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Episode 7
“swara..take this and wear it in evening ok!? We are going to a party. Come with driver ok? And be ready by 7” sanskar said the next morning while leaving.
“bye. Take care” he said and pecked her forehead.
“bye” she replied.
Swara’s dress-
ita a beautiful loose top and long skirt which hides her baby bump a little. The loose top is of a little dark grey color while the long skirt is of black color.
The driver leaves her in an artificial cave like place.
“bhaiyaa are you sure sanskar said this place only?”
“yes. Madam he told this place only”
“sanskar..sanskar!! she shouts once she goes towards the cave.
She was about to call him but she sees a board.

“may be the party is inside. But why here is no car. No croud? Ofo! May be parking is inside. And already I am too much late. So may be no one is here. Umm..yes. it must be this only” swara thought.
She enters the cave which is artificially made like a forest..
As soon as she enters, she sees an artificial pond with an artificial deer standing in front of it. She smiles seeing it. She sees a wood like board to her right side.

She takes 13 steps as her marriage date is 13 may.
She then sees an artificial tree with a cute parrot sitting on it. The parrot was saying something. It took her time to realize what it was saying.
“follow all green parrots till you get a green parrot just like me”
She does as the parrot says. She saw many parrots on her way. One on rock, one flyingand many more. She walks slowly and carefully as she is pregnant. After some time, she sees an exact green parrot on the tree sitting in the same way as the first one.
She sees the cave dividing into 3 ways. she doesn’t know which to choose.Then on her left she sees a wooden board.

She really doesn’t know if its written by sanskar! But her heart said that ‘WE’ meant sanskar. So she thinks and realizes that she met sanskar in Kolkata and Kolkata is in the east part of india. So she goes in the right path.
On her way, she sees an artificial tiger. She smiles seeing it and clicks a pic of the tiger. Then she again sees a board.

There were 3 treasure boxes in front of her. One of yellow, other read and third green.She knows that sanskar loves yellow color. So she opened the 1st box. What she found was a cute letter with various stickers on it.
(The letter)
I guess you know who wrote this letter by handwriting. You might be thinking this was a party right!? By now, you might have understood there’s no party. Its me who have done all this. I just want to confess my love to you swara. I knew it that I am going to fall for you. And see I realized it and I am even telling you.
Swara, I love every bit of you. I love you from the core of my heart. I may not be perfect for you. But I am the most lucky person to have you. Our that mistake led to such a beautiful love story, I never thought to be. I want you to live for 100 years. And I want myself to live for 1 day less than 100 years so that I may not see you dying.( <3 )
Whenever you feel lonely , just remember there’s someone who is thinking all time about you. No one in this world can love you more than me. You and our baby are the reason of my smile. thank you so much swara for giving me the pleasure of becoming a father. Thank you for coming in my life and fillinf it with colors..
I love you!
“I love you too sanskar” she muttered with happy tears in her eyes.
Suddenly she felt something on her back. She understood his touch. Yes it was sanskar who back hugged her.
She turned and hit him lightly on his chest.
“why didn’t you tell me? So dramatic proposal”
“oye! Don’t beat there. My angel stays there.”
Swara blushed and hugged him.
“swara..i want to tell you something!”
“I love you”
“I know n I love you too”
“do you wanna know about risha?”
Hearing risha’s name she felt bad and it reminded about risha’s reaction hearing sanskar’s marriage with her bestie swara.
(it was during the first leap when sanskar made swara stable before their marriage)
“what you are going to marry!i thought you loved me! You both cheated me” angry risha spoke.
“no risha its not that..its..” swara tried to spoke but was interrupted by risha.
“no..i know you both cheated me! You cant do this to me! First my dad left me and now you..!” she started to cry.
“enough” sanskar shouted.
He added “enough risha…enough is enough. From that time you are saying anything to us. But the truth is we are expecting..”
“what the hell” risha whispered.
“yes. And hence, we are marrying”
(flashback ends)
“I am here swara” risha spoke snapping her fingers in front of swara.
“risha” swara spoke and hugged her which risha reciprocated.
“swara. Today I am going to tell the truth.” Risha spoke sighing.
She told swara everything about the dream project of her dad for which she was in a relation with sanskar. She also told she regretted telling all those things to them. She also told them that now she was settled with a guy ‘arjun’ whom she met during a trip. And she has also realized that we should be always honest.
Swara gladly forgave her.
After 3 months
“congrats mr. maheshwari. It’s a girl” the doctor spoke to sanskar allowing him to go inside.
As he went inside, he saw swara all tired yet too happy holding the symbol of their love in her hands.
“sanskar…see she is our daughter.”
“yes..” he said taking her in his hands.
“sargun” they said in unison.
“she is our sargun sanskar”
“yes. Our sargun”
Screen freezes on their happy faces, side hugging with their little daughter ‘sargun’ in between them.
Swara was surprised to see the same room where they made the mistake. 😛
“it’s the same room where we…uh..we were the last one’s who used this room. After that incident, the hotel was closed due to fall in its rating. So I bought this hotel for you swara.”
Swara was surprised to see this..tears of happiness welled up her eyes..
“this time it wont be a mistake..” sanskar spoke.. and kissed her.
After some time, they were found under a sheet hugging each other.
#the_End (I got joleria 😛 😛 )
This is the longest part I wrote for this ss..OMG! couldn’t believe it ended..anyways I am taking a week’s will be back with a new ff..i am gonna miss it like hell. Anyways now my neck is paining guys I am writing this since past 2 and half hrs. so bye!! Do share ur feedbacks!!
Love u all..!!

Credit to: kritika

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