Would you miss Star’s Mere Angne Mein?

Star Plus’ Mere Angne Mein will be having a wrap up soon. The new show Rishton Ka Chakravyuh will be taking its place from 7th August 2017. Mere Angne Mein got popular because of the natural and interesting performances from Krutika Desai, Ananya Khare and Varun Bodola. The experienced actors brought in perfection in their roles. Krutika will be remembered for her role Shanti Devi now. The show will finally wrap up in first week of August, after having a successful run of two years. This was the first show which started with a one hour slot.

The show revolves around Srivastav family, headed by Shanti Devi, a dominating woman. Shanti sees conflicts arising after her grandson Shivam marries a modern girl Riya. Shanti and Riya’s counter games went for long. The viewers were upset when two important characters were pulled off in the show. Ananya Khare and Ekta Kaul had quit the show. While Ekta’s character Riya was shown dead, Ananya’s character Sarla was shown off to other city. The current track has a new girl Aarti, who got married to Shivam, against Shanti’s will. Shanti hates Aarti. Aarti’s honesty and truth will be known to Shanti soon. Shivam and Aarti will be having a union before the show marks its end. Would you miss Star’s Mere Angne Mein? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Aastha_Reddy

    Yeah…that sitting swing.

  2. Riana

    I am happy that its ending…its a good comedy show but after Ria’s death it became really boring…Btw Happy farewell to show…??

  3. I will miss the comedy elements but it’s seriously went down hill after Shanti overheard Rani’s conversation and has got progressively worse. Apart from Raghav and great new character Golu and even Rani asking for respect all the other characters are acting like mindless idiots. Hope it changes around fast because time is now running out.

  4. Was good in the beginning… After Riya and sarla went out, I stopped watching.. I hate aarti and shivams Jodi…. So no, not at all.. I won’t be missing this one show… But am already missing sarla and her antics

  5. Nivika

    Start was nice…but end is soo boring….

  6. When is it ending by the way…

  7. Fenil

    yeah but will miss Shivam Riya preeti Raghav

  8. Will there b a part 2?


  10. 1st of all I’m very very very happy that this boring serial is ending finally…..
    In start I love ??? this serial very much if unfortunately I missed the epi than I went to internet and watch this epi online….
    But I think that after Riya’s death MAM looses its charm……
    And than I started hating this boring and Bl**dy serial
    Now i am shoooo happy

  11. Before the show end pari and priti should be caned in public the b*t*hes got no punishment in show.

  12. Mere Angne Mein draw was that such a big family can be this dysfunctional, absurd and regressive yet bound by bonds of family and ties to its matriarch! Small town culture in India is not something I am familiar with … MAM appeared to be a small window. Whatever I saw of the show, the storyline went zigzag – no rhyme or reason … wonder really how little is reality! Can’t believe that only men work and women just sit at home, scheme and make each other miserable!

    But the show has shown us some very good actors – starting with Shanti Devi (Krutika Desai) – versatile and sparkled with many dimensions! Impressed with the guys who play the father (Varun Badola) and son(Karam Rajpal), Amit(Neeraj Malviya), Rani, Namita (Roshni Rostogi), now Aarti (Richa Mukherjee) and earlier, Sarla (Ananya Khare). Hope to see these fine actors get bigger breaks in TV shows and movies.

    Today’s show had the best lines spoken by the character, Shivam. It does wipe out all the retrograde crap the show doled out in so many episodes. Wishing to see the show end with a positive and cheerful transformation of this Shanti Devi family! Would miss this quirkily appealing show!

  13. Wait for 6pm so that I can get my daily dose of mere angne mein. Funny but true got all my family members too hooked onto it. Will miss it dearly. ??

  14. I really liked the drama. Tbh since watching dramas, I have only really liked this one. I’ve cried so much because of it being wrapped up.
    Their may be so many other that enjoy this drama.
    Please don’t wrap the drama and let it continue only drama and comedy.

  15. Mrs Nalini Persad

    I think they ended this story abruptly and in a rushed manner. The show that has replaced is a close replica of Ye Rishta kya kehlata hai in which the current heroine got last due to a misunderstanding . I have not taken to its replacement in the 6 pm slot. It may be topical or Andha vishwas in subject matter. If I have no choice, there is little I can do!

  16. Mrs Nalini Persad

    Sorry there was a typographic error in my comment. I should have said “lost” but typed “last”!

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