Mission 7 ….IKRS…. Episode 5


Hi guys…how are you ..just three episodes left in this story.. I told you before that it will be just 7 episodes…so don’t waste your time and come again…this episode will be rocking…come..
In the last episode you all saw the blast in viplav’s house.. but viplav is safe and he was in hospital… the kidnapper called their and told that dhani and vidha is with them… then later pankaj found where the phone call is coming ..

Episode starts..
Day 3:
Time : 17:28:05

Viplav and pankaj are set to go.. they come out of the hospital.. pankaj open his car door and sit on the car..pankaj says viplav ..tight your seatbelt fast..pankaj shifts the gear and drives the car fast.. he is driving the car very fast …viplav get scared and says bhai..little slow down…accident hojayega… pankaj says areh viplav ..i am an expert .. don’t tensed..lets go and drive the car more fast …
There in the factory where Ashok keep vidha and dhani… ashok comes there and tells dhani…..your foolish husband don’t know who I am …hehehe..dhani angrily says you can’t do anything.. you will get punishment for your doing.. ashok says who will punish me..you?? your foolish husband?? Areh me to darr gaya ?? hahahahahahahahahaha…………….then he gets a call..he picks it up and say hello…..what!!!!!!!! what are you saying?they are coming here ?? ……………..ok .. I am coming there ..ready these…. And cut the call………….then he tells dhani..your husband is a big fool..now he is coming here.. do he think me fool like him?? Now you will be paid for this?? And angrily shouts ae kanu,raju..aikha.. chal sab eha sae aur dhani ko le jah dusre adde par jaldi..baki me dekhta hu… then his gang members come there and take her..dhani is shouting vidha..i cant leave vidha here…please…ashok says shut up. your husband make me to do it ..vidha crying mamma…mamma.don’t leave me……. dhani constantly saying please don’t separate my daughter…but gang members pull her and make her sit in car..dhani is slapping the glass window and crying …vidha…vidha.. members tie her mouth and drives the car and go… .there ashok then fit the bomb under the chair of vidha and says don’t be afraid beta..and smiles evilly..vidha crying please leave me.. I want to go to mom dad…ashok evilly says..yes you will go to mom dad..but not yours ..to my mom dad…in heaven…hehehehehehe and run outside … and order his three members to stay here ..and if viplav come here..then finish him ….okay?..they say yes..boss….after that ashok take the bike the go from there….

Time: 17:59:45

Viplav and pankaj car stops just little far from the factory…pankaj give a gun and says take this ..you will need this.. viplav says ok ..pankaj take his gun and come out of the car …the slowly going forward ..and says come behind me silently …viplav says ok ..pankaj says they may come from behind also so be aware… viplav says ok..ok ..now go ..pankaj nods and goes forward.. he sees a man ..standing outside …he shoot the man direct on head …the man fall..pankaj signs viplav to come inside…viplav goes behind him..pankaj come inside … they slowly going ..there viplav hear vidha’s crying..she is shouting mom..dad..viplav says..pankaj…..do you hear vidha’s crying.. pankaj says yes..lets go upstairs.fast… viplav says yeah..go..they are slowly going inside… they reach…they hear vidha’s crying continuously… viplav is becoming restless….pankaj says viplav you go that way ..I am going that way..ok… viplav nods…viplav and pankaj goes their ways,,..viplav is going .. he hears vidha’s crying more loudly..he thinks he is near to her..he is slowly going forward..he sees her..but a man is standing just little far from vidha… he thinks if he shoots the man then it will be dangerous for vidha…so he can’t take risk .. then he see a nylon wire on floor..he slowly going near him..vidha sees viplav and going to say..but viplav signs her to keep silent.. pankaj also reach there and see viplav ..he doesn’t do any sound and hide behind some boxes.. viplav is going slowly and stand behind the man…and fastly take the wire and tightly hold his neck..the man is suffocating and hold viplav’s hand.. viplav more tightened the wire coil… but the man hit viplav’s belly..and loosen the wire..he come out of it.. vidha shouts dad.. viplav fastly give a side kick on the man’s head.. the man’s head falls on the table corner..blood comes from his head.. the man see a nearby knife and take it ..and going to throw it towards viplav but then pankaj comes there confidently.. and shoots the man to dead.. the man dies..viplav says thank you pankaj… and goes to vidha and opening her ropes..and asks vidha where is mom?? ……….pankaj goes to the man and bend to see him.. ….vidha is crying…and says dad..he took mom…and goes… viplav is shocked .. pankaj eyes then goes to under vidha’s chair.. he is shocked and fastly goes there… viplav see him.. and say what? Pankaj? Viplav is still opening the ropes… pankaj sees under the chair and see the bomb..and it is time bomb…he sees just 15 seconds left in the bomb… pankaj shocks and shouts ..viplav fastly open the rope … time bomb will blast into 15 seconds..viplav says what??? Viplav fastly open the rope .and take vidha…. Panakj says let’s go fast,,follow me..they are running..viplav lifts vidha and running…they reach to the stairs… just 10 seconds left…. They are coming downstairs.. 10……pankaj see a man is coming towards them ..with a gun… 9…… pankaj fastly take his gun and shoot him… 8…… the man falls… pankaj starts running again …7………… viplav also follow him … 6 ……they come down and start running as fast as can … 5 ……. Running …the gate is just one meter far… 4 …..they are running..viplav hold vidha tightly and running..he is becoming tired…. 3 ..they reached near the gate …… 2 …. They are very near..running as fast as can … they are sweating .. 1 ……… they reach to the gate …… 0 ….. blast …..booooommmmmmmmmm……the factory blast…they jumped out of there…. Viplav is holding vidha and fall on his back to save vidha ..they all are safe….. the house is burning ….scene ends …..

