Mission 7 ….IKRS…. Episode 3


Hi guys ..how are you all?? Good na? so excitement will start little now…come…come with me…and I said it will be 7 day mission….day 1 passed
In the last episode we saw the real case of all this thrill..now the thief’s brother is a under ground DON ..now he is threatening viplav…

Episode starts…..
Day 2:

Next morning ..viplav and dhani wake up ..viplav go for bath ..dhani is making breakfast …viplav comes out and get ready for office ..and go for breakfast ..viplav is tensed about the DON… dhani see him ..and says viplav don’t tensed..then vidha come running and says rubbing her eye ..dad ..mom..why you did not wake up me? And you are eating your breakfast without me? And make a cute face.. viplav and dhani see her and smiles.. viplav says awwwww..come to me vidha …vidha goes and hug him..viplav lift her and says dhani ..bad mom… you did not wake my angel.. how?gandi mammi 😛 ..say sorry to vidha.. dhani smiles..and says aww..sorry vidha..forgive your mother please…vidha says jao maff kiya.. they smiles ..viplav kiss her and says brush your teeth and come fast for breakfast …vidha says ok ..and goes ..viplav says dhani ..i don’t want that something happen to you and our vidha.. dhani says nothing will happen with us..don’t worry..vidha comes and says dad,,mom .i come ..now start breakfast… they smiles and says yes..come… they all complete their breakfast… then dhani clean the plates…viplav gets ready for office and vidha for school… vidha and viplav wearing their shoes.. dhani comes there… they stand up and viplav today I will go with vidha to bus stop ..okay ..dhani says ok ..viplav says ..vidha.. say good bye to mammi…vidha says good bye mom ..viplav also cutely says good bye mammi ..they all smiles ( enjoy this scene ..may you can’t see it soon ) .. vidha open the door and goes out..viplav also going ..but go back and kiss dhani and smilingly goes..dhani smiles and say take care … viplav hold vidha’s hand and asks what will do in school ..kya kya masti karogi..vidha says I will do lots of masti ..hahaa…viplav says areh wah..badmash ladki ..vidha is jumping and smiling ..then they come to the bus stop..school bus also come there ..vidha goes inside the bus and says bye bye dad ..viplav smiles and signs bye bye … bus goes …
viplav then hire a taxi and goes to his office .. viplav open then door and goes to his desk ..and start his work ..viplav continuously working ..then time stop to 4 pm …phone rings on viplav’s desk… viplav picks up the call and says hello..this is “life suraksha aur jiban sukhi” insurance company…how can I help you? From other side someone says before me you need suraksha viplav..hehehe..viplav says who? The voice says take the phone to speaker and call kapil fast…viplav call kapil and take the phone to speaker ..kapil also comes there …from the other side someone says kapil ..viplav ..i was very calm and politely saying that agree with me and give false statement in court …but you fools never agree with me .. why …??? Viplav says we will never agree with you ..kapil says yeah..viplav is right ..we will never agree with you .. your brother killed our friend..how can we give wrong statement ..how ..?? from the other side the man yells ..shut up..viplav says you shut up …we will not agree ..do whatever you want..just go..kapil says yeah..go..the man says ok..you don’t know what can I do … now see what can I do..hehehe.. so kapil..you are alone in Mumbai..and viplav ,..you have a beautiful wife and a cute daughter according to my information ..and your daughter’s school will end after 5 minutes na???..hehehehe… viplav gets shocked and start sweating ..he angrily says don’t harm them..dont do..dont…phone cut and sounding beep ….beep…beep…viplav is shocked and tensed about vidha and dhani…he don’t waste his time and hurriedly go from there .kapil shouting viplav….viplav..where u going ?/ viplav comes out and hired a riksha and says to go to MK Gandhi school fast …riksha starts,,..viplav calls in home ..but dhani is not picking call ..he calls again but she is not picking call..he says damn it man…..then they reach vidha’s school…viplav goes to the watchman and asks class 1’s bus left or it is here.. watchman says it had gone 5 minutes before sir..viplav tensed and go to the riksha and says to take him to his home…viplav is getting worried …he reaches to his home and goes to open the door..scene ends

Episode ends

Precap: viplav is searching everywhere…bedrooms..kitchen and shouting..dhani ..vidha … and crying …in a dark room a man is shown..he comes and sit on a chair under light… and give a evil smile and says evilly…..tik…tik..tik….booooooommmm…hahahaha
Viplav is searching everywhere and suddenly blast happens ..booommmm..viplav is blown away ..

So guys..this story is thrilling na? suspense increasing ..so is our hero alive or not..areh how can hero die..see..many things is waiting for you all…thank you 

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  1. Chotey Bhai…. This was thrilling… Arrey Hero Viplav ko kuch matt hone dena….
    Viplav Dhaani Vidha ko na …keep always together…… And that Tik tik……boom is scaring me …and will continue to do so till you post next on
    Keep rocking Bro 🙂

  2. Oh god initial part was so sweet when vidhani was enjoying with thei daughter but last part is real tenseeager to know about safety of vidha; dhani n viplav.

  3. Nima

    wow mere chotte u r brilliant writer, what a thriller n suspense episode tha really loved it too much?
    chotte keh deti hu, mere Viplav ko kuch nahi hona chahiye????

    at last sorry for didn’t drop my comment in previous episode

  4. Really suspense getting my nerves….. I hope all things turn out fine…. Our hero would save them from that evil villan…? Waiting for next part….☺????

  5. Fabulous??suspense is increasing day by day .. viplav dhani and cutie vidha scenes are so adorable.. but precap is quite scary?.. anyways episode was perfect?.. waiting for the upcoming episode

  6. Shruthy

    Woow! That’s quite thrilling and very tensed wala. Hopefully nothing happens to Dhaani & Vidha. Precao looks really exciting. Cant wait to know what will happen to the three of them. May be Dhaani and Vidha got outside but Viplav wouldn’t be aware of it. And then… then… then I have no idea actually. I will just be waiting like a good girl 😀

  7. Latha

    Wow superb episode avijit. Viplav, dhani and vidha’s scene was so cute and sweet. I think nothing will happen to dhani and vidha. Precap scary waiting for next episode

  8. Good one ? bhaia… And yeah.. It’s damn.. Trilling… All the BST and keep gng…

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