Mission : SAVE ABHIGYA ! Part 5

hey guys ! coming to the third part
Abhi : It must be the corporator ! wait i would see (guys the same scene as in kkb)
the police team comes there and rescues abhigya and abhigya leaves to mm. All see them and share an emotional moment . Everybody hugs them except tanu and Aliya

Abhi : Dadi were is Aliya !
Dadi : She is in her room beta
abhi goes to their room and stand befre the door
Abhi : (in his thoughts ) What if Aliya has not changed ! ….does the dream become true . ….. No this should not happen ! …i would not let it happen (opens the door ans sees Aliya , tanu and nikhil there. Abhi is shocked to see Nikhil and he leaves the place immediately )


Dadi : one more good news for u abhi !
Abhi : what happened dadi …did these two marry without us (pointing to purbul )
Dadi : no beta its not about them …it is about (indu dasi cuts her )
Dasi : did ! it is supposed to be a surpriseand we are not supposed to reveal it to abhi
Abhi : oh come on dasi. I will do anything for u but pls tell this or else my head would burst
Dasi : u would do anyting for us …right
Abhi : haan dasi
Dasi : then give us a happy news soon !
Abhigya blushed
Abhi : I am always ready dasi …but now i could not (points his chest ) but if u convince ur bahu not to blush even if i touch her …then it would become true
Dadi : stop this indhu …let them eat as they would be hungry
at evening the party arrangements are going on and abhigya r locked in the room by bulbul as she does not want them to work
Pragya : pls tell me about that dream nah !
Abhi :then u shuld do one thing
Pragya : what ?
Abi : call me by name as not even abhisheik ….but abhi the rockstar …….juz abhi ……
Pragya : no i could not . Don’t u know that wife should not call her husband by his name …it is a disrespect as u are elder to me
Abhi : hey come onfuggy ! if u want the story then do this …and by the way i am just 3 yrs elder than u so don’t treat me like a uncle
Pragya : stop it i am getting bored ! i don’t want the story
Abhi That’s my girl . I think u would be bored so lets uswatch some thing …..what about a film … a happy nnew year as that film’s story was also a dream
they wtch the film
guys sorry if i bored u and pls do comment more to encourage me writing this

Credit to: Tripthi arora


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