Miss Perfect vs Mr. Imperfect – Ragsan (part 2)

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Swara:Di! Thats really unfair. I haven’t expect this from u
She said while pouting making Ragini roll over her eyes seeing her drama
Ragini: swara now what had I done that u r getting this much dramatic?
Swara: what u had done? Don’t u know that u r supposed to go shopping with me today and here u r all set to leave for office
She said while looking at Ragini who was busy packing her stuff for office
Ragini: Sorry ! Woh Laksh Sir has suddenly called me. He need to discuss some designs with me urgently for our Monsoon collection.
Swara: One you and another one is your Laksh Sir both never seems to get tired from work. I mean its Sunday yaar. Can’t he spare u and himself for today also?
Ragini: don’t forget he’s your boss too. And it’s just a matter of few hours only. I’ll be back soon
Swara: ya but mera to shopping ka plan spoil kar diya na aap dono ne. thanx to your so called work.
“Sona! Hw much shopping will u do? I mean just a day before leaving to London u had bought so many stuffs and now u again need to do shopping” Ragini said disbelievingly
Swara: Di, it’s a tale of a week back. now new week new stuffs u knw me rite. Swara always wants latest in her cupboard
Swara said with full attitude while Ragini just shakes her head in disbelief.
Ragini: swara u r impossible
Swara: Whatever, but u don’t try to change the topic. I thought that today we both will have lots of fun as I missed u so much in tbis 1 week but it seems your work is more important then me
She said while making a pouting face again and looked other side.
“Swara will u stop ur Drama for God sake” Ragini said while rolling her eyes
“ya aapko to ye drama hi lagega. No one cares for true feeling.” She said while making fake sad face.
Ragini: Acha now stop your Drama. I’ll go to shopping with u
“Really! O Di u r the best” swara said excitedly
Ragini: let me finish first. I’ll go to shopping with u but after my work.
Swara: But Di……
Ragini: now no more argument on this. I’ll do one thing I’ll meet u in the mall after work. I don’t think it’ll take much time. I’ll text u when I’ll be free from work and then will meet u directly at the mall ok.
“Ok as u say” She said slowly knowing that it’s useless to argue with her further.
Ragini: Gud. Chalo now I’m leaving. See u at the mall ok.
Swara: ok Di. Bye and ya dnt forget your promise
Ragini: dnt worry I’ll not. Now if u permit then can I go
Swara: o ya! Ofcourse. Say my Hi to Laksh Sir
Ragini: Sure. Bye!
Swara: Bye Di!
She said and Ragini headed towards the office.
“Ragini, can u pls pass me that file kept over there” Laksh said while working on laptop.
“Yes sir” Ragini said and handles him the file while still looking at her design file.
Laksh opened the file to read the contents and found that Ragini has handed him the wrong file. He looked at her who was immersed in her file. He just shakes his head in disbelief seeing her so engrossed in work.
“This girl can never be out from her work” he thought inwardly and looked at her who seems to have forget the world around her.
Laksh: Not this file Ragini, I need that Blue one.
Ragini raised up her head only to find that she had handed wrong file to him and the correct file is still lyieng near her.
“Oh! I m so sorry Sir. Actually I was looking at the designs and didn’t realize that I handed u the wrong file. Here take it.” she said while handling him the correct file nad then again get back to her designs.
“Ragini, its gud that u do work with full dedication but don’t get too much engrossed in it that u forget the world around you” Laksh said with a smile making Ragini to look back at him again.
“U know me Sir, I never compromise with my work. So it doesn’t matter to me whatever going around me until my work is finished.” She said with a slight smile and again gets back to work.
Laksh had nothing to say now; he knows that Ragini never converse between work infact she didn’t converse at all until it is necessary. Only time he sees her conversing freely when swara is with her apart from that he never saw her talking unnecessarily to any of the staff. Its been almost 4 and a half year since Ragini is working with him and her attitude is still the same. Initially he use to think that may be she’s not comfortable with the environment of this Big city all of a sudden but working with her for whole of the 4 and a half years made him realize that this is her nature. She believes in action rather then words.
He still remembers the day when Ragini has came to give her interview. Fortunately or unfortunately it was Laksh  only who was selecting candidate himself as his company has just started to get success and he don’t want any kind of inefficient employee in his company. Unlike other candidates who were either nervous or busy drooling on him. Ragini had different spark and confidence in her eyes and words which forced him to choose her without any second choice. She had the same spark in her which he had when he started his business. Her self-confidence and self-esteem has make her reach to the place where she is now. He won’t hesitate to accept the fact that Ragini has a major share in making his company a successful. A year later swara too joined them. Though she tried her best to be just like Ragini but always ends up in doing some stupidity which Ragini had to fix later on.
No Doubt she’s totally perfect but still there’s sumthing about her which makes Laksh to think dat she’s hiding from whole world and that is the silence in her eyes. It seems that her eyes and heart are divided of any emotions. She may be the rude, arrogant and ruthless employee for rest of the staff who never mingles with anyone but somewhere he feels that she’s not like that from inside but again she never opens up in front of anyone. He truly admires her hard work and dedication towards her job but still he couldn’t understand why she’s like that. Girls of her age use to busy in gossiping and fashion; even in his own office there r numerous girls like that but Ragini is indeed an exceptional case who just gets engrossed in her work.

