

  9. SidMin

    Loved it awesome 🙂 I loved the plot 🙂

  10. same story track. so boring

    1. Adya

      Well dear without knowing what happens u must not comment on someone’s os.. she has tried so hard to post this is during her exams so…. If u don’t know how to appreciate others..then pls don’t comment and discourage someone and that’s my warning …. Get that !!!!!

    2. Adya

      Hey komal di…
      Well as we always say IGNORE such comments….
      That was seriously amazing… awesome…. I’m really excited what will happen next…
      Post soon…
      Loads of love

      1. Komal123

        I dnt really care adya!
        I’m happy that i have more supporters then criticisers!
        I just wrote for my happiness and i want everyone to read!
        Its there wish they love my writings or not!
        But thank you so much love for the support! ??
        Glad to have readers like you

    3. Baby

      look sweta
      wat n why n how i dont know u c dis stry same as on any track i dont know from where do u c dis track same as tei bt its totally different………
      wen sm1 takes out time for us sooo we shuld appreciate dem nt speak bad n m happy atleast u didnt spoke ill words i appreciate u on dat bt dis was also nt gud d thing u told sooo pls keep d point to urself………. 😀

  11. Malhotrarochika

    Hey komal! It was superb and awesome.wowwwww such a fabulous concept.i loved it..eagerly waiting for nxt.please post asap

  12. Baby

    ohhhhhhhh god srsly u nailed it dear
    i was like wow d stry line amazing fabulous srsly cute n dangerous
    huh dis uvraj hv no work to do…………….hhahaaaahahaaa
    loved it pls post asap dear n jst ignore d bashers… 😀
    love u lods♥♥♥

    1. Komal123

      Thanks for all the love!
      And its ok i never mind the bashers may find a point that my story oine is some what monotnous!
      But trust me the next chapter will be coming on 17th! I knw the stories start is bpring but its end would be interesting! ☺
      Thank you so much love

      1. Baby

        hey komal u r going wrong……
        the stry start is also not at all boring dear infact i loved it….. 😀
        it was amazing fabulous♥

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