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So finally the last episode comes.. I know this was a short journey but I enjoyed it and hope so you also? ..so I will not waste your time and this episode will be big episode so read it with much patience 😛 😛 ..hehehehe . and pankaj is an investigation officer…okay..now all right? Come now…

No recap ..

Viplav and pankaj is going in car ..viplav says fast pankaj ..fast …pankaj says don’t tensed ..we will be soon there…ready with gun just..viplav says hmm..they are going ..they crossed andheri west board… …
There in the building ashok and his gang members reached to the old building with dhani..they pull dhani and take her out of the car ..ashok then take her and tie her in a chair… he goes close to dhani and hold her chins and asks your husband and that pankaj think them clever that they will follow me and I will let them to follow ..hehe ..i didn’t and already my gang members killed your foolish husband and that officer … so now ..what to do …heheeh …and push her face …dhani is shocked hearing about viplav..she starts crying….
Viplav and pankaj reach there .. pankaj says full gang members will be there to kill us ..viplav hears something ..he hears dhani’s crying … he gets tensed..he says pankaj..dhani might be in that room and points towards the room on second floor ..pankaj says oh ..ok ..but first we have to handle them .. its time for little action ..get ready viplav ..and smiles..viplav says ok..lets go.. pankaj says you can see the two members on the gate..we have to finish them first..come … they go near them silently ..viplav see a stone and throw it inside … two gang members turn to inside ….viplav and pankaj come behind of them ..hold the members head and chin and bend their throat..they falls.. viplav and pankaj take the members semi automatic gun with silencer and goes inside by stooping down ..viplav and pankaj hide behind the pillars . five six gang members are there in front of the stairs …pankaj says to viplav ..don’t feel mercy …just shoot them … but aim perfectly and don’t waste bullets ..ok ..viplav says yeah .. get ready ..they points gun and start firing … the members also noticed and start firing..firing from two sides begins.. viplav goes in front and hide behind the tree .. and he kills one…. Two .. two of them falls..pankaj there firing from behind the pillar .. he also kills one..two ..viplav keep firing ..suddenly he sees a man is coming behind of pankaj to kill him ..he takes his gun and shoots the man behind pankaj ..pankaj sees it and says thank you viplav and smiles … they again start firing and clear the area… then they goes upstairs..and going towards second floor… they reach to the second floor and see two men there holding guns… pankaj and viplav goes and bend there throat ..they falls .. pankaj says I have a plan ..fastly wear their dress … he says the plan to viplav..viplav says ok but will it work? Pankaj says lets see ..they wear the dress and take gun ..and tie handkerchief on their faces.. and goes ..

There ashok is saying..your husband died..so who will give statement in court..so I am successful ..hahahaha..he stops and says so now..what’s the need of you… you also go … dhani crying says no please..who will care vidha.. don’t think of me..but think of the child please..ashok rudely says ..ae apni ae bak bak bandh kar.. and points the gun towards dhani and asks le chal bata ..any last wish ?? heheh .. dhani is crying ..he is going to fire ..then suddenly two members came and says boss ..boss..that viplav and pankaj came here to kill us..they are shouting to came out ..you ..boss… ashok says so they are still alive..their luck is very god..impressive.. dhani smiles and says kya? ..viplav is alive..thank you god..ashok says but. Not for long ..and goes running ..the members turn towards dhani …one of them is going forward towards dhani ..dhani is scared and says don’t come forward..my viplav will not leave you .. stay away …the man come under the light and take off the handkerchief and says in crying eyes…dhani.. she also smiles cryingly and says viplav ..viplav ..they hug eachother… and cries..pankaj sees ashok coming and runs to viplav and says viplav ashok is coming ..run fast… viplav says ok ..he opens the rope ..take dhani..they are just going .. that time ashok comes pointing the gun towards them .. and says you think you will be safe from me and take dhani..that can’t possible..pankaj signs viplav ..viplav nods and kick the hand of ashok..gun falls on the ground .. pankaj hold ashok’s both hand .. but ashok hit pankaj with his elbow and goes to viplav and kick him.. viplav fall on the ground .. pankaj come and punch him.. ashok falls on the boxes…viplav also come and kick him hard .. pankaj also punched him again and take his collar and throw him .. pankaj beat him and turn him red..blood is coming from head and mouth … the man faints … pankaj says he faints..don’t worry viplav now..take dhani and go.. I am informing my team..they will come…viplav says ok… pankaj stand up and calls head quarters and saying all… viplav says dhani..are you okay na ..she says I am all right ..how is vidha? Is she fine ? viplav says don’t worry vidha is in pankaj’s office.. ashok is opening his eyes ..he sees them and his gun also aside of his left hand..he takes it and aims towards viplav …pankaj is talking in phone..he sees it and shouts in slow motion and jumps and push viplav..ashok shoots the gun ..bullet going slowly and directly hit on pankaj’s chest ..blood exerts from his chest… ashok fires bullet again and goes through pankaj’s heart again .. pankaj fall .. viplav see ashok and shoot him two..three times with his gun .. ashok dies fully … viplav and dhani goes to pankaj and take him on his lap..pankaj’s chest is blooded.. blood coming from the two red holes ..and says pankaj ..pankaj ..kya hua .. viplav see ..he didn’t wear his bullet proof jacket.. he is shocked.. viplav shakes his head..pankaj ..pankaj….. pankaj says don’t worry about me.. I have done my work.. he can’t breathe properly ..and says again.. I am satisfied that I have done my mission and helped my friend .. thank you viplav ..thank you…bye …  viplav no..you can’t go..no pankaj…pankaj closed his eyes with a smile on his face.. viplav cried out and bend his head..dhani also cries….scene ends

