hey guys!! kritika here!! with my new ss..!!

risha, sanskar’s girlfriend…is swara’s best friend…

the relationship which risha and sanskar share is not less than a timepass..risha is back of him…just for a dream project which sanskar has…

risha, swara’s bestie, is unlike swara…how? Scroll down to know..

risha insulted a girl wearing anarkali dress“ swara!! See that girl, how cheap is she looking!! She is wearing an Indian dress..whats that called? Anarkali!? “(she says ANARKALI in a over smart way, no-sense American-english toning..)

swara made her realize her mistake “ risha!! Its not London dear..!! its india..people wear this only,..and don’t u dare insult anything of my india…aunty tells me, when u lived in india,,u loved it.!! Believe me risha!! U will find no place like india..!!even your mother wears sarees!”

Risha realized her mistake “uum…yah swara..!! you are right..i think I got the habit of London…this made me insult india..”

Swara smiled back to her…screen freezes to swara’s smiling face,,

She is swara gadodia..a girl who completed her studies befor 2 years and is now working in London…though, her family stays in Kolkata..she works in London since 2 years…she’s the top fashion designer in London..a girl from rich family…she is the only daughter of the gadodias..she’s a sweet, modern and bubbly girl…
The other girl, talking to swara is risha…also from a rich family..the timepass girlfriend of sanskar maheshwari..even she doesn’t like him…but she became his girlfriend for a dream project..after her father’s death, she wanted to fulfill his last wish by taking this project…but couldn’t because she didn’t have much talent in her..she is the best friend of swara…


Sanskar maheshwari….bf of risha…is a business man…the 2nd biggest business man of Asia (1st is gadodia’s)

Confused about sanskar’s character? Lets see…

While turning the pages of the green file, his complete concentration was on the meeting…

The dealer “awesome presentation mr. maheshwari…we are signing this contract..!!”

Sanskar gave a winning look “I knew it..!! I wont let you down mr. ashish”

The dealer , ashish congratulated him “congratulations mr.maheshwari..”

They shake hands…the screen freezes on smiling face of sanskar

Sanskar maheshwari, the only son of the maheshwaris…(ram n sujata) he is a soft man,..not a beast…not a devil.. he is still always lost coz of his past…the bf of risha…he and swara hate each other for no reason…
Being her boyfriend, he never crossed his limits..they didn’t even hug once also..
he is obliged to be her bf,..3 months back, he saw risha’s mom crying in a garden…she emotionally blackmailed him to be her bf by saying “she loves you truly,,her dad passed away 2 montha back..she is gonna propose you..if you deny , then she would be more broken..she is gonna propose you..please accept that..or else..i would die..”she said with fake tears..yes..!! she was also in risha’s plan..
One day, everything changed in the lives of these three because of a mistake..a mistake, which happened in drunken state!

Whats that mistake?
How will swasan fall in love?
How will risha win the project? Will she win it or not?
What if risha falls in love with sanskar, when swasan love each other…will she be negative? Or accept the truth??

To know more, keep reading “THE MISTAKE WHICH CHANGED OUR LIVES”
It will be a ss of 5 chappys..all you tomatoes and chappals are welcome..and if u want to read the latest episodes, keep checking my page on fb-


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  1. Chappal? :O I will definitely throw if u say like this again! This iz damn awesome! 🙂 loved it

    1. shweeto di..!! Love uh loads..n tysm!

  2. Guys.plz suggest someone who is suitable for risha’s character!

  3. loved d concept dear pls continue waiting for next update…….nd by d way if u again say like this i will definitely throw chappals nd tomatoes both on u……so all d best

    1. Thank you yr!! Love uh!!

  4. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Chappals and tomatoes what r u talking if u once again say this I swear I will never talk to u go katti ? I was joking obviously ur ff is amazing and damn superb and rishi’s character I suggest amaya from tere seher Mein luv u loads tc ??

    1. Tysm sankriti yr…nooo katti!! I can’t even loose my 1 friend also…love uh too..!! Amaya!! Hiba nawab would be NYC..tysm!!

      1. Amaya n hiba are same! Right!?

      2. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

        Yes they both r same

  5. Chappals and tomatoes!! OMG!! How can I ? I will If you say it once again. Its so damn awesome girl. Keep writing

    1. Thank you bisha !!

  6. Awesome dear…….just loved it!!!i will be waiting for next part of this ss and also the epilogue of we r perfect……dear post soon… u!!!!!

    1. Aww!! Lado!! Will try posting now… Will start typing soon..!!! Or will post tomorrow morning!????love u too

  7. beautiful starting..

  8. Its just awesome… whats the need of chappal and tomatos sissy… and dont talk like this you’re amazing writer… 🙂 🙂

    1. Tq nive dear!!a I miss the way you are badly!! Why don’t you start a new ff? Such a beautiful writer, sitting idoly!! Huh!! Plz come back yr!!

  9. awesome one yaar.. why chapaals its so good

    1. are u on fb even i am on fb i write ff in a page awesome folling ur page please add me my name is tvisha gopi and my profile is a diamond picture and one more request as i dont have anything to do so can you please try making me the admin of ur page as i am interested

  10. nice concept…loved it,..pls continue

  11. I will throw anything and everything if u say it’s boring and something like that…..
    It is so good yaar
    Title seems so interesting
    Waiting to read next eagerly

  12. […] hey guys!! kritika here!! with part 2 of the ss.. the mistake? which is the mistake which changed their lives!? u wanna know that nah!! this part reveals it!! and the role of risha is played by hiba nawab aka amaya mathur of tere sheher mein,,if you have someone can suggest! PART 1 LINK […]

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