I miss you (Shivika OS)

The sunrays disturbed my sleep. I opened my eyes and not seeing you sleeping beside me, hurts. No matter how much I deny the fact that I still love you, but the truth is I still do.I can’t deny the fact that seeing you with someone else makes my heart burn in jealousy.

That jealousy even made me announce my enangement to Ragini. OH! How much I regret it.

This room is filled with your smell. The window, the sheets,the dresser reminds me, of you, every second.How much I miss those days- the fights, the closeness. I miss seeing you getting ready. I miss those nonsense talks of yours,Anika. I miss you.

Seeing you so close to me, yet miles away, hurts.Living under the same roof but the distance, pierce my heart. Your intoxicating smells makes me go crazy.Just make me want to pull you in my arms and hold you forever.

How much I miss holding you in my arms. The closeness still has the same affect on you.You are still mine Anika.You are still Anika Shivaay singh Oberoi. I know you haven’t moved on.

You still care for me.You still feel the same for me, just like I do. You never moved on. You did all this drama to make jealous.Though I don’t know why you did this but I know for a fact that you are still mine. The day you collided with me, I knew you still feel the same.You still keep the Mangalsutra with you. It can only mean one thing. You still value our realtion. Had you not cared, you would have thrown it away.Our realtion might be broken for the society, but it hasn’t for us. Some piece of paper can’t break our realtion.

I know there must be something that made you do this.Somethimg that you think might break me. But little did you know, nothing but this had left me broken into pieces.

Till now I have believed that our actions reflect our thoughts. But helplessness is one such thing that makes us do things that we don’t want to. Maybe you were helpless too.Maybe that’s why you did this.

Now that I have realized, I can’t help but curse myself for not trusting you. For not showing faith in you. I forgot all the things you did. The moments we spent together. They say true ‘Anger really does eat your senses.’

Had I trusted you, we wouldn’t have fallen apart. But maybe this had to be this way. Maybe we had fallen apart to fall back together.

The day you entered my life Anika, everything changed. The once Stone Singh Oberoi changed to Sweet Singh Oberoi. And the day you left, everything changed too. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, the tadibazz lost his tadi.He didn’t only loose you but himself too. Such effect you have, on my life and on me too.

Whatever your reasons are, I am going to get to the roots of that. For now, I need to sort things out.

I quickly pushed myself into the bathroom and had a hot steaming shower. The shower helped me relax. I came out dressed in a three piece suit, which Anika likes. She finds it really cute when I wear pink.

Quickly setting my hair, I grabbed my phone and with a determined look on my face I walked towards Anika’s room. Uh…There she was, getting ready with her hairs wet. She can make me loose my senses with just one look. I walked to her and picked up the earring she had chosen. She was startled for a moment but I made her wear the earring.I whispered in her ear “You look gorgeous” It didn’t go unnoticed by me, that she was trying hard not to blush.

Blush. The blush lessons.Some of the sweetest memories, I have.

“You know Anika that I hate lies then why do you lie to me?” She was baffled at my sudden question.

“I did- I did not..lie” she fumbled. As I made her wear the choker,she had started wearing since few days, my fingers touched her neck. She shivered.

“Oh Anika! I can see right through you.I know you are still lying.” It was true that I could see right through her. If I had not lost my temper that day I would have known that she was lying.

I made her turn towards me and she looked everywhere except me.I turned her chin towards me and looked into her brown orbs.There were some unshed tears in her eyes.

“Don’t keep your tears trapped Anika. You can’t trap them forever.Let them flow.” I said before pressing my lips gently on hers. Tears spilled out of my eyes, too.

At first, she didn’t respond to the kiss but later she gave in and responded.With this kiss,I wanted to tell her how much I have missed her.

We tasted the sadness and joy of being together again as the tears continued to spill out of our eyes.

“I am sorry” I mumbled.

When we were out of breath we parted.She looked straight into my eyes.

“You don’t need to be” She smiled as she wiped her tears and kissed my forehead.

“You know Anika even if you don’t tell me why you did that-” she cut me off.

“Somethings are better left unsaid, Shivaay”

“I will get to the roots of this,sooner or later”

“Better be later”She smiled.”For now I’m so happy to have you back again”

She pressed her lips on mine and we kissed passionately.

They say true ‘Distances are good. They bring us more closer than before.’
A/N- Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this story.I mostly post on wattpad regularly so for regular updates check out my book ‘SHIVIKA ONE SHOTS’ My Id is Kriti249 only.

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