Mission 7 ….IKRS…. Episode 4


Hi guys .. enjoying my ff? in this story I don’t care about comments..this is a short story..but I will irritate you all this week only..so do comments as much as can…now suspense ..suspense..come lets go…
In the last episode you all saw the threatening of the don ..
So don’t think this story is simple..short action paced so no longing …see what happens next

Episode starts

Day 2:
Viplav opens the door..he doesn’t see dhani..vidha..he gets tensed.. he run here and there..crying and shouting dhani ..vidha….dhaniii…..vidha ..he is sweating badly..in other place a man is shown standing in dark…he is coming forward…there viplav is finding them..he searched the rooms..kitchen…all over..in the place the man sit on a chair under a light.. he gives a evil smile and evilly says tik…tik..there viplav is searching..the man saying tik..tik…stops and says ..boooooooommmmmm and hahahah..there viplav’s home blast ..fire..smoke comes towards viplav and blown away him…viplav’s body is thrown away.. full building is broken.. his body is under broken walls… blood is flowing from his head..he is totally senseless and collapsed..all become dark..scene ends….

Day 3:

All things are dark..suddenly in a room a man is shown with a gun and smiling evilly … there is dhani and vidha..vidha is crying..they are tied with ropes on chair.. dhani is sweating and angrily saying free us… otherwise viplav will not leave you..and he will never give false statement in court to save that murderer…you fool…the man got angry and say shut up and shoot dhani..dhani shouts loudly viplavvvvv……………………………………………………..and viplav open his eyes shouting dhaniiiiiiiiiiiiii…… he gets tensed… he is looking restless ..then he realizes that it is just a dream…when he sees then he comes to know that he is in hospital… Pankaj enter the room..and asks what happened viplav..why u shouting…everythink ok na? viplav see him and says nothing is ok..and tries to go but his back pains ..viplav says ahhh…pankaj come and hold viplav and says viplav you take rest… viplav sit on bed…and says all things and he is doubting that dhani and vidha is kidnapped by the Don ,ashok khanna..pankaj is shocked to hear about ashok ..and says viplav are you sure..it is ashok.. you know he is very dangerous…he can do anything..why you didn’t obey his order.. viplav says yaar..how can I know.. I am a common man..not a investigator like you..then the hospital’s phone rings.. pankaj pick up the phone and says hello.. the man says take the phone to speaker… pankaj do that..viplav is tensed..the man from other side said viplav ..see ..if you agreed with me before then this did not happen..but …nothing to do…. Heheh..viplav angrily says where is dhani and vidha ?? where you kept them?? The man says don’t tensed about them..they are fine.. they are with me..but how many times they will be secured I can’t assured you.. and evilly smiles… viplav says…..i don’t trust you ..the man says ok..then hear..the man goes to the chairs where dhani and vidha are tied …the man rudely says ae ..leh chal apne pati se batt kar…dhani cryingly says viplav…viplav …other side viplav become restless hearing her voice and says ..hello …helloo..dhanii..you are okay na … dhani says viplav they are very rude.. they kidnapped when me and vidha coming home back..they took us here …viplav asks dhani ..how is vidha …dhani says ya ..she is okay… viplav says okay..you don’t tensed ..dhani says viplav…viplav..we are in………….the man understand that she is going to say address so he take the phone and says ae chup..viplav gets tensed …the man order his gang members to tie her tightly…he tells viplav…your wife is very smart but I am over smart..so hehehehe….viplav says please don’t do anything…please… the man says okay..you give false statement and I will free them but after judgment day… viplav says no no ..please free them ..i guaranteed you..i will give false statement in court..the man says do you think me fool.. meet them after judgement…and cuts the call and evilly smiles….
Viplav says hello..hello… pankaj says viplav don’t believe him…he is very short tempered and most famous for killing peoples … he says but don’t believe him..viplav says but how?? Pankaj says i will know that from where this call is coming …and I will call police …okay..dont tensed..the phone again rings.. viplav picks up and says hello..the man says don’t call police okay …. Then your wife and daughter will…heh heh heh ..and he shoots in air ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and cut the call… vidha cried hearing that sound….viplav says to pankaj ..now .. what will do..panakj says don’t worry ..let me know about the number …from where it is coming ..okay,,..viplav nods…pankaj says I am going ok ..i will come soon…and he goes…viplav is tensed….
There dhani and vidha are tied with ropes..the man comes with food and says eat this fast.. I don’t have all day to waste..dhani tiredly see him and says please open me.. vidha is very hungry …I have to help her to eat..please.. you stay here …I will not go …please…the man says okay okay..and open the rope…dhani take the food and help vidha to eat it … vidha says mom when we will be out ..dhani says soon beta ..very soon ..you eat..the man is standing there..he lovingly seeing this..he remembers about his childhood where his mom also help to eat him like that..tear comes out from side of eye..he comes out of it and rudely says hogaya sab..jaldi..dhani says yeah .. and give back plate… he then tie them back and goes back vidha sleep..dhani see it and pray ..please viplav ..please come soon..
There in hospital…viplav on his bed ..then pankaj comes and says viplav..viplav…I find where the phone is coming..viplav asks where? Where.. pankaj says it is coming from goregaon east ..near a factory.. viplav says ok lets go ..pankaj says but can you go with so much pain..viplav says I can do anything for my family ..pankaj says ok..lets go… they goes,,… scene ends..

