Mission 7 ….IKRS…. Episode 2


So hi guys … sorry for posting so late. I was not well actually..sorry..i am fine now ..lets go and..just the story begins …last episode was just intro .. actually what happened in past few years …. Story begins from last stanza of the previous episode … so come now …
No recap ..direct to the episode …

Viplav is very much frustrated …… dhani is shocked seeing him …she keeps her hand on his shoulder and asks what happen viplav ..come down .. and say all ..viplav says nothing dhani ..don’t worry ..she says I am your wife na ..say …please ..viplav says hmm ..listen …it is one week ago ..you remembered I went for business project in pune for three days ..dhani says yes …so then …viplav starts ..

Scene starts…

Yadav(who will lock in office) was doing his work in office ..he is alone in office ..he completed his work and said ..today I worked a lot ..i would go hotel and sleep immediately ..he off the light and took his bag and went to door and tried to open it but it is not opening..he said what happened ..he called the watchman but he is not picking the call…then he said… let me call viplav..he is in my hotel also..he took his phone and call …viplav picks up call… and said hello..yaar kaha hae tu …itna kam mat kar ..yadav replied areh viplav I am locked in office ..watchman may be did not notice me and lock the room..and I didn’t have extra key so can you please come ..viplav says yeah sure.. I am calling kapil also ..ok?yadav said ya come fast .. I’m waiting ..and ends the call .. scene shifted to viplav…
Viplav calls kapil ..he picked up the call ..kapil asked hello? Viplav said all ..kapil said ok ..i am coming ..viplav said ok and cut the call ..viplav gets ready and come outside the hotel.. kapil came there with his bike and pick viplav ..then they reached their and went to the gate ..viplav shout yadav …yadav ..we come … but no one is responding ..viplav said strange why he is not answering ..kapil said don’t know..viplav said one minute..let me call him ..viplav dialed his number.. “the number you are trying to reach ..is switch off” ..he cut the call and said yaar kapil ..phone to switch off araha hae ..kapil said strange ..was he not joking with us?? Viplav said lets open the door first ..kapil opened the door ..they enter ..the office is dark ..all lights off .. viplav switch on his mobile flash and saw all papers ..light lamp..chair all on the floor ..kapil said eha kya tufan (storm) aya tha? Viplav said ssshhhh..don’t do any sound..keep quite.. I heard some noise in boss’s room.. they quietly went near the room .. and see a guys trying to open the locker .. they shocked .. viplav said kapil call police station fast..hurry up .. go outside fast,,kapil says ok..and go outside..viplav was going near the door..then his leg is hit by a things.. viplav feel something strange..switch on his mobile ..lights fall upon the a man..viplav is shocked and see and wound of knife on his heart ..his shirt is blooded.. viplav said areh..yadav .. viplav checked his pulse and said with grief..sorry yaar ..we can’t save you and tear came out ..kapil also come there and see yadav ..he is shocked… he said yea kya hogaya viplav ..viplav said very sad kapil ..but now we should caught his murderer any how ..you call the police na?? kapil said ya ..they will come in 5 minutes… viplav said so now ..try to stop that guy before police come.. kapil says but ?? viplav said no but ..he killed our friend ..now we should do something for him.. I am going inside .. you go outside and when police came ..bring them fast as soon as possible … kapil said how can you handle alone..he already killed yadav ..if he..you??? viplav said don’t worry ..you go fast..kapil said take care ..okay .. I will come as soon as I can.. viplav nods ..kapil goes.. viplav slowly enter in the room and hide behind the chair .. the guy opened the locker..and took his bag and started collecting all the money ..viplav see it and take the paper weight nearby and threw it outside…the guy aware and scared.. he stop taking money and just going outside holding the knife..((actually the thief is very coward..he kill yadav to save himself)) viplav come behind him and caught him …viplav immediately hold his hand and take the knife ..and throw it …the thief scared and kick viplav backward …viplav fell but hold the thief’s leg and pull him ..viplav stand up and kick on his chest hard ..and punch him … the thief acts like a dead body..viplav think he may be dead ..then he goes check his pulse ..suddenly the thief push viplav and tried to run from there ..but at the door he was hit by someone..light lit up ..police came there and caught the thief … inspector ordered to take yadav’s body for postmortem ..and said to viplav and kapil ..sorry we can’t save your friend .. but we will try to give very hard punishment for him …ok take care…viplav and kapil is very sad…
Next day when they are planning to return ..police came again and said ..Mr viplav and kapil.. after next week is judgment in court ..and you two should come there …and give the true statement.. they said ok…

Scene ends..scene shifted to viplav and dhani ..dhani is shocked ..viplav is saying now we come to know that his brother is underground DON ..he is threatening us for giving false statement ..dhani says but why did not you told about this to me before… viplav says sorry ..but I did not want to harass you.. dhani says kya viplav ..don’t think that ..i am always with you . don’t worry .. don’t give false statement ..always be with truth .. truth will always win over false .. stay strong ..viplav says thank you dhani .. he hold dhani’s hand and says thank you for always being with me .. now sleep … dhani says hmm .. and they sleep ….

Episode ends..

Precap: viplav is in office..then someone call him.. and said to take the phone to speaker .. kapil also there ..the voice from other side says ..viplav and kapil ..stop ..dont go to court next week..otherwise ..heh heh..viplav says what will you do ..the voice says with a evil smile..viplav you have a cute daughter and beautiful wife na /heh heh and cuts the call.. viplav yells don’t do anything with them ..dont do ..the phone sounding beep beep beep…….they are shocked and scared ….

So guys are you liking it ?? hope so ..precap se kuch esara mil raha hae kya .. 😛 :P..wait and watch ..   …

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  1. Sujie

    Chotey… Yadav ke saath toh bhura hua…feeling sorry for that character…but whoever is this villain…never let him harm Viplav..and his family….okay???
    Waiting for more ……..
    Keep rocking like this…take care of your health…. 🙂 🙂

  2. Avijit babu ye to thriller movie ke jaise suspense hai. Was thrilled n exvited reading viplavs narration n was afrsid if the theif would harm viplav but good police caught him in time. Gpod that dhani has adviced him to folow truth. Precap is scary. Hope the caller doesn’t harm dhani n vidha or viplav may not give wrong statement in fear.

  3. Sujie

    and the cover pic…… soooo good… 🙂 Mera bhai…talent ki dukaan….good job 🙂

  4. Angel20

    Don’t let that Don do anything to Viplav’s family, the episode was a thriller one! Take care bade! And post the next one soon…

  5. Wow…. What a suspense and thriller story yar…. Excited to know who is that villan…. You well explained each and every scenes…. Just waiting for your next update….?☺ keep rocking…..?

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow chotte finally u r back was busy thats why couldnt read ur ff didnt know about it I read the intro and epi 1 also I just have one thing to say mast

  7. It was fabulous??though it was quite sad poor yadhav.. that thief should get very hard punishment.. and don’t let him hurt our hero and his cute family?.. Anyways it was superb?.. this story is full of thrill and tragedy like before.. keep rocking.. waiting for the next episode☺

  8. Good one Bhaia.. U always keep ur fans locked to ur ff?
    Poor yadhav… Eagerly waiting to knw Yadhav’s bro name?

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