Mistake can be forgiven or not….(2 -3 Shots) 3b

Hello guys I’m back with another chappy

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Let’s starts 3b shot
Laksh stopped his car near the ps
He went inside the ps with suitcase, he kept the suitcase on the table near inceptor (who beated
Laksh:(attitude) take this & I want pari & adarsh for 2hrs with some constables 20lacs think once & say
Ins: smiled seeing the money & joined hands with him & said okie sir
Laksh:good & ha I have a gift for u I will give afterwards it will be the best gift for u ever & smirks at him
Ins: smiles
Laksh went near pari&adarsh jail he stood there in front of them, they looked at with confuse xpression
Laksh: hello bhai how r u
Adarsh: laksh at r u dng here I know u won’t believe them don’t worry laksh we together will save our family lucky with fake tears
Now laksh losses all the temper he punched adarsh on face he continuously beating adarsh for 5min pari was shocked seeing this avatar of laksh she didn’t get a word from her mouth seeing his anger
Laksh called consitables & said u ppl have 2hrs & u have beat him the way I have beaten on that day bcoz of him I tired kill my bro I’m ashamed to cl u has my brother
Pari who was listening this & get shocked she was pleading not to beat him
Laksh: (shouted) then when u ppl did this with my family wt I have to say for that
Pari:laksh we r just players mAin s uss dadi plz stop this
Laksh: don’t worry I will give punishment to all

After 2 hrs
IT department came inside the ps they all stand near the inceptor u r under arrest inceptor
Inceptor: but who u ppl r & wt I did ??
IT: we got an information that u r helping for criminals & dng illegal activities, we have proof against u now ur chapter s closed
Inceptor: no no sir u got wrong information
IT: acha open ur draw
Ins: y sir ntg s there in that draw ( 20lacs he kept on that draw only )
IT: I said open (without any option he opened the door & caught redhandedly) then wt s Mr. How u got 20lcs rips then
Criminal in jail: bribed by laksh) sir I know he demanded mr. Laksh maheswari to give 20lcs or else he will kill his brother without any option laksh has given this money
Laksh: who +nt there started acting s sir he only did dis when I came to withdraw the case on my bro he started this drama sir (don’t want to drag too much)
Inceptor arrested laksh gift to inceptor is this he adarsh & pari to mansion
(Guys laksh did this bcoz he thought jail not correct punishment for them & inceptor bcoz him these mess is all started if he didn’t get punishment like this more police will do so he did this. Now his main aim s to get forgiveness from swasan)

sanskar got discharged from hospital Now he s perfectly fine in this 1 weak laksh daily used to go & ask forgiveness from swasan but our Swara didn’t give a dam look to him she used to ignore him as if there is no person exist in world
Coming to adarsh & pari now they r workers in mm adarsh was beaten up baldy by laksh that day but still laksh made him to do work on that state even bcoz for him he was not even a human even no one didn’t object for this bcoz he suffered them that much (some mistakes will be there which we can’t forgive adarsh was in that state no can forgive him)
But adarsh still know he was waiting for a chance to kill swasan & raglak he doesn’t have any guiltiness in his heart

Precap:swasan romance laksh forgivness….

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    awesome part adarsh is so bad still now also he didnot have any guilt and all and laksh doing is somehow wrong way if he wanna to vive punishment he use some other way but as his wish he did the punishment is needed so no worries and swasan forgiveness he we get it soon as if any body repent for his/her mistakes we have to forgive them and swasan have a big heart so they will forgive him easily loved it waiting for next part ??

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