Episode ends…

Precap: they tighten dhani with rope … after some time .. ashok comes there..and asks ..your husband is mad? He come to save you from us.. hahahaha…. He saved your daughter but can’t you hahahahahahaha…….hahahahaha ..he points the gun to dhani… and ask any last wish??? Heh heh heh…

So how was this thrilling action episode..hope so you like it…drop your valuable comments as much as you can..need support … thank you 

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  1. Are wah avijit bilkul action movie ke mafik chakkas episode tha. Just when was reading 987655421…. my heart beats were fast but good viplav savef vidha. Looking forward for next episode. Precap suggests dhani would be saved.

  2. Are wah avijit bilkul action movie ke mafik chakkas episode tha. When time bomb was 98…..321 my heart beats were fast but good viplav savef vidha .looking forward for next precap seems interesting

  3. Shruthy

    Thrilling one. ? I loved the counting part, filmy but lots of suspense. So sad when the daughter was being separated of her mother. So many feels ? Thank God finally Papa came to save the baby. Now cant wait for next episode. Though I guess you will make it a happy ending, I feel you can even make it a sad one like someone dying and the others living with that person’s memories. ☺️ Who knows? Life is so unpredictable. ?? Anyways post the next part soon. Will be waiting for it. ??

  4. Avi it was mind blowing I don’t have words to explain ur thrilling and action story.. it was like I was watching a movie.. viplav in action??.. thank God he saved vidha.. but precap is scary poor dhani but it’s ok our hero Viplav will save her .. really very excited for upcoming episodes which will be full of thrill?

  5. Bhaia.. Mind-blowing

    At last when I was reading bomb seconds this is how I read… 9 8 7 6 5 … Thn direct to 1?

    Superb thrilling one…?

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    areh chotte tum kya terrorist ho? 😛

    1. noooooo..why ???? 😛 😛 😛

  7. Latha

    Wow avijit action and thrilling episode. I loved the counting part and thank God viplav saved vidha. Scary precap and waiting for upcoming episode.

  8. Wow mind blowing episode…. You explained well I can see everything in front my eyes…. Finally Viplav have saved his beti vidha…. Now his pyari wife dhaani alone with that bad villan goon I hope Viplav will save her…. Keep rocking….??

  9. Sujie

    Chhotey…… Fantastic rey……
    The counting part ???
    And the. When all are safe???
    Precap is little bit scary…. But Dhaani Ko Viplav bacha lega…..
    Keep rocking like this bro….

  10. Angel20

    Fantastic!! Vidhaa saved! Dhaani??

  11. Nima

    wow chotte superb action n thrilling episode and that counting part was also fabulous, keep it up chotte 🙂
    sorry for late comments

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