Episode ends………

Precap: viplav and pankaj are going in car to there… viplav is very tensed…
There ashok’s phone rings..he picks up and says hello…what!!!!!!!..they are coming here …cut the call..and says damn it man …

So guys how was this episode.. your comments making me more happy..thank you for liking my ff als..thank..please drp your valuable cmments…

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  1. It was too amazing and full of thrill re .. poor viplav, that blast was horrible :-/ but glad viplav is fine..
    That dream was verry scary Thank God it was viplav’s dream and dhani is ok and so as vidha.. mother daughter scene was adorable.. I think that something went wrong with that man that’s why he has become evil now waiting for the upcoming episodes 🙂 keep going ..

  2. Nima

    aise irritation karne wala bhai hume bahoot pasand hai Jo apne bg schedule se hum sb k liye har roze thrilling n suspens se vara ff se entertain krta ho?? so keep it up Chotte?

    and thanks Chotte? after blast our hero Viplav is fine? so happy?
    but that blast n Viplav’s dream was so scary? awesome episode?. kya viplav dhani n vidha ko gundo ki chungal se bacha payega? janne k liye waiting for next irritation I mean episode??

  3. Such a nice episode… Thank god viplav is fine and viplav dream was scary I hope he rescue his family soon from evil ashok…. I am waiting….. For next update…..?☺ keep rocking…..?

  4. Avijit u rocked again ☺☺ good that viplav is fine but really bad as dhani n vidha r in clutches of dangerous kidnappers. The way hoons hearteltrd seeing dhani feeding vidha hope he might free them . Suspense of viplav going to free his family from killers is exciting n want to know next track asap. U R NOT IRRITATING US BUT ENTERTAINING BACHA.?

  5. Sujie

    Chotu…mere bhai…… you are shining day by day….. I must say you are in full mood to entertain us and this is not anything that irritates us….its our ENTERTAINMENT KA DOSE…..keep rocking like this Avi….. God bless you my boy 🙂 🙂

    That goon who went emotional might free them soon…. Happy that nothing serious happened to our hero…… Keep it up bro.. never leave entertaining us okay ???

  6. Angel20

    Wow bade, thrilling episodes! Loving it
    I just hate that Ashok!! So irritating!
    And don’t worry about comments and I am sorry could not comment on previous episode! But I read it! I am busy with my exams??

  7. Shruthy

    Alright then my guess was wrong but that’s alright, this was cuter and more senti. ? I am liking the change of the characters. Well Viplav didnt change really, he is still the same. But Dhaani, these 5 years gone, became more mature amd more quiet while in the first she was the innocent and bubbly wali Dhaani. Anyways… That’s not the important part.
    I just loved when Viplav felt Dhaani saying his name through the phone and all those emotions goung through in that moment. ?? That was so heart touching. And then Vidha crying hearin the sound of the gun and Viplav getting so tensed about them.
    Cant wait to know what happens next. It’s so thrilling. Post it soon.

  8. Nice one bhaia?
    I’m loving ? it..

    Mother daughter scenes are just aww!! And the kidnapper crying ? too was good..?

    Keep writing

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