Miss Perfect vs Mr. Imperfect – Ragsan (part 5)

Ragsan both were staring each other unbelievingly. For Sanskar it was the best moment of his life as the girl from whom he wished to meet again and again is right here in front of him but for Ragini it seems that she was still seeing some kind of dream and when she’ll wake up he’ll be disappeared somewhere. The person who irritated her like hell is now in front of her and to make thing worse he’s going to work with her from now on.

Laksh and swara looked at both of them and then to each other and then shrugged their shoulders confusingly and then again back to them not knowing how they know each other and why they are so shocked after seeing each other.

“hey u guys know each other” Laksh said bringing both of them back from there reverie and Ragini realizes that she was not dreaming he’s actually here.

“Well kind of, Right Miss. Per… I mean Ms. Ragini” he said while extending his hands towards her but Ragini was too much in state of shock to react anything. Finally Sanskar himself taken her hand and shakes hand with her.

“Great then there will be no problem with u both working together, right Ragini?” he said and again looked at Ragini who was looking Sanskar as if he was an alien.

“Ragini, Ragini are you listening?” Laksh said again while shrugging her shoulders bringing Ragini back from her world.

Huh… Ya I’m listening. Sir are you sure that he’s your cousin?” Ragini asked all of a sudden making Laksh and swara more confused while Sanskar just smirk slowly seeing her condition.

“Ye Di ko kya ho Gaya hai? Why is she talking so weird today?” swara thought as she looked at her weird behavior.
“Ragini what kind of question is this of course I’m sure that he’s my cousin. After all I’m with him since childhood yaar” Laksh said rather in a confused way.

“But what’s wrong with you today Ragini. Are you alright? I mean if you want you can take a day-off I understand that these days u really had loads of work.” Laksh suggested her seeing her weird behavior all of a sudden.

“Huh… No sir there’s no need to take a break I’m perfectly fine.” Ragini said while maintaining her composure.

“Are you sure Ragini?” Laksh asked again still not sure. But before Ragini could reply anything Sanskar spoke in between.

“Oh C’mon Laksh she just said it Na that she’s fine. And if you are worried to see her odd behavior then let me remind you that girls use to behave in this way only whenever they see me. No one can resist my charm you know” Sanskar said meaningfully while looking at Ragini and that did it.

“Excuse Mr. I-am-so-charming I told you many time before that I am not at all affected by your charm at all so stop day-dreaming.” Ragini said while coming fully out of shock and back to herself.

“O ya that’s why few mins back you were acting so weird right” Sanskar spoke rather in a mocking way.

“Listen it was just I was not expecting a jerk like you to be Laksh Sir’s cousin. that’s it”

“O ya! I am much more handsome then Laksh right. I just knew it.”

“Hey bhagwan logo ko bhi kaisi kaisi galatfehmi ho jati hai Na. I feel so pity for you”.
“Ya true just like you had this misunderstanding that my charm didn’t affect you. Even I feel pity for you.”

“Listen I am not at all affected by you.”

“Oh I am Sorry I was talking about girls not aunties.”

“Hawww! What did u just called me aunty? Main tumhe Aunty dikhti hoon”.
“Well I haven’t said that u urself assumed it”

Laksh and Swara again looked at each other and then there Tom and Jerry fight. This was something really unbelievable. They both had never saw Ragini to lose her temper at office then forget about arguing like this. Nothing making sense to both of them as none of them were aware of their previous meetings but it seems they need to stopped soon or else Ragini will definitely kill Sanskar today.

“Listen Mr. Imperfect don’t u dare to mess with me” she said in a warning tone.

“Listen Miss. Perfect I’m already messing with you” Sanskar retorted back in a mocking tone making Ragini more irritated.

“Listen you…” she spoke again only to be interrupted by Laksh.

“Hey guys-guys. Stop it both of you. Don’t forget that you both are in office and supposed to maintain the decorum of the office” Laksh said in between before their argument heated more.

“Sorry Sir” “Sorry Bro.” they both said in unison and Laksh just rolled over his eyes.

“Listen guys I don’t know what’s wrong between you two to you are ready to strangle each other but here in the office you both are going to work as a team so I want both of you not to bring your personal argument between profession. So whatever difference is between u two I wanted both of you outside the office and here work as a team. Got it both of you” Laksh said in a stern voice.

“Yes Sir” Ragini said in a low voice while giving an angry glare to Sanskar.

“Good and Sanskar from now on you have to consider Ragini as your mentor as you know almost nothing about this fashion business and Ragini is going to help you with that so I want you to behave properly and avoid this unnecessary argument in the office at least.” Laksh said in a warning tone to Sanskar to which he just smiles.

