Are you missing the Star Plus show ‘Jaana na dil se door’?

Hey guys.. This is Pavithra here.. The first show I started to see was jaana na dil se door.. So I can’t forget it.. And it is very close to my heart.. Share your views in the comment box…

As you all know, Jaana na dil se door was a romantic – cum – drama show that was aired in star plus from May 16 2016 and unfortunately it ended on 30th of June 2017.
The show stars Shivani Surve as Vividha Kashyap and Vikram Singh Chauhan as Atharv Sujatha. This show shows the love between atharv and vividha. Vividha is Kailash Kashyap’s daughter. And Atharv is Sujatha’s son. Atharv and Vividha end up falling in love with each other. They face defeat many times, but their love for each other helps them live together happily at last.

The character of Ravish was loved by all. As it was famous I think there is no need to describe the story. Jndsd is said be one of the most popular shows of 2016 along with kuch rang pyar ke aide bhi.

Fans, do u still miss our vitharv? I agree that it was very disappointing at the last. But it was too late for us to stop watching as they were attached to our lives. I always waited for the clock to strike 5:30.

Yesterday,I heard jndsd song after a long time. And you know what without even thinking, I pressed the replay button. I heard it so many times. Without my knowledge, I started to cry for no complicated reason. I cried because I was missing Vitharv so much and the whole jnsds family too. This lead me to write a poll zone on our jndsd.

Vikram and Shivani had done a great thing to do a show like this. Vitharv, you have left a great imapct on our lives so that we will never forget you. We want you back Vitharv…




By, Pavithra…..??

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  1. NerdyBirdie

    I’ve actually never seen this show. Mostly because the timings never worked out for me and Star Plus never really promoted this show as much as their other shows. So what did you like about this jodi? I’m curious to know! Comparing it to Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is really impressive, which I’m guessing means that this show had as much online support and dedicated fans.

    1. Pavithra1616

      comparing to krpkab, jndsd was equal in the beginning.. But as it proceeded it was disappointing.. Jndsd has many fans even now like me.. It didn’t work out much in Hindi but it was very much popular in the language malayalam.. I think u don’t know jndsd well.. It had a good story line till the middle but it was very disappointing at the last.. If you ask me what I like about the jodi.. I could say that, comparing to devakshi(krpkab) vithrav was not equal at the end.. Atharv and Vividha were one of the best romantic characters of that time( I think) it was very good till the middle portion actually.. Shivik’s chemistry was just perfect. And as it is my first show I am very inclineded to it … Sorry,if I hurt you through this comment or through this poll zone.. Really sorry..

    2. Pavithra1616

      I was also a great fan of krpkab… I love it now also and I am following it too… I know krpkab is really very good and most of the people here is the fan of it… But how can I forget jndsd.. The day I started to see jndsd it grabbed away my heart.. I know jndsd doesn’t come to the standered of krpkab at the end… But jndsd was a good one.. If you see it u will love it..

  2. Asana321

    4 months ended without JNDSD but each day every hour I remember the show and my vitharv.missing vitharv verrrrrrrrryyy badly???
    If so many serials will come/ so many jodies will come But JNDSD is always my favorite show & vitharv is my favorite pair ever
    JNDSD title song is my favorite song and my phones ring tone too.
    Love you vitharv , Never forget them & miss them

    1. Pavithra1616

      Mee too di.. I really miss vitharv so much.. Jndsd was the best… ??
      Mee too never forget them and is missing them badly.. Thanks for commenting and thanks for sharing your views asana di..

  3. Marliya shahul

    Missing vitharv badly, their love, chemistry, romance,nokjok,,ajmeer,tabela,jullia,payal,all the characters that played in jndsd,kailaash kashyap,jndsd song…..etc it’s continue.My phone ringtone too.Jndsd have a great fanfandom too still they are watching jndsd repeatedly.still they’re talking about vitharv, posting pictures of vitharv in Twitter and Instagram.They made great impact all our hearts especially Vikram and Shivani.I love theme very much..We r eagerly waiting for another jndsd

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thanks for commenting Marliya.. I too miss them veryyyyy badly… ??? want them back…

  4. Optimistic

    First 100 episodes awesome after 4 months serial got off air everyday i will repeatedly watch 100 episodes on hotstar now also following ek deewana tha serial for vikku

    1. Pavithra1616

      Ya… First 100 episodes were just superb… It has been4 months since vitharv has left us.. I love vikku a lot..

  5. Aleya.marzan

    best ever serial i had . it was just blooming but nipped at bud . only bcz channel politics. i miss them all.
    a lil correction dear it started on MAY 9 u wrote may 16 .
    have a nice day

    1. Pavithra1616

      I miss them soooo much that I can’t even explain how much it is… Thanks for commenting aalu… Sry aalu.. It was a error, actually in my mind it is 16 so I thought it was 16 and I didn’t check… Good evening..

  6. Sunanda12345

    Missing jndsd a lot ????????????
    Mostly vitharv and their chemistry
    By listening jndsd even if also cried..,I don’t know hindi…but iam very eger to learn hindi…so I started watching hindi serials…my hindi career started with jndsd….I will never forget it….

    Nyc writing dear….proud to be vitharv fan

    1. Pavithra1616

      I also miss them a lot di!! Their chemistry was just perfect!!
      Wow di? mine too… I don’t know Hindi and I wanted to study Hindi and I stared seeing hindi serials and my first serial was jndsd!!! Wow…
      Thanks di for commenting!!

  7. Sunanda12345

    Even iam also fan of avneil ????

    1. Pavithra1616

      Ohhh really??? I love avneil a lot.. So u see naamkaran?? Ur dp is just awesome di.. Making me remember the time we had our dear vitharv on TV and this felt world?.. Good morning..

      1. Sunanda12345

        Yes I will watch naamkaran….I luv avneil not more than vitharv ?????vitharv r always best

  8. Ahsana98

    Jndsd endeyum favorite ayirunnu till Ravish ‘s entry. Adinu shesham Njan kanarillenkilum ideyku vitharv nu vendi kandu. Aa Jody ye miss cheyunnund. Avr vendum orumichu varum ennu pradekshikam. Pinne jndsd start cheydadu May 9 2016- June 30 2017

    1. Pavithra1616

      Jnsds ennikum bhayangara eshtamayirunnu.. Nyanum vithravine miss cheyunnundu… I miss them veryyyy badlyyy… Ya I am also waiting for another jndsd with our shivik… I know chechi.. Thettipoyatha actually… Entered manassil 16 ennayirunnu kidanne atha nyan angane type cheythe… Sorry… Thanks for commenting chechi. .

  9. Maha_Aijaz

    Missing it badly and I don’t know why hotstar isn’t showing the episodes :'(

    1. Pavithra1616

      I also miss it so much… Oh!! Hotstar is not showing the episodes?? I didn’t know that!!! Anyway thanks for commenting..??

  10. Yashu123

    Hi dhi even I am vitharvian even I miss the show very Atharva is the best character in the show & vitharvs chemistry is just awesome no words to describe their chemistry but it is really disappointing that CVS didn’t give good storyline from middle but still I can never forget jndsd

    1. Pavithra1616

      First of all, don’t call me di as I am one of the youngest one here!! Yes… U r right Atharv is the best in the show.. Vikku acted it well!! Yes their chemistry was just perfect… I know no one can forget jndsd because its in everyone’s heart forever… Thanks for commenting Yashu…

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