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Episode 3

“marry me” he said

“I can raise my child by my own mr.maheswari..i don’t need you sympathy or pity” she offended him.

He tried to make her understand “swara,..a child needs a father and mother both and moreover, it was OUR mistake, EQUALLY…so why don’t you understand..!!?”

Swara still opposed him “no sanskar. I wont. why to waste my life by marrying a jerk like you”

There was deep silence for a few minutes. But then sanskar, with a smirk, broke the silence. “marry me swara”

Swara replied without looking at him “not even in my dreams”

Sanskar smirked more widely “u sure?”

Swara’s gaze now met his “damn sure”

“soch lo swara”

“soch liya hai”

“ohkay! So if you don’t marry me, then I will tell your parents that you are pregnant..! an unmarried girl, pregnant, that too before marriage..! how embarrassed your parents will be?
It will be fun seeing that nah! And our parents are out for a tour with our business people for next 3 months right!? and..”

She didn’t allow him to complete his sentence and scremed “sanskar”

“tch..tch…tch baby..!! don’t scream it’s a hospital.!!tell me are u ready to marry me? I will never let you down..i will give all the happiness to our child..!! so now tell me ur decision.”
His voice suddenly sofetened after 2 lines..

Her eyes were filled with tears. Looking towards her belly, she nodded with heavy heart..


“vivaah sampan hua. Aaj se aap dono pati patni hai” the pandit declared.

2 weeks have passed since they came to know about swara’s pregnancy. Sanskar first made sure swara is stable, then finding the closest date of marriage, they are in mandir,
marrying, taking 7 vows, pheras, together, filling her maang with vermilion, in a holy place, in a temple.

“you must be tired. Take rest, I am sending something to eat.” Sanskar said with concerned voice, as he made swara comfortable in their room.

“how much will I eat.!? I had lunch just before 2 hours” swara said irritatingly.

“its 2 hours swara. And a pregnant woman should eat something every hour. Please eat it” sanskar said again in a concerned voice.

Swara with a pout “ okay”

He made her eat and then made her lie down carefully on the bed.

As he was about to go, he felt a grip on his wrist.

“I don’t have my favourite pillow to which I can hold and sleep. If you are free, then can u lie beside me?” she asked with those sweet, innocent eyes.

The music of song ‘Yeh ishq hai’ (the bg music in beintehaa serial) plays.

Sanskar nods surprisingly and lies beside her. As soon as he lies, she puts her head on his chest.

“do you have any problem if I sleep like this?”

In answer he just gladly wrapped his hand around her.

She got her answer. Hence, she just smiled and closed her eyes, waiting for sleep to take over her.

He kept staring her face.

“Holding her in his arms, is the best feeling” he thinks.

The sunrays hit her face. She gets up slowly, takes her clothes, and goes to washroom.

As soon as she enters the washroom, she sees sanskar removing his t shirt and she screams a little turning her face.

“urrghhh. Can’t you close the door while changing!?”

“I have the habit to do so. Now can you please get out?”

She tried to open the door knob. All in vain, they were stuck.

“its stuck” she whined.

“wait. I will do it.”

He also tries. All in vain again.

She laughs “are you any superman?”

Sanskar smirks and moves forwards, towards her “am I any joker at whom you are laughing?”

Her laugh fades and she starts moving back. But atlast, her back hits the wall. Sanskar again goes close to her. Now their bodies are touching each other lightly. Mistakenly, swara
hits her hand to the shower knob and water starts to fall on them.

Swara closes her eyes. They both are not in there senses. Sanskar touches her cheeks with his and rubs it back and fourth a few times. Then he moves his face closer to her and kisses her softly. She responds him gladly.

Then he breaks the kiss and sees her. She has closed her eyes.

“swara” he called

She came back to her senses and was shocked ‘why did they kiss?’

“this was the punishment of not knocking and coming inside the bathroom.”

Swara’s mouth hangs open and she widen her eyes and keeps her hands on the either sides of her waist.

“acha ji! So now you will give punishment to your pregnant wife” she mocked him.

He smirked “my dear wifey, thanks for giving me respect but you don’t need to call me ‘ji’ n all”

The screen freezes at swara’s shocking face.


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Credit to: kritika

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