He wished that one day his brother be also gets perfect like her whose chances are very less for now but may be God can show any miracle and he learns to be responsible like Ragini.
“Sir! Laksh Sir!” Ragini called him again and again seeing him lost in his thoughts.
“Huh.. ya Ragini any problem” he said while coming back from his reverie when he realize her calling him continuously.
Ragini: what happen sir? U seem to be lost in some deep thought
Laksh: Ah nothing. Just like that. By the way, u r saying something.
Ragini: ya, I just wanted u to check these designs once so that if there are any modifications required then I can do that.
“Ragini u had made it na then it would be perfect. There’s no need of me to check it.” he said while putting the designs aside
“Sir Pls I insist. Check it once. I don’t want any complications later” she said while handling him the file once again
“Ragini, sometimes I use to wonder that whether I am your boss or u r my boss. U always make me agree” He said while taking the designs and laughed at his own statement to which Ragini just smiles.
He goes through the designs and as expected they are perfected. He don’t need to check them twice but due to Ragini’s insistence he had to check it once again.
“Perfect! There’s not a single flaw in it” he said cheerfully while looking at her
Ragini: U like it?
“Like it? I love it. I told u that there’s no need of me to check it again. U always do perfect Job Ragini. U knw I can blindly trust you and can totally rely on u” Laksh said to boost up her self-confidence
“Never trust anyone Blindly  Sir. U never know when someone just broke ur trust and tear u apart” Ragini said rather painfully making Laksh to find the hidden meaning behind those words
Again something unexpected. This Girl never fails to surprise him. Once again there was something in her words which seems a mystery to him. Actually Ragini herself is a mystery to him. He knows the Psychology of each and every employee of his office except Ragini. He was working with her from 4 and a half year yet couldn’t understand her and the hidden meaning behind her words.
“Ragini is everything ok?” he asked worriedly although he knows it’s useless to ask as she’ll never tell him or any other.
Ragini: Ya everything is fine. Its just the line came into my mind and I said it to u. Anyways my work is finish so can I go now. Swara must be waiting for me in shopping mall.
“Ya sure. U may go now” he said while smiling inwardly seeing her diverting the topic, as expected.
Ragini: Bye Sir. See u tomorrow
She said and turned to leave. She was about the open the door when someone enters in the cabin almost colliding with her.
Person: Hey I m so sorry. I didn’t know that u are near to the door. Hope u didn’t got hurt?
Ragini: not at all Heer Ma’am. I m perfectly fine. How are you?
Heer (Laksh’s wife played by Surbhi Jyoti): I m fine too. Just came to check whether my loving husband got freed from his first love?

First Love?” Ragini asked while knotting her brows in confusion.
“Ya, his company and work. U know Ragini I’m damn sure now that I’m his second wife for whom he didn’t have time” she said while smiling and looking at Laksh.
“If your complaint session about me with Ragini is over then would u bother to come inside?” Laksh said with a smile.

Heer: ofcourse Mr. Laksh Mehra. By the way I came here to remind u that today we are going to live concert of Neha Kakkar. Hope u remember?
Laksh: ofcourse jaan! Is there anything related to you that I had forgotten till now
Heer: ya nothing except my B’days and our Marriage anniversary. Right Ragini?

She said while winking at her who was just standing there admiring the love between the couple.
Ragini: Well, I guess Ma’am is right Sir. Anyways I think I should leave now. Afterall u guys need some privacy too.
She said and turned to leave when Heer stops her
Heer: Hey Ragini wait
She instantly stops and looked at her
Heer: y don’t u too join us in the concert. Trust me u r going to have lots of fun over there.
Ragini: I would love to Ma’am but I had already committed to swara for shopping so may be next time.
“And that next time will never come” Laksh thought knowing very well Ragini’s nature.
Ragini: ok I’m leaving now. He’s waiting for u.
She said while gesturing towards Laksh  and left after bidding them bye.
“Y she’s always so unexpected and weird. I mean whenever we ask her to come out with us she always makes an excuse” Heer said getting amused at her behaviour.
Laksh: She’s like that only. Anyways where’s your Best friend Sanskar? Still sleeping?
Heer: no he had gone to meet some of his friends.
Laksh: As expected.
Heer: C’mon Laksh. Why u r always after him? He said na that he’ll join office from tomorrow. Give him a chance
Laksh: Lets see, how much ur best friend stands on his words.
Heer: excuse me! He’s ur brother too. Atleast have some faith on him.
“That we’ll come to know tomorrow only. Anyways lets go or else we’ll get late.” He said while changing the topic not wanting another heating discussion between him and his wife regarding Sanskar.
Ragini reaches the shopping Mall and called swara who asked her to come to xyz shop as she was trying some outfits. She just shakes her head and goes towards the shop told by swara.

