Mission 7 ….IKRS….introduction


Mission 7… IKRS… Promo

Hi guys ..it is your Avijit aka AM ..the most popular horror writer In IKRS TU 😛 😛 😛 ..hahaha .. so guys I am back with a new short story ..this Fan Fiction is the sequel of my first ff ..” The talking Mirror: destroyer of all “ .. I am not gonna waste your time … lets come .. I have a meeting with our cast ..lets meet them ..
I come out of a car wearing a blue white stripe T shirt with blue blazer and blue jeans and a cool sunglass .. (areh I am producer cum writer ..so style is must .. 😛 😛 ) .. I go in a room where all cast members are waiting for me ..lets meet our cast ..old cast with some new members also here …
Mishal Raheja as Viplav Joshi
Eisha Singh as Dhani Viplav Joshi
Vidha Joshi : Viplav and Dhani’s daughter
Pankaj Roy : Viplav’s friend, an investigation officer
Ashok khanna : the main villain
Those are main actors ..i will introduce rest of the cast later ..
When I enter the room ..all stand up and welcome me.. I sit on the front sofa …all also sit ..lets start the meeting ..
“So mishal.. eisha and all ,,how are you “…..they say fine sir ….
“our last project was very good ..it was a great experience.. all loved it .. so all missing my stories ..so I come with a new story ..all ready na ?/ it will be tough ..so prepare well “
Mishal say I am experienced actor but working with you always makes me nervous ..but I will try my best ..
“good and eisha??”
Eisha says I am new ..but I will try …
Mishal says but sir ..say something to eisha .this kid always irritated me … 😛 ..hehehe
Eisha hit mishal and says I am not kid ..you are like kid ..also pulling my leg…. Sir say something ..
“ Areh ..stop … “

They say sorry together
“Areh don’t say sorry .. if there is no fun then it will be boring in cast ..ok ..now discuss about our story “
They say …yes sir   ..
“ so plot is …
It will be a suspense ..thriller story .. it is a 7 day mission of rescue .. super action drama .. that’s it .. it will complete in 7 episodes … ok “
Mishal says it will be rocking ..eisha also says yeah sir..super duper…
“ok meeting is over now ..don’t waste your time..let’s start shooting …first date is tomorrow ..so come soon tomorrow ..”
They agrees and go

So guys very short plot I know ..but it will be super fast action paced thriller drama .. I give guarantee.. you all ready na … we will meet soon …

My special cover pic will upload from first episode.. i promise you will surely love it

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  1. Tremendous writer came back to the action….. Wow great intro avijit….. My warm welcome bro……??? so mishal and eisha are get nervous when they’re working with you ena…..? very cool intro? I am waiting for your action story….. Avijit go on….? we all with you…..☺

  2. I’m so happy that u came back with another ff.Your previous ff was fantastic. I never used comment on your previous ff bcoz i was a silent reader?.But I will comment from today onwards ok??

  3. Angel20

    Wow excited to read this thriller story oops forgot to say WELCOME BACK!!?
    Mishal nervous haha??
    Eisha kid??
    Good one producer sahab?

  4. Nima

    producer n writer ji aapko welcome back?????
    Chotey, bahoot hi handsome lag rahe ho blue atire n sunglasse me ?
    yeha v Mishal n Eisha ki cute sa nokjhok superb?
    nice intro waiting for thrill n suspense se vara “MISSION 7”

  5. Sujie

    Bhai….. You are back….and that too with a BANG….keep rocking bro….. Last time you were narrator…..ab seedha producer bangaye….. Promotion hogaya re 🙂 keep going ….
    Waiting for the first episode of the thriller….. 😉 🙂 🙂

    1. Sujie

      Hamara Chotey…..keep progressing like this….. 🙂

  6. Latha

    Wow nice intro avijit and you back with a bang. Working with you makes mishal nervous……. great . Eisha kid. Waiting for your action and thriller episode. Superb intro. Keep rocking avijit…

  7. Fantabulous?.. very excited to read upcoming action thrill (and some romance?which is quite far from ur ff?)just kidding re .. u gave an excellent intro and the meeting was superb .. enjoyed alot?..I love ur narrating style.. Go on waiting for the upcoming sequel?

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