Mission : SAVE ABHIGYA ! Part 4


hey guys !
I am back with the twist here .so nno bkbaks ! dirextly to the episode

This epi starts and the screen freezes in a jungle and a solitary hut is shown . A lady with red saree hurries into the hous hearing the sound

Lady : suniye what happened ! why r u screming see …i am here …ur fuggy is here ……open ur eyes atleast now …pl don’t scare me ….i luv u soo much …i ur chasmis …chebunari fuggy here(the lady is none other than pragya )
The man or (u would hav known by now ) Abhi was continuously shouting PRAGYA !….DONT LEAVE ME ….PL DONT LEAVE ME ……….I WOULD NOT SCOLD U ….SORRY FOR BEING ANGRY (and pragya tries to wake him but he continues to scream these five phrases ) (atlast he opens his eyes and sees pragya )

Abhi : fuggy u r here only nah ! u didn’t go anywhere nah ! i was so afraid when the doctor told like that and …..(with brimming tears) ….if u dare to leave me i wont spare u ….i will also come with u …..because i luv u ….luv u sooo much ……..(pragya was shocked at that situation to hear this )
Pragya : what did u say !
Abhi : I love you ! (and goes to hug pragya and at that time he experiences a sharp pain in his chest and comes back to reality)

guys i know u all r confused . I didn’t want the track to go in a usual way so all which happened in kkb was a dream . Precisely the tanus pregnancy track is a dream of abhi which came to him after being shot by corporators bullet (in the kidnapping track) . Her abhi has now opened his eyes after pragya treating his gunt shot wound and (childishly he got all this dream at once when treated by pragya ) a notification ! Pragya has not proposed abhi yet and purab and bulbul are just engaged but Aliya still remains as the wolf under shepps clothing (details abt tanu will be revealed later )

Pragya : what happened to u ! u r telling something abt doctor and …wht did he tell about me ………did u become mad after being shot
Abhi (realisng the dream ) : so it was a dream ..but the thing i now told to u is real …i really luv u! do u luv me !
Pragya : yes offcourse ! i (bulshing ) I ….luv….u and wht dream u had
Abhi : that is a vivd dream ….it would be like a film ….don’t need it now as our main aim today is to escape this place
(at that time somebody knocks the door )

guys hope u liked it and pls do commnet on this
i updated this using my mom’s phone . It has word limit so i give this in three parts

Credit to: Tripthi arora

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  1. Omg fantastic twist yaar. Continue pls. Update regularly.

  2. Amazing

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