Mission : SAVE ABHIGYA ! Part 2


Hey guyz!
i’m here with my next epi and actually I posted yesterday itself but due to network problem It was not published . Extremely sorry for this inconvenience . Thank you for all the ppl who commented on my ff and pls do comment more to boost up my confidence

her todays epi starts with the playing of pragya’s video by payal
after seeing that abhi gave a death killing glare on tanu . She tried to defend herself stating that out of fear blabbered everything and again she cooke up another story (guys I haventwatched kkb so according to my ff tanu has not mentioned nikhils name)
Payal : sir if this evidence was not enogh for u may I show some more (and she clapped her hands Nikhil came there)
Payal : Sir pls see this (shows another video which purab was meant to take )
Tanu ; No abhi this is not true …..They are ……pls belive.. (she was cut in the middle)
Nikhil : Stop it tanu ! (all wre shocked as they didn’t expect Nikhil to change) (here Nikhil confessed all their truth and added upon to take a DNA test or tanu )

Abhi ; ok then I agree and we would get rhe test done by tomorrow
Abhi gave a sting slap on tanu’s face and said : Tanu how chhep….I didn’t expect u to do this…….You separated me from my fuggi …….Because of u I am in this state …….u have to pay for this…..(holds tanu’s hand and nikhil’s hand and all of the family members were looking at them)
he enters into the temple and takes two garlands ;one from lord Krishna and the other form devi Radha

Abhi give the garland to Nikhil and tanu , asks them to exchange and Nikhil was so happy as he ot tanu back but Tanu was so sad,, At this time payal comes and gives a mangal sudra to abhi
Payal ; Sir this was the one bought for ur and Tanu’s marriage and passes it to abhi and Nikhil ties mangal sudra around tanu’s neck and plaes kumkum on her forehead

Abhi : any way all this happened due to money nah . And from now onward I have a choti sister to me and she is tanu (tanu has a shock on her face ) yes tanu ,truth would sometimes be bitter and as she I my sister I would give a portion ofmy wealth to her once I earn it
Tanu : Are u not angry on me for what I did?

Abhi : Yes , offcorse I am angry for betraying me but u did for ur chil’d secure future and moreover I would hav killed u if u had abortioned this child but u didn’t do that nah . You didn’t kill anyone nah . So my anger vanished but in this world there are some people who killed my love and I am damn sure that I wont forgive them at any cost.
Tanu ; Pragya ! I am so sorry …because of me … (strts weeping and this time real ,pragya notices her real tears ) …u lost ur life…u changed urself … u sacrifice ur love for me …..but I … I am not fit to survive in tis world… I will die to pay formy evil deeds
Pragya : tanu …first stop crying ….don’t ever speak like that …yes I was a lil angry on u but the peple who realized their own mistakes they could be forgiven And tanu if u wanna pay for ur evil deeds u would have to bring up a devil to this house
What : I am talking abt ur child …this lil cute devil to play around in this house and with me only and not anyone else

Tanu (laghs a bit ) definitely …u are his lifegiver nah…if u weren’t ther .. then probably I woul hav undergone an abortion and thank u soo much for all what u did !(hugs her)
she apologized to everyone in the family separately and assured frequent vivsts as it was her Bhai ‘s home and she had luved to be around these ppl and left to Nikhil’s home in his car

Nikhil : how did this happen tanu ?
Tanu: she breaks out and pours everything and a flash back is shown

Guys that flashback is the next episode and I would want u to tell whether if u want the reunion of abhigya to be emotional or to have some sort of masti …pls say ur thought and keep showering all ur luv . neative comments are also welcomed…..thanku nd bye

Credit to: Tripthi Arora

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