Next day

Viplav gave statement against the murderer of his friend yadav ..court anouced according to the statements and proofs ..we will give lifetime jail to anup kumar and order to take proper action to rest of ashok’s gang for killing senior officer Pankaj Roy and other officers…court dismissed
Then at night in the CBI office Bravery award is given to viplav to catch the underground Don Ashok.. and give award to Susmita Roy for her late husband Mr Pankaj Roy for his extraordinary performance in catching the gang and saving Mr viplav joshi’s family … everyone claps ..
After the ceremony ..they are coming out..Susmita ji also come out .. viplav and dhani goes to her and says .. I am very sorry..everything was ok ..but at the last minute  … susmita ji says no no its ok..cryingly says he done his job..may be his life was not long ..she clears her tears and says I am proud of my husband ..and salute ..viplav also cryingly smiles and salute … Susmita ji goes .. vidha also come there.. and says dad .. pankaj uncle was best uncle.. I cant forget her.. viplav stoops and yes beta ..me too ..and hugged her.. dhani also bend and hug them .. they are hugging eachother  ..camera goes up and scene ends

Fan fiction ends

Read it also ..don’t skip…..
So guys how was this mini fan fiction.. hope so you liked it..everytime I can’t give happy ending ..this ending was little sad and happy also ..very sad for pankaj ..but he had his duty.. salute to all the police officers ..and BSF army who gave life for saving their motherland .. A big salute…

So moral of this story
Don’t create circumstances to make you to do bad works.. fixed it and make life happier in a good way on the path of truth

I will not able to come back with new ff because of my study is going to start ..thank you all for giving your love to this immature writer 😛 .. thank you..lots of love

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  1. Meghs

    Chotte its indeed one of good ff… action blaster… n action ff writer its amazing ff…

  2. Renuverma

    Avijit u write thrilling n action sequence such as if u r a professional stuntman in bollywood ??
    All is well that ends well. Viplav unitef with his family n gave statement against the goon good one☝☝
    Sad for pankaj.

    Good job avijit. Take care n study hatd. Bless u.

  3. Shruthy

    such an action full episode and ending. really happy to know how Dhanai got saved but indeed very sad to hear about Pankaj. but dying, he left his name behind him. so, a big salute to senior officer Pankaj Roy!
    overall, the story was fantastic. indeed it was not a love story but though the type is thriller/action, there was love deep inside the storyline. and every story might not copy each other right? we have to change also. so, in that way, thank you so much for a fiction.
    hopefully you will be back with another story. not may be soon, but whenever you have an imagination, please do share with us 🙂

  4. Such a thrilling episode…. Its feels full of action movie …. Love it… So mission seven ended successfully… Yes feeling bad for pankaj….like you said big salute to him…. You rocked it bro……??

  5. Angel20

    Wow a thrilling episode!! Loved your ff throughout! ?? ?for you! For such an excellent ff!!

  6. Nima

    full of action n thrilling episode…loved it…poor pankaj..big solute to him

    ok Chotte do your study hard n take care

  7. Thankss bhaia ? for anthr super action filled ff….

    Good one…

    Yup. A grt salute to all the soldiers ?

  8. Avi it was full to awesome?? I enjoyed ur ff a lot .. It was full of suspense drama thrill action emotions and little bit romance.. Loved it.. Though ending was sad .. Salute to officer Pankaj Roy, the way he saved viplav dhani and vidha was amazing.. We all should salute army officers as they all sacrifice their lives to save us .. They all sacrifice their small small happiness to give us security.. we all should salute them and their families too.. even they deserve standing ovation.. keep rocking Avi.. it was superb ff .. enjoyed a lot.
    All the best for it studies

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    Areh Wah mera chota bheem kya action packed wala ff hain Yeh really felt bad for Pankaj salute to him loved ur message Chotte all the best for ur future

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