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Episode 4

“so the business man of the year goes to mr. sanskar maheshwari” the host announced.
Sanskar went to receive the award while swara felt proud on him, on her husband.
“congrats.” Swara said as he came back to his seat.
“Thanks” he mumbled.
“ahh” she screamed lightly making sanskar worried for her.
“are u okay swara? Come lets go home! No no lets go to doctor!” he said in a tensed, worried voice.
“relax sanskar. Your baby is just feeling proud on his daddy..!! I guess he is congratulating you” she said playfully to lighten his mood.
Make people congratulated swasan. For sanskar’s success, their marriage, her pregnancy..
Swara could hear all type of comments on her “oh is that mr. maheshwari’s wife?” ; “OMG she is soo beautiful, I loved her fashion sense” ; “omg! Is she the same swara gadodia? The best fashion designer who was settled in UK?” ; “is she pregnant!? Oh gosh! There’s a good news in meheshwari family!”
Swara didn’t ever get nervous on such things, but today she was nervous. May be because of hormonal change, or because now she is mrs. Sanskar wife of sanskar maheshwari!
Sanskar understood her nervousness and held her by her waist.
He whispered in her ear “don’t worry I am with you” and smiled assuring her.
She smiled back.

As they were about to move, they heard a voice, a lady’s voice “ hii sanskar (her tone sarcastic)oh,! So she is mrs. Sanskar. How can she marry a cheapstar? Huh! N heard she is pregnant? How unlucky that child would be nah anand!”
Swara, hearing such non-sense about her husband got very angry and hurt. And was shocked when he didn’t defend himself. She was more shock when his grip around her waist tightened making her uncomfortable. She decided to say something. As she was about to open her mouth, she heard another man insulting her husband.
Man beside her spoke with alcohol in his hand “yes.! In other words, a despo married a chepo! And don’t know how this child will react when he comes to know that his parents are despo and chepo!huh!”
Swara first time felt such a blame. She was very hurt now. She wanted to run away from there. She took out sanskar’s hand from her waist.
Sanskar was very angry, he couldn’t bear a single finger on his wife. “enough ! enough is enough kavita! And uh! dare you say those things to my wife? She is mrs. Sanskar maheshwari! Don’t you dare insult her! Otherwise, you know the consequences!”
He turned his face to see swara but was shocked not to see her.
“swara” he panicked and searched her.
He found her sobbing lightly on a bench.
“swara” he called her as he sat beside her.
She leaned on his shoulder and he wrapped his hand around her shoulder.
He calmed her by rubbing her back, back and fourth. He realized she is not responding. He takes her head out and gets shocked to see her fainted.
“its just stress and weakness. Take care of her.” The doctor said as she checked swara.
Sanskar nods.

He sits beside her and takes her palm in his. She intertwine his fingers in hers.
“im okay sanskar” she said in weak voice.
“I know how much you are okay and how much not”
“how were they sanskar? Why did they say all those to you?”
Sanskar notices she felt hurt, bad for him more than her..!
“it’s a long story swara”
“I am here to hear all it sanskar”
Sanskar sighs “kavita was the maid of our house. She was very poor. That time, I was making up my business. So most of the time I used to be busy. She used to cook for me, used to give me coffee when I was depressed. She even used to give me hope during all my failure.
She didn’t want to work as a maid. But circumstances lead to it. She was quite educated. She knew English, not higher, but she knew it.! She was just 17 then. She needed money for the operation of her father. She gave her all valuable things for that operation. But they she didn’t have money for the daily uses and all. Hence, she was working as maid.
She became my friend, as we know, a friend is the one who is with us in our both, good and bad times. It was 1 and half year past our friendship. She hold my both hands and said that she loves me! Actually loveD me. No me, actually my money! But I said that there’s nothing such between us. For me, she was my friend. But then my mom came back home from market. She was calling kavita ‘kavita bai..oo kavita bai’ ( :p ). Kavita played an evil plan and using her fake tears she went to neighbors and said with fake tears that I, I swara, I trapped her in my fake love and asked her to spend one night with. Do you think swara, any person in the starting of his or her carrier will do such a thing? So that was it swara! This was my past swara!”
She was shocked but managed to say “then who is that other person!? Beside her”
“he was anand. They both are married now. Not because of love, because of lust!”

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Credit to: kritika

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