Misson 7 ….IKRS….episode 1


So hi guys ..from today our short journey will begin .. it is action paced short story ..but no twist and turn will be there ..just a simple story …but thriller .. so all are thinking na what will be the difference of this story from my first ff .. you all already read the unique and new promotion style .. in the last episode I was your guide but not in this .. I am producer cum writer …so come ……this thrilling action begins now ………………………………………….
Oh stop .. first I tell what happened when my last ff ended……………after that propose ..viplav and dhani got married ..they shifted to Mumbai to live a peaceful life …for viplav’s safety dhani advised him to quit that exorcist job …after many request viplav agreed …he is now an income tax officer ..dhani is a sweet housewife ….

Two years later…….

Dhani become pregnant …. Viplav is very happy to hear that news…..they plan every thing that ..how they will enjoy with their child ..they are lying on bed…viplav says if a boy born then his name will be vidyut ..and if girl then her name will be vidha … viplav + dhani=vidha .. dhani smilingly says you na viplav ..very naughty .. 😛 viplav says I want girl okay dhani .. dhani smiles ….scene ends …

After 9 months ….

Dhani give born a girl child ..very cute she is ..viplav gets very happy and gently hold the child .. dhani is smiling seeing this ..viplav making funny faces ..the child is smiling little .. he is playing with her..dhani is also very happy…. Scene ends…
Now the story begins ….

6 year later …………………….

A big house is shown … viplav come out of a car and enter in the house fastly …..he is calling dhani smilingly ….dhani dhani ..where are you??? … dhani is working in the kitchen ..she hears and says ya ..coming baba ..dhani finishes all work and come out and asks what viplav !! viplav turns and says happily ..dhani…. I got promotion … and lifts dhani in his arms … dhani also gets happy and says very good viplav …I told na before.. viplav hugs dhani tightly … dhani shyly says what are you doing … vidha will come soon .. viplav says areh dhani ..now we are alone ..don’t spoil the mood ..viplav frees dhani and going to kiss her..suddenly the door opens ..and a girl enters happily calling dad …mom ..she doesn’t see them but ..they hears that and viplav goes far from dhani and says areh vidha ….. come ..dhani shyly smiles ..viplav lift her ..so how was your day in school ..vidha .. she replies very awesome dad .. today my teacher was very happy .. I gave all answers correctly …viplav says areh wah .. very good and kisses her on her forehead …now go with your mom and eat something … vidha says yes dad .. viplav signs dhani and she nods ..vidha and dhani goes …then viplav’s phone rings ..he sees the number ..and cut the call … again phone rings and he again cut the call angrily ….and switch off his phone and throw it on sofa … viplav is little angry and thinking …..scene ends ….
At night viplav says good night to vidha ..she sleeps in her room …viplav goes and enter in his room …dhani is combing her hair .. viplav tensely enter in the room …dhani sees him and asks what happened viplav ..he sits on bed and says nothing dhani ..and forcedly smiles ..dhani says oh viplav ..dont take so much stress ..relax ….viplav says hmmmmmm ….and smiles ..come dhani ..sleep now ..dhani comes and they are going to sleep ..suddenly his phone rings …viplav takes it and sees the number ..viplav cut the call …phone again rings ..he again cuts … dhani says who viplav??? He says no one dhani ..sleep ..now dhani’s phone rings ..dhani pick up her phone and says hello …the voice says .. I want viplav ..is he there? … dhani says yes … dhani gives the phone to viplav and says someone want to talk to you .. viplav takes it and says yes ..who ?? from the opposite… someone says .. viplav joshi ..i am still saying .. free him ..otherwise !!!…you know ..he heh ..heh ..viplav angrily sit and says .. see .. I many times said you .. stop calling me ..do whatever you want … just go ..and cuts the call …dhani is shocked and asks what happened viplav ..come down ..viplav slowly comes in normal state .. dhani keep her hand on his shoulder and says ..please ..viplav ..say me … viplav nods sadly ….

Episode end …

Precap : viplav tells all to dhani ….dhani says don’t worry ..nothing will happen …scene end ..
Next day viplav go for office…

So how was this ..hope so you like it … and I have very less time … so cant reply to your comments ..but I saw all of your comments .. thank you Kaviya di …Aishwariya …thank you for loving my first ff .. I promise you will like this also ….
Thank you maria ( choti) …. Sujie di … NIma di … latha mam….maha …and all for commenting …

Credit to: AM

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  1. Nice start, keep going ☺☺

  2. So it will be a short story that’s why story moving to rocket speed…. Good start bro…. Very nice vidhaani scene…. Looking forward to next part….?

  3. Nima

    hey chotey, good start? nice episode

  4. Latha

    Nice start avijit keep going

  5. Sujie

    Chhotey ……keep going….. ??
    Good start ??

  6. Sujie

    Chhotey ……keep going….. ??
    Good start ???

  7. Story will start from tomorrow . This was just a intro ..don’t worry 🙂

    1. Angel20

      Ok producer sahab?

  8. Angel20

    Good start bade! ?? nice one?

  9. This was awesome yar?vidhani’s romance (little bit) was lovely.. vidha was adorable .. eagerly waiting for the next one. Keep going with this rocket speed?

  10. Shruthy

    Read the promo. Wanted to comment but then realised I was holding the wrong device in my hand so didnt comment :/ Anyways!
    First episode was absolutely as expected : AMAZINGLY THRILLING! ?❤ Suspense at its peak! What is Viplav’s issue, why is he so tensed… So many questions! ? But I guess, I will find my answers tomorrow. Anyways, cant wait for it.

  11. Seems to b a good one Bhaia ? all the bst and keep mvg.. Lagtha hai romance seekhar aaye ho?
    Nice start..
    Keep gng

  12. Avijit babu rocking episode . Loved vidhanis peacefil happy married life with adorable vidha. Suspense part is viplavs getting tense on the phone call m quite interesting n waiting to read next one??

  13. Wah ..bohot log ne comment kiya thanku .dhannyabad ..today episode you will surly enjoy it .. ???

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