Mistake can be forgiven or not….(2 -3 Shots) 3d last part

Hello this S my last I thought to in before shot only but I thought to give swasan & raglak movements bcoz in they got separated may it will give happiness to swasan& raglak fans I hope u like it.
NOTE: guys I’m not that good at writing romantic secens so plzzz forgive me
Season room
Swath entered the room but suddenly she felt grip on his waist she shocked for this sudden attack but soon realised it was her hero
Swara:sanskar wt r u dng every u want only this leave I will search ur file
Sanskar: swara how unromantic u r yar I was struggling for u from 2hrs ti get u to room but u r so involved in ur talks with ur sister (pout face)
Swara: okie baba sry I won’t go near now okay abb smile too Karo
Sanskar: no I will smile but on one condition

Swara:now we that is
Sanskar:u have to complete ur incomplete work which u stopped in the morning.
Swara:no I will not
Sanskar: olive then I will take it he slowly moved towards her soon she hits the wardrobe he immediately blocks her way now she has no chance to escape
Sanskar slowly moved towards her seeing his face close to her automatically she closed her eyes & her hand went near his hair & other on his collar he kept his rough lips on her
At 1st it was smooth slowly it turned to hungry walk kiss he was suking her lips more & more even she was enjoying his hubby love,care, passion towards her after 10min they broken the kiss swara lips were swollen but she can’t stop herself know she more again she pressed her lips on him she was trying dominate the kiss even she was sucking his lips both were tasting their essense soon it got break.swara got shy so he hugged him tightly

Sanskar made aware to see into his eyes it showing his love lust care towards her she positive single to him. He took swara in his arms & put her on the bed
He comes top of her he kissed his forehead eyes cheeks again he captured her lips while kissing him she removed his shirt buttons slowly even started untied her blouse he rubbed her cheeks with his nose he slowly started giving love bites to her she moaned in pleasure sanskarrr..
Now he came little down he kissing& sucking her b****t he was caresing other with another hand soon both got naked naked
Slowly he entered into her after alot of fight he felt on his arms soon they slept in each other embrance
On otherhand.
Raglak room
Laksh entered into room he saw she was setting the bed properly
He hugged her from back she stated kissing her on nape
Ragini:wt r u dng may be aware will come now
Laksh: no she will not come bcoz she was busy with her hubby & u r with me so let do my work

Lash plzzzzz not now
Laksh: no I got time to romance with wife how can I leave this saying this he pressed his rough lips on her she was shocked at sudden reaction slowly she started responding to him soon he took raging in arms & kept her on the bed
He comes top of her he again captured her lips he showed his love lust passion on her same with raging she was also equally reponding to him soon broke due to lack of oxygen

He duged his head on her neck he bitted her on neck she moaned in pleasure & pain to soothen the he sucked her on bitten area
Soon he started untried her Saree he kiss all over her body now she can’t take it anymore she rolled on laksh & kissed bitter all over the chest when she exhausted he again rolled on her & entered in to her after some both dozed off in eachother embrance
raglak room

☀ falls on raging she got up seeing lash who was sleeping peacefully after many days she felt happy she kissed him &.whispered good morning hubby
Soon. She left to washroom & got ready
Laksh sleep got distrubed for drier sound he woke & went near her good morning ragu saying he hugged her & whispers in her ears rage I want my morning kiss
Ragini: opened her mouth to say but he pressed his lips broken due lack of oxygen.
Laksh:i got my kiss now bye saying headed to washromm
Ragini: day by day he was becoming pagan but I love this pagal smiles & went down to kitchen
Swasan room
☀ falls on our cute couple Sears woke & saw him sleeping peacefully & he hugged me tightly as if he kissed the grip I will leave him my hubby is so asanksari which S opp to his name but I love this asanskari maheswari saying she was pecked his lips he smiled in sleep feeling her touch now she was struggling to feed herself in process his sleep got disturbed he saw she struggling to free her he smiled & don’t struggle that much Mr maheswari
She looked at sanskar & smiled okie now leave I have to fresh up u r also getting late to office she was above to get up but he pulled her back so that she landed on her chest okie u can go but after my morning kiss

No plz I will give u but not get up now get ready soon
Sanskar: olive but I have an idea we both will fresh up at a tym without listening to Sears he took him to washroom he made her stand now.
Swara: plz no sanky she tried to say something but shocked to see sandbar was unbuttoning her shirt which I wore (sanky shirt) she hitted on his hand sansakr we r u dng she again closed the bottons
Sanskar : Sears it was mine so I’m taking it which S my property only belongs to me smirks on her
Swara: acha then u r my property that means ur all r mine to
Sanskar :acha then I’m ur means ur mine right

Swara: in anger has ur only mine & I’m only urs okie
Sanskar : smirks winningly so ur mine right now she came to senses we she said she searching for words to say something but sanskar did listen & removed her shirt &throwed it aside
(u all known we happens next)
Soon they came out getting ready & Swara went near kitchen to help raging & all
Dinning table
After so many all laughing & having their bf
Screen freezes on happy faces of mahewari family

I hope u all like chappy if any mistakes plzzz forgive me & I’m swasan fan so I wrote more sences of their than raglak If hurt anyone by dog this set for that
Keep smiling ?
I will be back with another ff bye bye

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