Would you miss Zee’s Brahmarakshas?

Zee’s Brahmarakshas started on 6th August 2016. Being a weekend hit, it has garnered fair viewership. All good things have to come to an end. The show is concluding with the final episode on 18th February 2017. With just few episodes left now, the track will wrap up with the death of Brahmarakshas. Rishabh is actually Narsimha, who was very awaited in the show. Mohini told Raina about Narsimha before her death. She asks Raina to be careful of Narsimha. Rishabh gets released from the gem and heads to Narsimha Parbat.

Rishabh transforms into Narsimha, a half lion and half human. The villagers come to meet Raina and inform her that Narsimha is afraid of her. They ask her to save the village from Narsimha. Narsimha has come to kill Brahmarakshas and save the villagers of Kamalpura. Raina does not know any way to stop Narsimha. Brahmarakshas has killed Mohini and taken revenge. Brahmarakshas kidnaps Raina. With the new supernatural character Narsimha, the drama is high towards the climax. There will be a huge fight between Narsimha and Brahmarakshas. The show won hearts by its different story. Would you miss Zee’s Brahmarakshas? Let us know your opinion by comment and vote.

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  1. yeah I Will miss this serial. it’s really amazing. going to miss my rishab and raina.

  2. Yup I will miss it.I never cmted on the very page due to my hectic schedule but I have always been following it n appreciating it’s plot.I still remember in starting it topped the TRP’s but I don’t know how it lost it’s charm.It was indeed an amazing serial n would definately miss raina n rishab.

  3. Yeah definitely gonna miss this show

  4. Ya.. definitely going to miss the show.. specially Rishav n Raina..!! Both are very adorable n cute couple.. Hope to see them again in an another show.. !!
    Best of luck to all the entire cast n crew of BRAHMARAKSHAH…!!
    It will be always missed by us..!!
    Thnk u..

    1. Deeksha


      1. Deekshuuuuuuuuu.. u here also like me.. !! huh don’t follow me.. I’m having a doubt.. “don’t tell me u r a secret agent”..?

        or waitttttttt “Are you my secret admirer?”shitttt..?????

  5. I’ll miss it so much? Rishna is ❤️?

  6. I’ll miss it sooo much???? they should end kumkum bhagya instead the storyline is really stupid

    1. Eve

      I think the same ria

  7. Yes going to miss Raina and rishabh chemistry. Story was good at the beginning then lost it’s charm and only watched it for their chemistry

  8. Seriously ria n eve.. kumkum bhagya shud end… i will miss brahmarakhas so much….

  9. mis u brahmrakhas and rishna

  10. yes specially risab………

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