…Shot 1

One big college is shown which  is in Delhi



Guy:i love you ..Y r u  not understanding me..this is 20 th time im proposing to u, how should I prove it to you

Girl:i told a reason to u for many times ..

Guy:wat damn it. U r south Indian and Im north Indian v have different rituals,is  this  reason Ragini, that u r avoiding me. if u didnt like  me, its k but I know you likes me…

I promise Ragini,even though I didnt speak ur language ,even though I didnt know ur culture..i will keep u happy..By saying he starts to move

Rag:goes behind him sanskar sanskar  plz understand…

(so guys the guy and girl is RAGSAN,Ragini is staying in hostel and sanskar is dayscaller)

@hostel room

Rag in mind  I have seen many guys in this college who constantly changes their girlfriends for a year but sanskar he is loving me since 1 yr  Of college life

She went to terrace and started to think about him, a small  smile appears on her face

In mind  but  I cant  go against my parents at the same time I cant miss him..She huffs k ragu u go to ur home tomorrow itself and discuss this with ma and pappa (she brushed her thoughts and dozed off) to herself

@next day ,college

San:piya(raginis frd) where is Ragini

Piya:she took leave for 5 days and went to her home

San:(confused) y suddenly

Piya :dont know sanskar, I didnt ask her and she also didnt tell me

San nods and went

@Raginis home ,Hyderabad

Shek :y u took leave  and came, is anything important

Rag:nods I want to talk to you both which is very important

Janaki :wat dear

Rag:stammers one guy proposed to me yesterday

Both laughs.. Its happen in college,no need to get tense,v both have trust on u,thats y v send you far

Rag :exactly thats y im scared, Im scared whether I will break ur trust

Both looks on

Rag:becaz its 20 th time he proposed me from my first year to final year but he is descent,he never force me to love him, I tries all the way to be strong but his love towards me makes me weaker

Shek:do u love him

Rag:i dont  know pappa

Shekjan :is he??

Rag:north Indian

Sheksuj:both were silent were few minutes

Shek:(breaks the silence) Im k whatever decision you take, I have strong belief on  u  but one thing

Janaki:u came for ur parents word likewise he also should get his parents wish, is their ready to accept a south Indian girl as their bahu?

Shek:nods if they accept then I wont object it

Rag:loooks on,,I will ask him

After 5 days

Rag happily went to college to tell the things to him

As soon as she entered to college she is shocked to see sanskar with a othern girl in hugging position

Piya who passes that way :yeah ragu when did u came

Rag:now only, who is that girl

Piya:many things happened after u went,her name is Kavitha,she proposed sanskar and he accepts it

Rag:holds her tears,i use restroom and come..She went and broken down her tears..

She composes herself after few minutes


She see sanskar in hall but he avoids her becaz of guilt

@Classroom She goes to her place and sit and turns backwards,sanskar is not there, she searches and saw him sitting a far away from her place, she smiles scartically(he use to sit behind her)

After class got over, Ragini goes towards him

San:stammers rag Ragini

Rag:smiles forwards her hand, congratulations

San looks on

Rag:arey give ur hand

Both shakes there hands

Rag:u didnt did any mistakes, Im happy for you at last u got ur cupid..Talk to me like before,after all Im ur frd she smiles and leaves by hiding her tears

San:in mind I accepted Kavitha, I have to forget u but my love toward u is increasing day by day, he fist his palm and he cries

After 4 days

san:ragini piya ,today is my parents 25th wedding anniversary ,v have organised a small party in home @evening, will u people cum plzz

Rag:sorry San..

San:cuts her, plz not for me,for my parents


@evening ,sanskars home

As soon as Ragini enters ramsuj eyes sanskar, is it she

San:nods(guys he told about his love to his parents but not his acceptance of love of Kavitha)

Rag gifts them and gets there blessing by touching their feets

Suj:hugs her,im very happy Ragini

Rag:aunty do u know my name

Ram:y not beta,sanskar told everything abt u

Rag smiles inside and turns to see sanskar but her happiness changed into tears when she saw sanskar going with Kavitha ..

Servant  accidentally spills juice on Ragini dress

Sujatha :scolds  him

Rag:its k aunty ,just a stain it will go away, where is restroom

Suj:nods and shows her

Rag:ill b back

Rag opens the door and shocked to see a scene in front of her

Sanskar is on bed and Kavitha is laying over him

Sankavitha saw her, both composes and gets up

Rag:im Sry. I came for restroom she stammers

San:holding his tears ,its besides this room

Rag:nods and close the door as soon as possible and went to restroom and continuously puts water on her face

To herself dont cry dont cry by saying she washes her face multiple times

Scene shift to sanskar room

Kavitha :sry dear I forgot to lash the door lock

San:before she completes he gives a tight slap and fell on his knees to hold himself from falling

Broken down into tears..Now Wat will my Ragini think of me..She will think Im….He cries not able to complete his sentence


San:immediately stands up and holds her shoulder..I didnt love you.. I accepted ur proposal not because of love becaz of ur condition (fb showen where Kavitha proposed him,he denies it and after a day her frd called him, that she consumed poison for him and admitted in hospital)

San:i cant act throughout my life that I love you nu.. Because I love my ragini, even though she didnt love me I love her by saying he got fainted

Kav :shouts sanskar

All came and saw sanskar. Ram immediatel goes towards him and pats him

Suj:got worried sanskar ,she cries

Ram: splits. Water on his face and he slowly opens his eyes

Ramsuj both hugs him

People who all are surrounded them sign in relief

Rag who was worried after seeing sanskar opening his eyes, feels happy inside

Ram:v will go to doctor

San:no pappa I\’m tired thats it, I will take rest

Ramsuj nods

After all came out from the room

Kavitha :ragini I want to speak to u

Rag looks on

My another 4 shot ff do u like it

Hope so..

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