Miss Perfect vs Mr. Imperfect – Ragsan (part 4)

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Next Morning, Ragini was as usual at Joggers Park for her morning Jog while continuously talking on call through Bluetooth.
“Yes Sir, We got the conformation mail from V.R Enterprises and they are ready to invest in our company.” Ragini said while jogging.
“That’s great news Ragini. It was very much beneficial for our company. U really worked hard on this Deal” Laksh said with both excitement and happiness.
“It was not only my hard work Laksh Sir. Our whole team had worked a lot in that specially you.” She said while stopping for a while and panting a bit.
“Oh! How can I forget u never take any credit alone. By the way y u r panting so heavily? R u alright?” Laksh asked in concerned voice.
“Nothing serious Sir. Wo I was actually out for a jog and was talking to u while jogging” she said while resuming her jog again.
Laksh: O God Geet! Are you mad? You were talking to me while jogging. U could have wait till u reach the office. We can discuss it over there.
Ragini: ya sir you r right but I thought why not utilize rnis time rather then just running on tracks.
Laksh: U r impossible Ragini. Now since u want to utilize this time in that case I need to discuss one more thing with you.
Ragini: what’s it Sir?
Laksh: Ragini my cousin is joining office from today. Actually he’s new in this Fashion business and knows almost nothing about it so I was thinking if u could help him in understanding the things better. See I can’t trust on anyone else and I know only u can help him. So for initial days I was thinking that if he could work with u, only if u don’t have any problem
Ragini: ofcourse not sir. I don’t have any problem in helping him.
Laksh: r u sure? I mean u already had loads of work on ur head.
Ragini: Don’t worry sir I’m perfectly fine. And even swara is re-joining from today so there’s no problem regarding work load too.
“R u sure that with swara ur work load would be less I mean I had always seen your work load getting doubled because of her mistakes” Laksh chuckled while teasing Swara.
“C’mon Sir she’s not tbat bad. Ya I know she do silly mistakes sometimes but we can’t ignore the fact that she’s hard working too. Don’t worry she’ll handle everything” Ragini said while defending her best friend. Laksh smiled inwardly knowing it’s useless to say anything about swara to Ragini.
Laksh: ok fine I won’t say anything to her. Let’s hope for the best. Ok see you in the office then. Bye
Ragini: Bye Sir and pls don’t worry about your brother. I’ll take care of him
“I wish he would have ever done anything which makes me not to worry for him.” Laksh said under his breath but it didn’t go unheard by Ragini.
“Excuse me Sir!” she said while trying to understand what he was saying
“Ah! Nothing, I was just saying when u r here then I dont have to worry for anything. Thanks for the help. Bye” he said while covering up
“Anytime Laksh Sir. Bye! See u in the office” she said and cuts the call and relaxes a bit.
“20 mins are still left one more track can be done” she thought while looking towards her watch and again start to jog…

She was on half of the track when she felt her leg struck on something which makes her trip. She was about to hit the ground when she felt a pair of strong arms around her waist holding her protectively preventing her from falling. She closed her eyes in fear to fall which never came. She slowly opens her eyes to see the face of her savior and her eyes widen in shock and surprise seeing the person who had saved her from falling. It was none other then the stranger with whom she had encountered last day not once but twice, Sanskar.
Sanskar was out at park for his work out too. Today was his first day at office so he can’t take a risk in getting late and to fresh his mind he came out at park for his workout. After an hour of jog and other exercises he sat on the bench nearby and stretch his legs in order to get relax and this is when he felt something striking to his leg and before he could understand anything he found a girl was about to full due to sudden collision. Therefore as a reflex action he quickly held her by her waist preventing her from falling and this is when he saw the face of d girl who is in his arms. It was none other then his Miss. Perfect, Ragini.
He couldn’t believe that God is favoring him so much that within 24 hours she is again in front of him and that too in his arms. He smiled while looking upwards silently thanking God.
“What a start of my morning! Nothing could be more pleasant then this” he thought as he looked at her angelic face.
He saw her eyes closed due to fear. His heart urges him to ask her to open her eyes so that he can look into those big hazel eyes. And as if she listened to him as she opened her eyes slowly only to find herself in his arms. Time froze for Sanskar as he continued looking in her eyes. Same eyes which were haunting him since last night in his dreams. He wanted so badly to read those eyes, to know what was in them that always held him captive; to know the thing which he felt that she’s hiding from whole world.
Ragini couldn’t understand what game her fate is playing with her that here within 24 hours he is again in front of her and was holding her possessively. But wait did she just thought of Fate. She had long back given up her believe in fate. She believes in writing her own destiny and this part was definitely not written by her then why it happens that he always comes in front of her. She looked into the pair of his chocolate brown eyes which were looking intently in hers. She felt uncomfortable with his gaze yet somewhere she just wanted to be lost in those eyes. It’s strange to think anything like this that too in their 3rd meeting only and specially when
she don’t know even his name..