Lost in her thoughts she was moving towards the shop when suddenly she felt something or rather someone bump into her causing her to lose her balance and before she could understand anything she fall on the ground with him on the top.
Sanskar was going towards the men’s shop to buy a present for his angry brother Laksh when he received the call from one of his friend. He was so engrossed in talking to his friend that he didn’t realize that he bumped into someone and when he realize it was too late and he felt that person falling on the ground with him on top of her.
When he raised his head to look at the person he found the most beautiful face in front of him. She was a girl who had her eyes closed due to sudden trail of incidents and when she opened her eyes to look at him Sanskar’s heart skipped several beats by looking into those big hazel eyes who were looking angrily at him. At that moment he just wished time to stood still and he just keep on looking at her like this only.
Ragini opener her eyes only to find a stranger looking intently at her. She looked around her and saw many people were seeing them in a amused way. Then she again looked back at him and found him still staring at her without moving an inch. She tried to push him away but he was way too strong for her.
Sanskar felt her wriggling under him but as if his heart and mind refused to get up from her. He felt her saying something but he didn’t register a word as his gaze was busy in observing the movement of her lips. He wondered how they felt against his. He whacked himself mentally for having such a thought that too for a girl of whom he didn’t even know her name. Her eyes had so much anger in them yet there was some magic in them that held him into her. Finally he came into senses we she raised her voice.
Ragini  was feeling awkward with there current position and more then awkward she was getting irritated seeing him staring at her like that. Here she was crushing under his weight and he rather then getting up was staring at her like she was a 7th wonder. Finally her patience gave up and she yelled at him
Ragini: Would u mind getting up from me or u want to spend whole of ur life lying on me.
Her words brought him back to his senses and he realized what he was doing. He removes his gaze away from her eyes and instantly gets up from her extending his hand towards her for help but she instead of taking his help gets up by herself rubbing her back with her hand. She looked at him angrily who was looking other way to find any excuse to justify his actions.

Ragini: What the hell is ur problem? Don’t u have eyes that u can’t see a person coming from front?
Sanskar: well I had but its not my mistake if u r so beautiful that anyone can lose there sense of seeing
Ragini: Excuse Me!
Sanskar: Excused u. By the way same allegation goes for u too. I mean I agree that I’m not looking forward but u were looking forward right then can’t u just move aside rather then bumping to me.
Ragini was getting irritated by every passing minute. The nerve of this guy, rather then apologizing to her he’s mocking at her.
“Listen u Mr. whoever u r just don’t try to mess with me” she said while pointing her finger towards him.
“Listen u Ms. Oh-I-am-so-Perfect I m already in a great mess because of u. U see my darling phone has been broken into pieces counting his last breath. It would be safe if only I don’t bump with u” he said while retorting back pointing his finger towards her.
Ragini: Oh! so u mean to say it’s my mistake.
Sanskar: Well I haven’t said that but since u agree to admit it then I don’t have any problem. Its ok aisa hota rehta hai. Waise I don’t mind it as it gave me chance to meet a beautiful girl like u and winks.
Ragini: Listen Mr. Don’t try to act smart with me. I know the guys like u very well. Those r other girls who can fall for ur charm but this time u r approaching a wrong girl. Got it!
Sanskar: Well atleast u admitted that I had charm. Thanks anyways.
He said while winking at her making her more angry
“Listen u Mr………. ” she couldn’t say further as she heard her cell phone ringing. She looks at the caller and found swara calling her.
Ragini: Ya swara
Swara: Di where are u? I have been waiting for u since last 25 mins.
Ragini: sorry I’ll be there in 5 mins. ok bye!
She said and cuts the call and looked at Sanskar angrily.
Ragini: ur luck is good that I had to go urgently or else only god can spare u. And one more thing just pray to God that u never cross my path because I don’t know whether I would be able to tolerate u again or not. Good Bye!
She said and moves towards the shop across him. Sanskar turned to look at her only to find her retreating figure. He smiles and shakes his head at her attitude.
Sanskar: No Byes! Ms. Perfect ye Duniya bahut choti hai and my instincts says that we’ll meet once again. Right Dude?
(Dialogue Courtesy: Hum Tum)
He said while looking upwards and starts walking towards his destination.

Ok so this is it guys. Hope u all r going to like this part. Please feel free to criticise if u don’t like it. And do Leave ur Comment/Criticism. its necessary..

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