Mission : SAVE ABHIGYA ! Part 1


hey guyz !
this is tripthi and I am here to give a ff from the current track but this time it is gonna be real and not fantasy(unlike hum dono)

the epi starts with Aliya and Tanu in the guest house
Aliya : hey tanu see this video !
(here Aliya has recorded everything which pragya has spoken )
Tanu ; So sh knows abt the truth ? Then she was trying to trick us these days and rachu is she also taking her side
Aliya : Tanu I hav a plan ! (says a plan and is muted)
Tanu : everything is ok but that evidence
Aliya ; donna woryy baby that one is destroyed ……wait until tomorrow to bade a good bye to pragya and pls don’t tell this to Nikhil
(Aliya and tanu spoke everything without the knowledge of someone listening to them )
Person: So this was the reason ………how come I didn’t know it for these days …..it is a high time…….I hav to do something

prgya is peacefully sleeping in bed and abhi in the couch that unknown person comes and does something in praya’s phone and silently goes off
after sometime Aliya comes to the room and does something with pragya’s phone and leaves

Aliya (after coming to guest house) : tanu completed … tomorrow morning is a good dayso go and sleep as prgya would be out and u would be in the mm
Tanu : thank u soo much Aliya (hugs her and goes to her room to sleep)

everybody rushes down with the voice of tanu and she plays the vedio. Everybody in the house are dumbstruck and pragya receives a nice slap from abhi (guys her Aliya has done editing in the video such as she did in the mms track )
Abhi : how dare u ? how can u behave so cheap? for the sake of delaying my marriage u did all these
Pragya : think before u speak Mr abhisheik prem mehra first watch this video (and shows a video from her phone and it turns to be a kids video)
Abhi : what nosense is this
Pragya : actually ….give it ………yeh I saved the folder in this name only …. then how come it will change
Abhi:wht are u trying to prove … get out of this house ….immediately(at that time a voice enters from the background
Voice : pls wait pragya mam
the person is discovered to be payal
Payal : abhi sir …pls see this (shows the video taken by pragya )

what would happen next !! any ge=uesses ! guyz pls support me and I promise not to drag this thing nd I would update tomorrow itself

rotten eggs are also welcomed but I would be happy if u offer me with a flower bunch and pls do comment more to shower all of ur luv

SORRY IF I BORED U !!!!!!!!!!!

Credit to: Tripthi Arora

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  1. Avtuaallyyy, its very Nice compared to the current track

    Go on.

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  3. Nice tripathi…but pls update it regularly

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  8. Awesome dear??????????????

  9. Great!! Csn’t wait for yr update

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