Sanskar’s gaze followed from her eyes to her lips and then again back to her eyes. He don’t know what connection he had with this girl of whom he don’t even know her name that since the time he had seen her he just can’t stop thinking about her and now when she was in his arms he wanted to hold her like this forever. He had never felt like this way for anyone before but don’t know why is he feeling like this for her that. Everytime he meets her he just can’t able to remove his gaze from her beautiful face just like now. The beads of sweat on her forehead was nothing less then the fresh dew drops on a flower petal. Her white milky skin was just urging him to feel them under his hands once. Her pink luscious lips just make him wonder how they feel against his. It was definitely not Lust which he was feeling for her and it’s too early to name it as Love then is it Attraction, he thought. He found her trying to free herself from his grip but he just don’t want to let her go.
Ragini was feeling uncomfortable by every passing minute due to his gaze. She tried to free herself from his grip but he was way too strong for her. She once again looked at him only to find his gaze fixed on her and strangely it was affecting her. She had never let anyone affect her in these 5 years but he’s affecting her. If there was anyone else in his place then she could have slapped him by now but she can’t do the same with him but why? This question was frustrating her even more and on top of that Sanskar’s gaze was just adding fuel to the fire. The hustling and bustling around her brought her back into reality. She looked around herself and found people looking at them as if they were some kind of film stars and any shooting is going on over here.
“Excuse Me!” she tried to break his reverie but he was too lost in her to listen anything. Finally her patience gave up and she raised her voice.
“EXCUSE ME!! R U LISTENING” she said out loud bringing Sanskar back to reality. That’s when Sanskar realizes that he was holding her from so long yet he didn’t want to let her go.
“Huh…. Ya I m listening, u think I m a deaf” he said and chuckled a bit making Ragini even more irritated.
“Leave Me. everyone is watching us” she said while looking around herself
“Are u sure?” Sanskar said in a husky voice still looking into her eyes.
“I am 100% sure. LEAVE ME!!!!!” she said while stressing on the last 2 words..
“Ok as u say” he said and removed his grip around her waist making her fall on the ground
“OUCH!!” she yelled in pain as she fell down. Ragini was not expecting this and she realized it only then when her back hit the ground. Her mouth wide open seeing the stupidity this man. Sanskar  chuckled a bit seeing her like that and looked other side hiding his smile. She immediately gets up and rubbed her back
“What the Hell? Kya kiya ye tumne?” she asked him angrily [what have u done?]

Wahi jo tumne kaha. Haven’t u asked me to leave u” Sanskar asked innocently and then chuckled [the same that u asked]
Ragini: Bahut Smart samajhte ho apne aap ko? [ u think u r very smart]
Sanskar: Correction samajhta nahi hoon, main smart hoon and by now u must have also realized this fact. [Correction i dont think I’m smart because I know that I’m smart]
Ragini: Listen Mr. Oversmart I told u before also that I’m not going to fall for your charm so try this flattering to any other girl. And by the way what r u doing over here?
Sanskar: OMG I know girls lose all there senses in front of my charm but today I saw it also.
Ragini: what do u mean?
Sanskar: I mean u lost your sense this much that u even forget that people use to workout in park.
Ragini: Stop ur nonsense becoz I know that u r following me.
Sanskar: and why would I follow u? I mean agar dekha jaye then u r following me.
Ragini: Am i following u?
“Yup. See last evening in the pub it was u who came over there after me and now here also it was you who tripped over me. I was not even knowing that u r here so basically u r following me not me. But its ok, not your fault my charm works on everyone” Sanskar said while stretching his arms sideways flaunting his muscular biceps.
“Listen Mr. Oh-I-M-so-Hot first of all u r in a big misunderstanding that I’m getting affected by u in any way and as far as the fact of following you is concerned then I haven’t followed u anytime. Neither yesterday nor today. I had gone to Pub becoz my friend asked me to accompany her and today I’m here for jog so stop being in your dreamland that u r charming enough to affect me” Ragini retorted back with full confidence.
Sanskar: see u again admitted that I had some charm and for your kind information Miss. Perfect even I’m  here for workout and this park is not your private property that I can’t come over here.
Ragini: Miss. Perfect?
Sanskar: yup since I don’t know your name and ur attitude is like u r so Perfect so I thought of addressing u like this only. Waise dekha jaye to technically ye humari 3rd meeting hai and I don’t even know ur name. Whats your name?
“Not Interested” Ragini said while making a non interested face.
“Naam acha nahi hai change kar lo. Think of some good name” Sanskar said while making a disapproving face..
“Shut Up!!!” she said while getting irritated
“Even this name is not good. What Miss. Perfect can’t u think of any good name. Wait let me think any good name for u” he said while being in a thinking posture.
“Listen u Mr. Oversmart I…..” she couldn’t said further as both of there cell phones started ringing. She sighed and takes the call through Bluetooth
Ragini: Hello!
Swara: Di where are u? U are almost 30 mins late then your usual schedule. I hope you are fine?
Ragini: ya swara I’m fine don’t worry. I’ll be at home soon in the mean time u get ready for the office.
Swara: ok di come soon..
She said and cuts the call. At the same time Sanskar too receives his call.
Sanskar: yup whose it?
Laksh: Sanskar where are u?
Sanskar : hey Laksh Good Morning Bro.
Laksh: sanskar I asked u something where are u?
Sanskar: Relax yaar I’m  at park for my workout.
Laksh: hhmmm hope u remembers that u have to join office from today
Sanskar: Ofcourse I remember and don’t worry I’ll be there on time.
Laksh: I hope so. See u in the office. Bye
He said and cuts d call nd both turns towards each other at the same time.
“So Miss. Perfect where were we, ya I’m suggesting u a good name. So I was thinking……..” he resumes his talk only to be interrupted by Ragini again..
“Listen Mr. I-Love-to-give-suggestion I don’t have time to spend in taking your useless advice so better try another girl becoz I’m generally not interested. Now let me go and don’t ever cross my path in future. Got it” she said turns to leave when his next set of words stops her.
“We don’t have any control on our future Miss. Perfect becoz we never know what destiny had stored for us” Sanskar said to Ragini who had her back towards him.

