His missed Juliet… Chapter 5 “ashu- mysterious girl”

Hi guys sry for the biiiggg….. Delay. As I said I have stuff to take care of. I also told you that I’m not a regular writer. So plz forgive me.. now I’ll stop blabbering becoz I already made u wait for too long so let’s continue in the story…

San: I asked who r u?
Ashu: ur jaan…

San: what?

San got stunned with her words…

Ashu:ur jaan right… U r always thinking about your jaan right.. are u married..

San Huff’s…

San: yes…
Ash: then where is she? Did u inform her about your condition.

San (sadly with tears filled eyes): no…

Ash: what type of husband you are? She might be worried too much. Just give a call and inform her..

San: shut up.. (shouts)

Ash: y r u being so angry… Just..
San: I said stop it and leave me alone…

Ashu stands there with puppy eyes…

San sees her and sighs…

San: sry I didn’t mean to shout at u…

Ash: ufff.. thank God u r cool… OK… Let’s go…

San: where?

Ash: are u obsessed with the hospital?

San: what?
Ash: no… I mean u r talking like u like hospitals much so that if u are allowed u will stay here in the hospitals for life long..

Ash: but the way I don’t like hospitals much.that too medicines smell. I hate that smell. I feel nauseatic in hospital. So now if u are thank full to me then please let’s go out of the hospital.. plz…..Plz.. Plz..

San: u r too funny… And u r very talkative… U look very cute while talking..

Ashu: and u look very handsome while listening.. she bites her tongue…I mean..

San: it’s OK… Let’s go… And haa give me five minutes.. I have to inform my family..

Ash: OK… U r always allowed …

San smiles and goes to make a call..

San: haa.. now tell me ur address.

Ash: y… U want to get rid of me this early..

San: no it’s not like that.. u said u don’t like hospitals… So I thought u want to go to ur house. And I thought after leaving u I’ll go to my hometown.

Ash: that all implies same thing I said…Wait… What did u say.. u want to go to ur hometown.. that too in this condition

San: areyy then what shld I do… OK I’ll go tomorrow..
Ash: not at all. U r not leaving till you r recovered completely..

San: but..

Ash: no excuses at all. U r staying and thats all.
And this is the order from ur life saviour..

San: smiles.. OK OK… I’ll … Now happy..

Ash: much… Let’s go..

San: but where…
Ash: don’t ask any questions and come with me.

After all the time they spend with each other they went to pub.

San: u took me to pub.

Ash: offoo. Just come with me.

She dragged him to the pub…

Ash searches for someone..

San: whom are you searching for?

Ash: ha… There he is! Go and beat him…

San: what! But why should I?

Ash: just go and beat him. No more questions.
And haa cover your face. Don’t let him see your face. Orelse u will be in trouble.

San: Arey.. but…
Ash: just think it as a favour.. plz. I’ll tell the whole details to u later…

San: OK.. he goes and started hitting him.

While the other person couldn’t understand who is hitting him and why.

While during this time Ashu escapes for a time being and makes a call.

Ash: haa.. is everything alright. Did you make the arrangements… Yeah he is with me. He is beating him… OK.. bye.. give me updates.. from time to time.. OK bye..

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