Hii , well I know u all confuse about sanky not knowing about swara. I will clear in upcoming parts. It’s not memory loss or even child marriage . it’s something else.


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At mm…
MM is fully decorated with white roses and lights. All ladies were rushing here and there.
“ ma, do u call bhabhi? If she will not come I will not marry.” Uttara
“ uttara, don’t say like this. Try to understand how will she able to come here. Don’t u know it will be very hard for her.” Ap
“ par ma, I want her, she is not only my bhabhi but also best frnd. I know mom it will be not easy for her. But ma may be my marriage bring them closer. I don’t know anything, I will call her.” Uttara
“Kk call her, but don’t force her to come here. It should be her choice.” Ap
“ Thanks mom, u r world best mom. I love u so much( uttara pull AP cheeks)” uttara
“ stop buttering me, ya remember u will not force her.” Ap
Uttara went from there, collided with someone…..
“ uttara, now u marrying but not little bit manner. U should keep ur eyes open.” Girl
“ Kavita, I am only tolerating u due to bhai. Don’t dare to teach me manner. I don’t what bhai has seen in you.” Uttara
“ first u should learn manner, I am ur bhabhi. U should call me that not by name.” kavita
“ ups, my bhabhi. My bhabhi my foot. My sandal will also not call u bhabhi. U r not married to him, when he will marry u then I will think about it.” Uttara
Without listening anything further, uttara went in her room.
Kavita monologue
I am only tolerating all of them due to sanskar . if I had not love sanskar, I would saw them their real place. Just waiting for my marriage.

“ bhabhi y r u not picking my calls, I hope u r fine.” Uttara( to herself)
Uttara continuously trying to call someone, again same result.
“ ma, bhabhi is not lifting my call u try na” uttara(shouted while running)
“ arre , uttu where r u going in so hurry.” Boy
“ bhai, see na bhabhi is not lifting my call. She never did like that. I hope she is fine.” Uttara
“ arre wat need to call her, she is in room itself. Go and talk her.” Sanky
“ par, bhai when she came here. And even she not met me.” Uttara
“ arre wat r u saying ? Who came, who don’t meet u? Kavita is here from 1 week.” Sanky
“ bhai, how many times I have told u she is not my bhabhi. I don’t like her. I am talking about, leave it. It is not use to telling u anything” uttara
“ I don’t understand, y u all don’t like her. Whom u call bhabhi. Listen uttu, kavita is my would be wife. I don’t like it when anyone insult her.” Sanskar
Mean time uttara phone ring.
“ I will talk to u later ,she is calling me. “ uttara
Sanskar monologue
I never understand why my family specially uttara don’t like kavita. And whom she call bhabhi, I have find out.
Ap and Dp room..
“ ji, I don’t why my daughter is bearing so much. I just hope one day she get all happiness one day. “ Ap
“ relax, annu. All thing will be fine one day, see god is also with us that’s y always Sanskar marriage is stopped due to some reason. Keep faith in god, only she is our DIL.” Dp
“ How can I, uttara is calling her here. She is not understanding how will my daughter feel seeing her husband with someone else.” Ap
“ don’t worry our uttara is mature, if she has taken this decision. Then she must have some reason” Dp
“ I hope so” Ap

Uttara room…
“ Where r u? ,why u r not picking my calls? U know na how much I have tension for u. “ uttara
“ sry, uttu I was sleeping, from next time. I will not do like that , promise. Kk tell me any important work” girl
“Well as u know , my marriage is after 2 weeks. I want my best frnd also attend my marriage. Do u convey my msg to her. “ uttara

Guess guys: who is that girl,
Do u think Sanskar able to find out reason of hatred toward kavita.
Most imp. That girl will agree for coming in marriage…
Uttara isis younger than Sanskar..
Raglak are not there…
Rahul: for role of rahul suggest someone, he is fiance of uttara
Next part on next Sunday…
once again happy frndship day…
Bye,take care and love u all…

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