“I don’t know about others but I write my destiny with my own hands and in that there’s no chance of me to meet u again. So Good Bye!” She said while still having her back towards him and leaves from there. Sannkar look at her retreating figure until she disappears from his sight and then shakes his head on her attitude.
“Future and destiny is not in our hands Miss. Perfect. its in the hands of that dude sitting upwards and if he had planned to cross our path once again then no one can change it. Not even u Miss. Perfect. And as I said ye duniya bahut choti hai. Who knows we meet once again. Right Dude!” he said while looking upwards and then headed towards his home.
In Office:
Laksh was in his cabin working on his laptop when swara entered in his cabin cheerfully.
Swara: Good morning Sir
“Ah! Swara, so u r finally back after ur vacation” Lakah said while looking at her.
“Yes sir and ya don’t think that I haven’t utilize my vacations. U know I had talked to the sponsors over there and guess what they are ready to sponsor our next show so now u can’t say that I don’t do my work efficiently” swara said while raising her invisible collar while Laksh just shakes his head seeing her antics. He wonders how come she and Ragini are best friends.
Laksh: Well thats a good news. I expect the same from u in the future too. By the way from now on there are more responsibilities on u. I hope Ragini have told u about my cousin who is going to join today.
“yes Sir Di had told me everything and I’m ready to share her part of work. By the way Sir how does your cousin look? Tall, dark, handsome. Someone like a super star” swara said with a dreamy look.
“Swara!! Come back from your La la Land. We are at office” Laksh said in a stern voice bringing her back from her dreamland.
“Sorry sir” she muttered slowly whacking herself mentally on her foolishness. While Laksh just shakes his head.
“It ok by the way he would be here in anytime so u can see urself how does he look” he said and at the same time they both heard the knock.
“And I guess he’s here” he said and asked the person to come in. Sanskar enters in his cabin with his killer smile and swara lost herself by just looking at him.
“Hey Bro. see as promised I’m here at office today. Now u can’t remain angry on me” he said with a smile and notices swara who was looking at him lost.
Sanskar: hey Gorgeous!
“Hi” swara replied with a wide grin while Laksh just rolled over his eyes
“U r the same guy na who was at xyz Pub last nite” swara said while suddenly remembering something.
“Hey u was there too. Thats strange I wonder how couldn’t I able to recognize u. anyways I’m Sanskar” he said while extending his hand towards her.
“I’m Swara” she said while shaking hands with him.

Sanskar: hey nice name swara. So u r the one with whom I’m going to work for initial days.
“I wish I would be that lucky girl, Mr. Dreamy” she said while still lost in his charm.
“Excuse me!” Sanskar knotted his brows in confusion.
“Sanskar u r going to work with Ragini for initial days while Swara will share Ragini’s  part of work till then Laksh  said while finally getting up from his chair to break the spell of his brother’s charm.
Sanskar: hhmmm Ragini, nice name by the way where is she.
Swara: Wo Di is at design department. She needs to cross check some designs.
At the same time they heard the knock of the door.
“I guess she’s here.” Laksh said and asked her to come in. Ragini enters in his cabin with piles of papers in her hands struggling to arrange them.
“Laksh Sir we got the Fax from A.Y enterprises. He’s from one the sponsors to whom swara had met and see today they fax there terms and conditions. And ya here some modifications that I made on designs so pls have a look at it” Ragini said it all in one breath without looking upwards and arranging the papers.
“Ragini, Relax first of all. We can discuss it later on. But first let me introduce u to my cousin who is going to work with u.” Laksh said making Ragini to look upwards.
Ragini: so he’s finally here. Where is he?
“Ragini , he’s right in front of u” he said while pointing towards Sanskar who was standing with his back towards her.
Hi! I m Ragini and…….”and rest of the words remains unsaid as Sanskar turns to face towards her giving Ragini the  biggest shock of her life. Sanskar too gets surprise to see her over there. In the meantime Laksh come towards them to introduce them.
“Ragini, he’s Sanskar, Sanskar Maheshwari. My cousin and the one who’s going to work with u from now on” Laksh said while Patting Sanskar’s shoulders.
“Tum??????” They both said in unison still not believing the fact that they are once again in front of each other and this time for a long-term. Was this the another sign of Fate or anything else?

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