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Dont know how this popped out of my head…hope its good.

It was a fine morning. A man of almost 25 was sleeping on his extra large bed. He seemed so cute… just like a baby. His wife couldn’t help but stand and admire him.
She was just out of shower and was drying her wet, damp hair with her towel.
She slid the curtains and let son god shower love upon her cute hubby. He turned another side in response. She laughed and went near him.

“suniye, utiye na.”
“Two minutes dear. Why are you waking me so early”
She was continuously trying to wake him up. At last, she thought of sth. She shook the end of her wet hair in his face.
“why are u torturing me. Just leave now Pragya. always trying to disturb me with your silly acts.”
Thats all, he is gone. Pragya went out with anger.

It was almost 11 in mrng and only then abhi managed to open his eyes. With a narrow opening in his face, he looked around the room, found it too late and hurriedly got up.
He freshened himself up and started looking for his wife, Pragya. First he was casual, but then he lost his cool when he cudnt find her. He searched her madly.

He went to dadi’s room.
Bunty and Bubbly were sitting sadly in the room with dadi who was also hell sad.
Bubbly: why did she go Dadi? I don’t want her to leave.
Bunty: will she ever return back?
Abhi: what where did she go?…but wait, why did she go?
Dadi: because her husband was not the way she wanted. She faced a lot of difficulty in her sasural. That’s why she left.
Abhi: but what did she face? I mean…i cant get anything.
Dadi: yes abhi, she faced a lot of difficulty and none believed her. being a pure soul, she can never accept that and so she left,… to her maa. even i say she did right.
Abhi: DAAADDDIII…what are u telling now. i will become mad if she didnot return.
Dadi: what are you blabbering abhi? I am already sad thinking about you. Ippidiyellam olarunaa naa ennada pannuven? Romba kashtappattu unakku kalyaanam pannenda…unna Neeye payithamaa kaatikittu irundha romba prachanai aagidumda. (if you blabber like this what will i do? with lot of difficulty i got u married. If you show urself to be an idiot, it will be a biiggg problem son)
Abhi: iyyooo!!! but why did you let her go??? Uhhh….Daaaddddiiii….i will see you later.
He left saying this.
Dadi: i dont know why he is behaving this weird.
Bubbly: Leave it dadi, doesn’t she care for her children? Why did she leave with her maa, dadi?
Bunty: shut up bubbly, sita did right by leaving ram. He didint believe her, right?
Dadi: aisaa nahi beta.
She said and continued her purana.

Here abhi was damn shocked. He went to pragya’s home.

While entering…
Janaki: i wont leave him. How can he do that? I mean how can he mistreat her? If i find him, he is dead for sure.
Purvi: maa, dont worry maa. Instead she left the house and went far from him. She did right. She didn’t lose her self esteem.
Beeji: dont worry janaki, if we get a chance we can kill him.
Abhi (to himself) if i am here for a second long they would kill me. First i will find prags and then come to them.
He fled.

He went to cafe where prags goes usually.
But he saw tanu and Aaliya there.
Tanu: wow Aaliya she is gone. I am very happy. My life is not at stake now.
Aaliya: shut up tanu its bad to feel happy in others’ sorrow.
T: but she is out of my way and thats what i want.
Abhi left the place in anger. He knows tanu is behind him, but after his marriage with Pragya two months ago he doesn’t even think of her.
After abhi went…
Tanu: whatever, now my modelling job is not at risk as Meethu is fired.
Aaliya: yeah tanu, i am happy for you.

Now, Abhi came to his home, his room.
“oh god, what will i do now?”
Giggles are heard from far. He went out dragged someone’s ear and brought her in.
Purab: abhi leave her.
Bulbul: haa…jiju its paining.
Abhi: tell me why are u laughing?
Bulbul: di is angry on you right?
Abhi: haan. How come u know?
Bulbul: i saw everything.
(She giggles)
Abhi: bulbul…
She narrated what happened when prags was waking him up and said that she was also watching hiding outside the room.
Abhi caught his head and sat on the couch.
“i am gone now. Oh no, what to do? my god, this sleep na. I love to sleep and she too knows it, but…OMG…i am dead for sure. My first enemy is my tongue and the next is my SLEEEEEEP…uhh”
Bulbul: dont worry jiju, we can convince her.
But Abhi seemed too sad.
Bulbul: why are you so sad jiju?
Abhi: i agree that i did a mistake but that doesn’t mean she has to go out of the house leaving me.
Bulbul: now what are you blabbering stupid jiju?
Abhi narrated everything and bulbul burst out laughing.
Bulbul: ha ha ha…jiju…i…cant control myself…ha ha…ha ha ha…
Abhi: BULBUL………
Bulbul: jiju, dadi was telling bubbly and bunty abt the story of RAMAYAN and in home, they were talking about some serial. Ha ha ha…u made a fool out of yourself jiju. Ha ha…great job. Ha ha…
Abhi: ok fine. Now stop laughing. Where is your didi now?
Purab: she is kitchen.
Abhi gave a i will not believe look coz he searched her there.
Purab: dont look at me like that OK. Just now didi made me my lovely sandwich and i ate it out of her hand itself. She was the one who fed me. Dont believe…see. (he opened his mouth to show sandwich bits)
Abhi: close it purab. There is no fashion show in there so that i would look without blinking my eyes. Just close it. Purab closed it and made a pout.
Abhi went down to plead Pragya while bulbul and purab where in abhi’s room talking.

After sometime, they could here vessels rolling, foot stamping, aah….ooo….ouch…and all kind of wierd sounds. The main part was abhi shouting “bachouu bachouu”.
Bulbul very well knew that this would happen. After all, she is pragya’s sister.
They looked from the stairs to see Pragya chasing abhi. It was a long chase. But finally, at last they ended up hugging each other. Purbul left the place smiling, to give them privacy.
Pragya’s thoughts “all i want is this. My home is your heart, where i feel safe, secured, protected and of course loved. I don’t know whether i can love you the way you do but i assure my heart beats only for you. We will be together forever.”
Abhi thought “this missing chapter of our life has just made us a step more close. I am very happy to see u happy. After all, u married me, the person who loves u the most. I will do whatever i can to keep u happy always. Hope our fights and love never ends and i know it will never end.”
He hugged her more tightly and got lost in paradise, the world of love.

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Sorry if it was silly. i dont think it was so funny…thats why i posted it in the ff page itself.sorry again if it was so irritating. sorry sorry sorry. also forgive for the mistakes.
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  1. Cutiepie Achu

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  5. Ohhhh sooooo sweet n cute episode really awesome n amazing one… I love it n enjoyed it to the core…

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    2. Princesskrisha

      I posted scl today ani I’m happy that you like n wait for my ff thanks for liking the love story n don’t fell sorry for not commenting ipkknd n n I won’t let you wait any longer dear

    3. Princesskrisha

      I posted scl today ani I’m happy that you like n wait for my ff thanks for liking the love story n don’t fell sorry for not commenting ipkknd n n I won’t let you wait any longer dear.

  8. Sooo simple???? soo cute ???soo sweet??? soo funny ???especially Too Adorable !??????????? That’s what i can say didi ???! btw missing your other ff .?

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  10. Rithu

    Very cute lovely and funny epi dear

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  11. Lovely epi ani di…..it was very cute and funny….l loved it to the core…pls update beauty and the beast as well…take care and keep writing….love u loads…. 😀 😀 😀 ……

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    Soo cute hope that an episode like this will happen in real kkb ausum os keep writing

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    My sweet aniyathikutty.. really I laughed a lot reading this.. abhis tension… really awesome..come up with new one yaar.. you can do it

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