“Relax Bro. I’ll not give any chance of complaint to both of you especially my ‘mentor'” he said while putting stress on the word Mentor while looking at Ragini.

“Fine then. I think now you both should go back to work.”Laksh said and both Ragsan nodded their head and leave his cabin one after another.

After they left Laksh sighed in relief that finally he was able to put an end to their conversation well god knows for how long. But anyways for now they both at least keep their argument away from office.

“Phew! If they would have argued few more minutes then I afraid that my office would have definitely catch fire” he said and chuckled at her own sentence and looked at swara who was just stood over there lost.

“Now what’s wrong with her? I don’t understand why everyone in my office is behaving so weird today.” He thought and then goes near swara “swara are you listening to me?” he tried to bring her back from her thoughts but she was too lost to listen.

“Something is changing. Something is really changing” swara said absent mindedly as she saw Ragsan arguing like kids. Laksh knotted his brows in confusion as he listened to her not understanding what she really wanted to say.

“swara are you okay? Is something bothering you.” Laksh asked while shrugging her shoulders bringing her back from her thoughts.

“Huh… nothing sir. I’m fine” she said realizing that she’s speaking something which she was not supposed to.

“No something is wrong. You were saying about some change.” laksh asked while raising his brows questioningly.

“Nothing sir. Everything is fine. I had some work at design department, excuse me!” she said and quickly storms of from his cabin leaving Laksh behind confused and baffled.


Here Sanskar was following happily behind not so happy Ragini. She was busy in telling him about the whole office while he was just lost in her melodious voice. Whole office was just looking at both of them as they had seen some ghost. Ragini the most reserved person in the office who hardly talks to anyone is here busy in telling someone about the office staff and all. And who’s this guy with her. As far as they know Ragini had never talked to any guy except Laksh no matter how much important it is then how come she’s talking to this guy.

Everyone looked at the Sanskar and can only comprehend him as a ‘Greek God’. It seems that almighty has taken his own sweet time to carve his each and every feature. Where girls were busy drooling him the guys were envy of him. When he turned his head to look around himself he found many girls staring at him. Sanskar just passed his famous killer smile and everyone just hold their breath. Few of the girls had even fainted also seeing him passing smile at him. But oblivious to all this Ragini was busy in telling him about the office and the work that he’s going to handle from now on without having any effect of him on her or this is something what she thinks.

“So Mr. Sanskar since we both are going to work over here as a team therefore as Laksh sir said I don’t want any kind of arguments between us in the office. It’s true that u irritate me a lot and I was not at all looking forward to work with you but as it is the part of my job so I won’t back out from this. So don’t think that I’m getting affected by you. And one more thing I don’t want any kind of cheap flirting from you. Got it

You must be knowing that from last 6 years our company is no. 1 so the fashion world and therefore we use to work very hard day and night to maintain this position. Since u had joined from today let me tell you that very soon we are going to launch our Monsoon collection. It was going to be very important for our company since its going to decide the future opportunities of our company because this event is going to be held on international level and if it is successful then Panache will embark a name in international market too. For the first time our fabrics were not only for national market but for international market too. Now everything depends upon this fashion show which will bring out our Monsoon collection. Deadline is very much near and we have to work really fast so I want both of us…” she turned to look at him only to find that he was no more behind her and till now she was talking to herself only..

She looked here and there and frowns seeing him not there. Just then she heard some sound of some gasps. She looked at the direction of sound only to see Sanskar surrounded with all the girls of the office like sugar syrup is surrounded by bees. He gave a compliment to some girl and that girl just fainted over there by listening his appreciation from him. She rolled over her eyes when she saw Sanskar kissing some random Girl’s hand and that girl was blushing like a new bride.

“Na jaan Na pehchaan, yeh to kisi ko bhi nahi chodta” she said while shaking her head and storms off in her cabin disgustingly.

Once she reached in her cabin she banged her hand on the table while cursing Sanskar. She don’t understand why is it happening with her. Whether she admit or not this Sanskar was affecting her somewhere but as always she shrugs off all her thoughts.

“Oh god! why me? why from all of the people it’s me? Why are you doing this? The person who irritated me so much is now going to work with me. And if he was a bit serious towards his work then I would have managed also but see he was busy in flirting with other gals. Really can’t believe that he’s LakshSir’s brother. Why did he landed up in working with me. why?” she said while looking upwards when she heard someone’s voice from behind.

“Why are you bothering Dude over there? You could have asked to me also.” Sanskar who was listening to her cribbing till now said while coming inside her cabin.

