Would you miss Saath Nibhana Saathiya?

Star Plus’ Saath Nibhana Saathiya is going off air in July. The 7 pm slot which remained occupied by the show for seven long years will be now having Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji, which currently airs in the afternoon slot. Jaana Na Dil Se Door, Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai and Pardes recently had their closures. The channel is revamping a lot these days. With Saath Nibhana Saathiya ending, the fans will surely miss the show.

The show started with the story of two sisters, Gopi and Rashi, who get married in the rich Modi family. The show became a hit Saas-bahu family drama and sustained high TRPs for a long time. Rupal Patel, Giaa Manek, Rucha Hasabnis, Mohammed Nazim, and Devoleena Bhattacharjee became popular names. The viewers have seen many leaps in the show till now. Gopi and Kokila’s bonding is the best thing about the show. Many characters are introduced as the new generation. The show did not do wonders post the generation leap. Currently, Ricky and Sita’s love story is seen. Ricky is in love with Sia, unknown to the fact that she is the same bride Sita whom he left in the mandap. The show faces stagnancy in the drama quotient. Saath Nibhana Saathiya will end with Ricky and Sita’s grand wedding. All will get well in the Modi family towards a happy ending. Would you miss Saath Nibhana Saathiya? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Thaaankkk godd finally its getting over…. Phew….. .

  2. By closing saathiya star plus will face major loss, this decision gone a make them lose infront of other channels, for closing saathiya star plus will lose their top spot.

  3. Riana

    I will definitely miss it a lot…but really happy that its going off air…

  4. Rukshana iqbal

    Definitely we will miss it who doesn’t been a daily routine for us to watch it so sad

    1. I’ll miss it too

  5. I am sure that Starplus will get very huge loss if They stop Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. I cannot understand how the management can make such a stupid decision like this. I hope Starplus consider their decision and continue the show

  6. You are absolutely right emmy, starplus decision is stupid

  7. Pranav

    I will miss this show i think they should wait a while like 3-4 mon. before ending another show now they are just rushing it

  8. Thank God finally its going to be an end.What a boring serial.

  9. Shakaib

    I’m going to miss show a lot. It’d my favourite show which I watch continuously. I’m watching it from start. SP should give JNDSD slot. It would be better. Sudden closure isn’t good but it was to happen that a Show in indian history doesn’t long after 7.5-9 years. I’m a bit happy but also sad about its closure. Will miss this show sosososoossoososososososososososo much.

  10. Shakaib

    I’m going to miss show a lot. It’s my favourite show which I watch continuously. I’m watching it from start. SP should give JNDSD slot. It would be better. Sudden closure isn’t good but it was to happen that a Show in indian history doesn’t long after 7.5-9 years. I’m a bit happy but also sad about its closure. Will miss this show sosososoossoososososososososososo much.

  11. Thank you amirul. I think Starplus and Rashmi Sharma telefilms don’t read what people posted on their instagram or any media. If they don’t want to read them, at least they can hire consultants to do some market searches to gather what people want, what people need. Then the consultants will present what they find in the field to Starplus. It’s common to any business area. Well, just hope and pray for the best.

  12. Dia

    I will miss it…..cz for a long time i watched it……but m happy that its going off air…..

  13. thank God finally it’s going to be end.nice decision starplus

  14. It was the first show of my life that I had started watching long ago in 2010… I loved Giaa Manek.. Then when she was replaced , I was quite unhappy.. but then Devoleena pulled the chains perfectly into Gopi’s footsteps and I kept loving the show again… I will surely miss the show and the whole cast especially Rupal Patel, Mohammad Nazim and Devoleena… I will miss the “Meri gopi bahu” dialogue too which had become a household voice at 7 pm daily for the past 7 years… I wish them luck for the future…

  15. Barbara Lewis

    Will miss saath nibana

  16. It ended for me when gia manek left ???

  17. It was the first show I watched from the start . It was like a fairytale in the beginning . I loved gopi and rashi. But when rashi died I cried very much as she was one character who was beautiful with flaws that she had . After that I stopped watching sns . The show was full of negativity but still I liked the leap where gopi kills radha. I thought of watching it after leap but then the show had even more negativity . I hated this show . Kokila and gopis was the best bonding in the show. They killed the main lead brought Krishna and made him negative . Again ahems step bro enters and married grandma gopi. Like serously this gave a wrong message to the society . It is high time that they end this show on a happy note uniting ramakant and gopi.

  18. Siddharth

    I am going to miss this very much i like this show aloot . My favourite characters are Ahem/Jaggi,Jigar,Gopi,Rashi,Kokila and also chirag&Parag lol . Actually show should have continued for next 3 more years but nothing story is left . It is proved that Jaggi is not ahem and jigar rashi have quit the show . Hope they do happy ending and at the end chirag hetal baa kinjal and dhaval should come back

  19. i am feeling so bad because it’s gonna end soon

  20. Ananyagour

    I m gonna miss it because since 5yrs me n my family watch it not because we love that show….but it was our routine so if we will not watch it I think for one or two weeks we will feel weird ?and Star plus will also face a huge loss because many Indians like drama which was full filed by sns but its okkk…..thier stars should get changes in another shows.

  21. I will miss Jai and Veeru. They were so adorable and I wish they were portrayed more. The formula they used to depict the scenes were getting tiresome so I will not miss that.

  22. Thank god the most boring show is hoing off

  23. Mona146

    i stopped watching it way back when gia quitted the show. After rucha quitting it there is point of looking back. Most stupid show ever. meera story gopi remarriage after 40 yrs and jaggi staying unmarried till that age is damn stupid to the core. I hate that moti kokila, gaura(even name) etc. welcome new show.

  24. I will miss it because it was the first show I watched on Star Plus and my grandmother used to watch it too


  26. We will Miss this show a lot, STAR Plus Is gonna suffer for this a lot.

  27. i also agree with with KRYSTY. The serial is wastage of time. At the beggining the tale of 2 sisters was very notable but the generation leap and exit of RASHI led the show off track.the makers and the creative department annoyed people.I think it is a miracle that the show is ending.

  28. Thank god..!!! It’s gonna end..
    Waiting for this dream come true

  29. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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