Mistake can be forgiven or not….(2 -3 Shots) 1

2-3 shots on current track guys

Screen starts with adarsh asks to save ur husbands swaragini smiles evilly
Swara: how can u stoop so low adarsh Bhaiya
Ragini: chod Swara e insan nahi janwar kehneka layak bhi nahi hai

Adarsh: ragini how dare u to bad mouth about me saying this adarsh smirks okie ragini i will tell u one secret which can change ur both life’s

U don’t know na Swara how sanskar gona die
He was gona die in the hands his lovable bro laksh saying this he smiles evilly

Swaragini shocked by his statement even dp & ap r equally shocked

They didn’t get y will laksh kill sanskar

Swara: have u gone mad bhai y will laksh kill sanskar

Adarsh: smiles evily bcoz I said him that u & sanskar planed to take whole property & they robbed property papers that’s it I did’t said more than this
Wt he said u know he said if he has to kill sanskar he will even kill sanskar for the property
Now they both r fighting with each other (laughs madly)

On other side
Sanlak secene

Laksh: sanskar give me the property papers u r not worth for that give me the papers

Sanskar: what’s ur problem y don’t u understand laksh adarsh bhai was playing with us

Laksh: stop ur cheap tricks I don’t have any interest in ur talks give me the papers it’s not urs it’s mine & my dad’s hardwork u cheaters don’t right on that property

Sanskar: (he was loosing his patience) see laksh I don’t have any property papers with me

Laksh: stop ur nonsense I know how cheap u ppl r, I know u ppl can do anything for money, even in my dreams I did’t thought that my so family can stoop this low for money
Any that’s non ur business give me the papers I will throw u money on ur face u can stay on my biksha

Sanskar: stop it laksh how many tyms I have to tell I don’t have any papers & ha how much u have on that even I that much right on the property don’t dare bad mouth family

Laksh: wt will u do haaa I know ur body running with bad blood that’s y ur such an charecterless person even ur family mom &a dad I ashamed to cl as my family

Sanskar: laksh Now he loses all his senses he was unable to badmouth on his family so beat laksh

They both started fighting

These secene was shown to Swaragini they both r shocked to see how sanlak r fighting which is shown by adarsh

Adarsh man shooting this with out their notice

Swaragini ask adarsh to stop this he said it will stop when Swara hold my feet & should sry & u both should give papers to me

Swara ragini nodes and headed adarsh Swara bend the hand to touch the legs & took the plate beside her beat adarsh with the plate and snatch the gun
She shoots adarsh by closing her eyes

But it was not from her gun she saw on the direction were the sound comes

Swaragini shocked to see the police
They arrested the adarsh & pari

Dp & ap says I don’t my son can stoop low to this extent they shouldt come out of the jail

Swaragini understood they called the police reality hits her Swara ran to the place

They shocked to see that laksh stabed sanskar in the fighting
Swara shouts sanskarrrrrr
She ran to him before he falls on the ground she took in her lap she was shouting his name

Laksh came to sense that he stabed sanskar he was about to touch sanskar
But stopped him showing her hand
She took sanskar to the hospital without anyone’s helps not even ragini dp & ap
She called sumi and told everything

Precap: Sanskar out of dangerrrr
Laksh guilty….

Will laksh will be forgiven ??
Will adarsh & pari change ???

Guys plzzz do remember angry person can do anything beyond our expectations bcoz they will loose all the senses they only thing for which purpose they came
So plzzz don’t angry on everyone
If laksh fan don’t like this don’t throw eggs on me plzzzz
I just want to show angry is not good for us it make loose our sense we doesn’t even is it right or wrong

Plzzzz do comments if u ppl like this

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  1. Ayonti(swasan)


  2. A.xx

    is this the actual story for the next episode because Lakshya was apparently instigated to kill Sanskaar anyways?x

    1. Swasanangle

      Okie I don’t know I just got random thought of this I have written
      I’m sorry ?
      But how do u know that next chappy will be almost like this

      1. A.xx

        I didn’t but there were updates on YouTube and a few said this .xx

  3. Good

  4. Mahjabeen

    Amazing dear…
    Its gng to b real in show dat laksh will kill sanskar for da papers..lts c wat hapn???

  5. Superbbbbb

  6. Nive

    Superb dear????

  7. Kristen

    Awesome n better than real swaragini

  8. Khushiii

    Awesome continue soon

  9. Its awsome

  10. Fairy

    Superb dear!!! Amazng….i hope dat swara wont break ties wid ragini ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ …hope everythng gets well soon …n precap is nyc dat sanky is out of danger..thank god!!!loved dis story dr..plz post nxt part soon..keeep rockng n stay blessed ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Rabia

    No laksh should not be forgiven easily

  12. Kaynatk01

    awesome dear

  13. Arshaanya

    No laksh shoudnot be forgive…
    How can he blve n do dis wid sanskar..
    He has no trust on swasan

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  15. Swasanangle

    Thank u Napoleon
    I’m glad u ppl r liking it thank u so much

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