“Oh so finally u got free with those bees of our office” Ragini said sarcastically and Sanskar couldn’t help himself from smirking.

“Ya finally u see they are literally not leaving me. By the way y are u so much tensed about it. I thought u said that I don’t effect u at all” he said again in a mocking tone and Ragini looked at him angrily.

“And I still say the same. U don’t affect me at all but if you had forgotten then let me remind you that we both are here for work and I don’t know about you but as far as I’m concerned I’m very serious about my work and if someone tries to effect it then I just can’t tolerate so this is first and final warning to you at the time of work pls concentrate on work rather than on the girls outside.” She said angrily and looked other side to collect some files and Sanskar chuckled inwardly seeing her attitude. No one had ever dared to stand in front of him except his family and here she’s giving him orders. She’s indeed different.

“Ok Miss. Perfect I completely understand whatever u said. By the way Miss. Perfect do you remember what I said to you at park?” Ragini instantly stopped doing what she was doing and turned around to look at him. Sanskar waited for her reaction and then continued….

“I told you Miss. Perfect that we don’t have any control on our future Miss. Perfect becoz we never know what destiny had stored for us. And see Destiny had brought us together yet again. Future and Destiny is not in our hands Miss. Perfect.” he said while looking in hers eyes and Ragini once again felt an unknown sensation in her. Same like she felt during dance. His eyes seems to captivating her and she felt herself getting lost in his eyes but she immediately shrug it off and straightens herself.

“And I also told you that I don’t know about others but I write my destiny with my own hands.” She said while glaring back at him. Sanskar looked at her for a while and then started moving towards her.

“Really Miss. Perfect? u write destiny by ur own hands then how come we both landed up to work together.” he said while moving forward and as a reflex action Ragini started to move backwards until she hit the desk behind her and she realizes that she has been trapped between Sanskar and desk.

“Bolo Ragini. If this part was not written by you then how come we both are working together now? Ragini the truth is that everything is not in our hands. We can’t write our destiny always. Sometimes something is already planned by the dude sitting above. Just like this chapter of our lives is been written by him. Don’t u feel the same Miss. Perfect? Don’t u feel that there is some connection between us? Don’t u think that it just can’t be a coincidence that this is our fourth meeting in just 24 hours? Don’t u think that it just can’t be a coincidence that we are going to work together? Don’t u think that all this has been already planned? Don’t you think that that dude has planned all this? That everything that has been happened between us till now was not just a coincidence but some sign of that Dude. Bolo Ragini don’t u feel the same. Hhmmm?” he said while leaning closer to her until their faces were mere inches away from each other.

He waited for Ragini to give some reaction but it seems that words had been struck in her throat. And his proximity was not helping her either. this is the first time in these 5 years when someone had made her speechless and what bothers her the most is that person was someone of whom she didn’t even like the sight. As his words registered in her mind she was forced to think in that direction and she realizes that he was not wrong either. 4th meeting in 24 hrs can’t be a coincidence. Was he true that it is all planned by the destiny? Was there really some kind of connection between them?

She looked at his honeyed brown eyes only to find of pool of emotions in it, the emotions that had been devoid in her eyes from last 5 years but don’t know why after looking into his eyes she felt somewhere in her heart that those emotions are awakening again; she felt herself melting again. His piecing gaze seems to read those emotions in her eyes that she had been hiding from whole world. Unknown to herself she was lost in those eyes without caring that he can see right through her and may know the thing that no one knows till now. There was some deep emotion in his eyes that she was not able to put her finger on but it had literally created havoc in her heart and body.

Sanskar too realizes their proximity. Just an inch ahead and he can feel those soft lips of hers but Lust was never in his mind and regarding her it was the last dish on the plate. There’s definitely that desire in him to feel her lips against his and he knows that he can fulfill it too and no one can stop him not even Ragini herself as she was too dazed in his words but he don’t want to do any of such thing not before her consent to it. What held him so close to her is her eyes where she was hiding numerous emotions. He just wanted to lose in those eyes forever and read all those things that she had been hiding.

Her life is not an open book and as far as he came to know about her she won’t open it either, but who said that closed book can’t be opened. And if it’s related to Ragini then he won’t mind in opening that close book of her life. He knows that there was a strong attraction that he had towards her. He always felt a pull whenever he was close to her just a moth feel for flame. Though he still couldn’t able to name it but for one thing he was sure that the feeling that he had for her was getting stronger by every meeting of theirs. The way she was looking at him and what he saw in those eyes with that he was sure that there is another Ragini which is hidden behind this Ragini Kapoor, but what he can’t understand is why is she hiding her own self.

ok so this is it guys! hope u all are gonna like this part. Please do commnts:)

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