Would you miss Sony’s Haasil?

After Sony’s Beyhadh ended, many avid fans of the show missed it badly. Soon Haasil came as the perfect one to take its place. Still, it didn’t match up the the success of Beyhadh. Haasil is lagging in TRP race. Haasil too depicted psychotic behavior of Raichand brothers. Kabir, who initially seemed too rigid and cruel turned out to be a soft-hearted guy. The real player gets known. Kabir Raichand, the calm and composed, mature and sensible guy, shows his psychotic side to his ladylove Anchal. Ranvir tries everything possible to win Anchal’s love. He marries her deliberately, while being in the good books of the family. Ranvir’s truth begins to get exposed.

Ranvir murders those who come in his way to achieve Anchal. Anchal puts efforts to expose Ranvir’s crimes, but fails miserably. Ranvir wins by the immense trust Kabir holds for him. Anchal doesn’t want to forgive Ranvir, who has snatched Kabir and her love. She decides to expose Ranvir’s truth in front of Kabir. She plans to provoke Ranvir to the extent that he blurts out his actions and motives himself. The show features Zayed Khan, Nikita Dutta and Vatsal Sheth in prominent roles. Haasil was meant to be a finite series. The show would be getting axed because of the low TRPs. It will have a closure this month. Would you miss Sony’s Haasil? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Fenil

    Yes Of Course.Will Miss Haasil such a lovely show with excellent performance by all the cast.I’m Nikita fan will miss her much after EDKV and Haasil come soon with new show.
    RaNchal or KaNchal love both pair
    Hope for EDKV Season-2.

  2. It was really like a thriller at first but it lost its charm because Aanchal was shown helpless,others were shown as fools ,the mystery was not revealed as to who raped ranvir’s secretary and why.It was shown that evil always wins .In beyhadh Jennifer winget’s acting was brilliant but Zayed Khan’s acting as a psycho lover is not up to the mark.I stopped watching this nor am I reading it’s updates as it no longer remained a thriller.

  3. Yaar please please??? dont end haasil i am sure its trp will raise pls pls dont end haasil

  4. naaaaa…it lost its charms of first few episodes..not very interesting and most of the audience won’t miss even a bit of it guess!!

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