Mission 7 ….IKRS…. Episode 6


Hi guys ..what’s up..awesome na…sorry for network problem I am not able to post …. I think you all enjoyed your stressful monday happily???..now come to make your Tuesday morning exciting ..this is second last episode of my ff..
In the last episode you all see ashok took dhani another place and tie vidha with a bomb for dying,… but at the last moment viplav saved her …the factory blast.. they jumped and come outside….

Day 3:
Time: 18:56:49
They are fallen on ground.. pankaj stand up ..and ask viplav.. are you okay? Viplav says yeah…you? Pankaj also says hmm…they all are restless.. pankaj goes aside….viplav and vidha stand up .. viplav asks vidha are you ok beti? Vidha says yes dad..but mummy ..they took her with them…then pankaj gets a call and says ok fine.. I am coming ..keep your eyes on them and give me report continuously ..ok? ….good and cuts the call….he comes to viplav and says viplav ..my boys saw them ..they are seen last in andheri west two cars are going followed by ashok’s bike…. Viplav says oh..k… pankaj says we already reached to them ..so he will not sit silent anymore.. dhani will not be safe for long..we had to save her..and now they also want to kill us too… so we have to be aware ..okk …viplav says ok ..we can do it but vidha? Where we will keep her?? Pankaj says don’t worry about vidha ..officers soon will come ..I already inform them.. they will keep her safe… viplav says ok.
Time 19:30:25
They are waiting in car…vidha is in viplav’s lap tightly hold him.. viplav also hug her … pankaj is outside ..waiting for officer..they are waiting…
Time: 20:05:28

A car is coming from far and it stops near their car..an office come outside from the car and says to pankaj ….. sir.. we reach ..where is the girl? Pankaj says yeah shyam…she is here… he goes to viplav…viplav is sleeping with vidha..he see them and shake viplav and says viplav …viplav ….wake up ..my team has come.. viplav wakes up and says oh…and come out with vidha… vidha also wakes up ..she asks dad where we are going?/ viplav says vidha you will be with these uncles..okay..she says but mammy…viplav become sad but smilingly says your hero dad and superhero pankaj uncle are here na… we will bring her back tomorrow..dont worry..ok ..vidha says ok dad ..and goes to the officers..they take her ..and sit in the car..pankaj says them to take care of her properly ..okay ..they says yes,..sir..and goes…

Viplav lets go now..my boys are chasing them continuously and updating me …..so we have to go now…viplav says … they sit in the car and start the car… they are going ..viplav is thinking about the bomb blast …then the conversation with dhani ..how she was crying and saying… then he remembers about the last good bye of them ..the kiss…   .. pankaj says viplav they are going towards thane … ok ..viplav …but no response..he see viplav ..he is in another world..pankaj says viplav ….viplav..he come out of it and says yes..what?? pankaj says are you okay?? Viplav says yeah?… pankaj says ok.. they are going towards thane with dhani… viplav says ohh.. suddenly a car is coming and trying to overtake them..pankaj see it from the side mirror and see the driver holding a gun also ….pankaj understand that they are ashok’s gang members ..he keeps driving..and behave normal…he thinks but how they come to know about us..that means they are not going to thane …they are misleading us …he is shocked …he then get a call from headquarters… sir ..our team who were chasing them ….ashok’s gang members kill them..they all know about us,…they are not in thane…sir..be safe..call cuts,,… pankaj says so my thought is right.. he then silently says viplav..bend your head and keep your gun ready for fire.. and take a bullet proof jacket from under your seat..viplav says but why?? Pankaj says just see behind by the side mirror..but behave normal…viplav see a man in the car holding gun behind..

viplav is scared ..and asks now?? Pankaj says wear the jacket fast..viplav wears the jacket and gets ready and bend down..pankaj says ok sit tightly…pankaj fastly turn the car ..tires skid and tire’s mark fell on roads. Dusts fly…the car behind crash with there car… pankaj come out of the window and start firing ..dhayyy ..dhayy..dichkiau ..from that car also firing starts ..viplav also come out and hide behind the hood of the car.. firing started from two sides .. viplav is a good shooter ..he aims and shoot one of them ..he shooting and shooting.. there are four members..viplav killed two of them …. And pankaj one.. one of them is left ..he is firing alone from his side …the members cartridge ends..so he scared and start running ..pankaj see it and start running behind him..he shoot on the man’s leg .. he goes and hit him with the gun’s back.. the man falls..viplav also come there running …pankaj hold the man’s collar and asks bol ..kaha hae tera leader ..kaha le jaraha ahe dhani ko …the man says I don’t know ..don’t know..viplav also gets angry and kicked the man and asks where is my dhani..?? pankaj slaps the man…and asks again say fast..the man says in shaking voice..andheri …andheri west..pankaj asks where in andheri west..the man says in an old building ..near the closed factory charlous and james pvt.ltd ….pankaj take the man and tie him with rope in car..

and calls police… police come then ..pankaj give the man to police …pankaj says to the police all ..inspector says sir can I help you in this ..viplav also came there… pankaj says no.. I will handle and this is viplav ..his wife is kidnapped ..he is also with me … we save his daughter also .. my team is also here ..inspector says ok ..sir ..if you need us ..we will reach for help..pankaj says sure.. police goes… viplav says pankaj we have to go fast..dhani is in danger.. pankaj says don’t worry we will save her.. they sit in their car( that is a armor car..so it is bullet and crash proof..used by cops) …
Time : 22:12:34
They are going to the building where ashok and others are going…
There in the building ashok and his gang members reach …they take dhani out of the car ..dhani is trying to shouts but her mouth is tied ..ashok pull dhani and take her in the building and throw her on a chair ….scene ends
Episode ends

Precap: no precap

Next episode is last episode so no precap.. hope you enjoyed this episode.. sorry for not replying but I am reading all …thank you very much for commenting ..thank you for giving love though it was a short non romantic story..thank you all 

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  1. Renuverma

    Avijit babu aaj to pehle se bhi jyada action tha. It was a total action thril. Goons chasing; cars skidding; bullets firing. .

    Omg totally superb.initially i felt that pankaj is a man of ashoka gang. Later my doubt cleared. But wondering who is pankaj i mean how come he has head quaryers n team .
    Anyways it seems police is aidelined n only viplav n pankaj have taken the responsibility to fight for justice.
    Looking forward for next.

  2. As usual rocking episode….. Go on bro…. Looking forward to final episode….. Fingers crossed……….???

  3. Sujie

    Chhotey…… Full action packed performance Se bhari story…. Loved it….
    I guess Pankaj is in police force or someone related to them….
    Go on my boy …… Jeetey raho???

  4. It was full of power pack .. loved it? viplav fights with him in superb way??pankaj is such a good friend.. love father-daughter bonding?.. waiting for the next and yeah last one .. hope everything will be ok in the last one.. over all it was amazing?

  5. Angel20

    Only one episode left??
    Today’s episode was awesome!! Action packed!

  6. Shruthy

    Damn thrilling. Cant wait to read the last episode. Will Viplav save Dhaani or not ? So excited! <3

  7. Meghs

    Chotte its my first comment on ur new ff sry for late comment. .

    U know ur action blaster writer… u write action stry … its awesome. … hw come ur mind all this u watch action will more i think…
    But last part? not fair avi tho maza aya avi katham karna chahthe ho

  8. Nima

    wow chotte, it was dhisoom dhisoom episode …loved it keep it up?

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