The story ends with teary eyes of Ragini. .so how was the story, a boy asked to the two girls who are sitting in front of him

Girl1:its really heart touching story veer, I loved it, definitely if u say this story to producer tmrw he will accept ur story and u will became a great direction
Girl 2 :but I don’t like it
Girl 1:y diya
Girl 2 :wat y kusum,, even though it is story, I can’t tolerate it, this sanskar lover her from college, after realizing his immense love she too started loving him and they lived just or day (she cries) only one day after that,, she closed her eyes feeling the pain, K at last he is married to someone and Ragini is going through all the pain and the sanskar,his condition is too bad, he doesn’t know he is not living with his love
She angrily goes to some corner

(guys veer is played by our varun, Diya is our Teju and kusum is our shiney….varun is a struggling director and diya is his lover and kusum is his frd )
Kusum:only u can consoles her veer,, go
Veer:nods and went towards her
He back hugs her and whisper in her ear, Wat happen dear, it’s just a story, y r u thinking too much (his words become incomplete when he hears sobbing sound)

Veer immediately turns her towards him, hey Wat, he cupped her face
Diya:nods as nothing
Veer:i know u very well, something is there
Diya:i can’t bare ragsan separation
Veer:smiles it’s just
Diya:cuts him I imagined u as sanskar and me as Ragini when u said that story.. Now I can’t able to see them like this she worries
Veer:kk u just don’t cry u know na I can’t see u like this
He thinks for some time.. K idea he called diya and kusum and started telling the same story with some alterations

@swasan marriage (a day before)
Suj was shocked to see Ragini
Suj hugs her and cries
Rag:i want to be in sanskar’s happiness ma that’s y
Ram who came there, hear her words and felt bad
At that time sanskar came there ,both passes a silent smile towards each other
Rag:ma is sanskar slept

Suj:ha beta y
Rag:i want to see him,
Suj understands and nods
@sanskar room, as soon as Ragini enters to it.. She saw her sanskar sleeping in the bed peacefully, she remembers all her moments with him and smiles with moist eyes and goes towards him and carcasses his hair lovingly

In mind i love you sanskar by saying she starts to leave and suddenly she felt his hand on her wrist
When she turns, shocked to see sanskar seeing her with full love
Rag:stammers San sa
San immediately pulled her and kissed on her lips passionately
Rag was shocked, can’t able to register what is happening

San breaks the kiss, looked at her painfully
San in cracking voice these much years u waited for me during my coma, y did u forget to wait for few more days until i get my memory
Rag widened San u remember me(stammers again)
San nods and hugs her tightly, I remembered few days before only, I came to Hyderabad to c u but u were not there, that’s y I waited for this day becaz I know u will cum today to c my happiness
Sry ragu I hurted u alot

Rag hugs him tightly and cries badly by getting her love after 2 and half yrs
San gets worried and pats her back
Both were crying like anything.. After few minutes
Rag:breaks the hug but swara
San:i told everything to her and to her family, they understood, but tmrw marriage will happen
Rag widened
San chuckles she is going to marry her cousin laksh.. Rag smiles
San:k cum v will tell this happy news to ma pappa.. Rag nods both went and told everything to them and they were happy by their revelation

san:kissed on her neck
Rag:pushed him
Rag:again u didn’t latch the door
San smiles and closed it and came towards her
Rag pulled him towards her and started kissing him passionately
San breaks the kiss when her tears touches his cheek

San:i know Ragini v can’t change whatever happened but I will make u forget everything by our love. Plz
He started kissing her all over her body by saying I love you for each kiss and he started nuzzling her face and neck with his nose

She blushes and cover them with a blanket
Leap of 1 yr
Doc:congrats it’s boy baby
San suj Ram smiles widely
San goes to see her and baby, he looked at them lovingly and he kissed baby and Ragini
Rag:opened her eyes when she feels his touch
San:ragu c it’s boy and forwards the baby
Rag smiles and start carcasses their baby

San:k now Wat will name our champ(he thinks)
Rag:(teases) of course siddhart only
San pouts and nods as no.. Rag smiles widely and pecked his lips
And the story ends, how is it,
Before veer says further diya hugged him tightly
Diya:thank u veer I love you
Veer smile and broke the hug
Kusum starts thinking

Veer:dont u like this kusum
Kusum :yeah I like it but story name is MISSED LOVE but no one misses anything here
Veer:u r right, v should change the title
Three started thinking
Diya:HIDDEN LOVE how is it
Veerkusum:together super

All headed to their home
When veer drops diya at home

Diya:i have one doubt (blushes) when u first said the story romance was less between ragsan but second time it was more,, y
Veer chuckles because after first time only u said u were thinking v as RAGSAN, that’s y
Diya blushes more and went inside her home

@next day production manager office
Veer is nervously sitting there, diya and kusum were encouraging him
Diya:u tell both(missed/hidden love) stories to produce, whatever story he selects, u will do that,, don’t go with hidden love story only for me
Kusum :i think Wat diya saying is right becaz some may lik heart touching story, some may not, so u tell both to him

Veer :but diya wants happy ending only
Diya:no veer ur diya want ur success
Both had deep eye lock
Broken by manager who called veer

After few minutes
Veer came happily towards them, he said k to the story
Both girls smile and hugged him and congrats him
Both girls together :which story he preferred
Veer smiles u came to know after film release
All smiles
Diya looks at him lovingly
Veer too
Dita hugged him tightly
Diya:i love you sanskar

Veer:i love you Ragini
Both smiles and dances

Felt very bad by seeing ur comments that’s y immediately wrote this epilogue, I don’t know whether u people like it or not, because I wrote whatever came to my mind
Just tried to fulfill ur expectations
Hope u like it
Sry if u didn’t

Myrah nive I’m overwhelmed by ur words, it means alot to me thank u very much

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