Rag:im scared…no one is treating me as a stranger in that house..all r behaving like that im there sanjana
San:(cups her face)they r seeing sanjana in u and treating u like that but they know u r my ragini ,my would b wife
Rag:(sarcastically)would b wife really..but u stopped our marriage too
San:face fell
Rag:immediately hugs him by seeing his face,sry sry plz dont get sad, i know u r doing all this for manu..im happy for that but somewhere its paining in my heart..(san looks at her)she hits her forehead but how could i forget u r also going through the same thing
San:u itself knows everything then y r u feeling bad

Rag:dont u really dont know (fb shows how much ragsan struggles to get ragini’s parents permission to accept their love,as they dont like sanskar becaz of his state (orphan))(sry for this reason if it hurts)
San:only 2 mnths ,after her treatment got complete v will go ..plz
rag nods

Leap of one month
@annual day function
Raglak has got the best parents award..manu smiles happily and they took a family photo
Principal:i hav never seen a couples like u..u both r best..made for each other..manu should b gifted to get u
Lak smiles happily by seeing manu’s glowing face
Rag nervously smiles

Rag:r u happy beta
Manu:yes ma very happy by saying kisses her cheek..i know u r the best ma/pappa
Lak:smiles by seeing them

Ap:thank u ragini,i dont know wat to say,no one will do like u did beta(fb shows how manu wants ragu to participate in her annual day function,without any chance she accepted it and she started to collect information abt [email protected] likes/dislikes from ap to win the competition for the sake of manu)
Rag:smiles i did all this for that cute angel manu aunty..to c her smile
Ap hugs her happily

After confirming manu has slept,she slowly came out of the room and enters to sanskar’s room and saw him standing in a balcony
Rag:r u awake??
San:immediately wiped his tears
Rag backhugs him..i thought u will b sleeping
San is silent
Rag:y r u silent??by saying she turns him,her eyes widened to c sanskar’s eyes
Rag:in cracking voice wat happen??
San:nothing ragini,some dust went into my eye

Rag:dont lie.
San:hey its not like that,(turns to leave)
Rag:holds his wrist, dont forget i can read ur face
San:immediately hugs her tightly (in cracking voice)i felt im alone..i felt i will lose u
Rag:hugs him back..idiot dare to speak lik that
San smiles with teary eyes…

After few minutes
Rag:so u came to manu school
san nods (fb shows how much sanskar’s heart pains to c laksh and ragini together and winning prize and one of the person in crowd adoring /complemented the couple)
Rag:idiot…:havent u see properly?do u have any problem in ur eyes?
Rag:watever i answered is sanjana’s likes?i was on the behalf of sanjana..questions were between laksh and sanjana.k im ur ragini..if i answered my likes/dislikes means definetly v had failed in it…wat u have seen in the stage is sanjana ?got it.

Rag:holds his hand..im acting everywhere @to every person as sanjana..only with u im being myself sanskar..im being ragini, u know it right ,then y suddenly (annoys)
San:im really sry ragini ..i accept wat and all u said but my heart didnt accept to c u with laksh..at that time i felt i will lose u (finds difficult to complete)
Rag:k cum v will marry now itself(by saying she drags him)
San:ragu wat r u doing?
Rag:v should marry after manu health improves
San nods.
Rag:then wat u want me to do??
San:even i dont know
Rag:kissed on his forehead lovingly..and hugs him by wrapping her hands around his waist…
I love u…I want to b like this in ur embrace,throughout my life
San:hugs her back …i too want to b lik this
Door knock
Both break the hug

Rag:i think manu has woke up..i hav to go
San nods unwillingly(in mind plz b with some more time)
Rag:hugs him again..k i will cum after manu slept
San:widens his eyes as she is reading his minds
Rag:never ever think u will lose me…im only yours
Door knock again
Rag(annoys )k bye by saying she went…
Days r moving on lik this.
Ap/dp and laksh started liking ragini much by seeing her love towards manu….

One fine day
Manu:ma do u remember wat today is??
Manu:2 nd nov
Rag:ah laksh and sanjana anniversary day
Manu:??ma wat r u
Rag:i mean my anniversary(fakely smiles)
Manu:ma u wear it..u usually wear this saree for ur every anniversary
Rag nervously nods and got ready …

Manu:ma u r looking like a goddess..
Manu:pappa came..pappa c ma ,how cute she is?
Laksh:got frozen to c his sanjana (he feels he got his sanjana back)
Rag:lowers her head(dont know wat to do)
Laksh :being lost goes towards him
Manu:wait i will bring camera..v will took photo

Rag:(in stammering voice)im sry laksh..manu only…her sentence left in middle when laksh holds her chin to make her go c him
Lak:i love u sanjana ..happy anniversary
Rag looks at him confusingly
Lak:immediately wrapped his hand around her waist and started showering kisses on her neck
Rag eyes widened and pushed him and slapped his cheek hardly and rushed to her room..
Laksh :who came to sense feels guilty by his act

@ragini’s room
Rag is crying badly by remembering it …she is pouring water on her neck multiple time wherever he kissed,cries by covering her face
Rag:sanskar By saying she came out of the room and threw herself on him and cries badly
Rag:it happen without my will..i dont know anything..dont hate me ,,….she is saying it again and again and cries
San:ragini plz dont cry(pats her)
San:breaks the hug and cupped her face

Rag:u wont hate me na (while crying)
San:eyes becomes teary for cing her lik this…i wont ,i will never ragini
Both hugs tightly with teary eyes….

Hope u lik it.
Cousins love i will update tmrw

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