Miss Perfect vs Mr. Imperfect – Ragsan (part 1)

Hey everyone! Me back with the first part of my FF. Thank u so much for your overwhelming and Warm Welcome to my new venture. I’ll try my best to keep up with your Expectations and will not disappoint u all. O God! I really speaks a lot. ok so without any further delay I’m  gonna update the Part 1 of my FF. Hope u all r gonna like it. Pls feel free to criticise if u all dnt like it.

Mumbai City of Dreams. Everyday number of people comes to this city to fulfill their Dreams. Some are lucky enough to get succeeded in fulfilling it while others just have to taste the bitter medicine of reality where Dreams are just meant to be broken. Many people accept this harsh reality but still theire are some people who struggle till the end to fulfill their Dreams and gets succeeded too.
There she was sitting at the balcony of her flat holding her coffee mug watching the Sea waves. It was Sunday so there is rush at the beach unlike any other weekday. Well Mumbai doesn’t need any reason to be crowded by people. But in the crowd of 1000s people also she’s alone. She saw a Group of friends running and enjoying in the beach from her terrace, oblivious of anything nd smiled slyly. Friends: a 7 letter word in which people says whole word is covered but whats the use of those friends who back stabs u, who just distanced themselves without any reason and only remembers u during special occasions that too for just formality. She’s lucky that she don’t have any fake friends. Infact she don’t have friends at all. And she’s happy also being alone.
This City of Dreams has given her everything which she had dreamt of. A good job, a good amount of salary, Recognition in Society, her favorite car in the parking and a sea-facing flat; everything that she had dreamt of except one. And tnat is a true companion but on the second thought did she really need that now, may be no. She had everything in her life which makes her perfect. She is Ragini Kapoor a well known fashion designer who works in the best fashion company ‘Panache’. Her work is adored in the office, her boss always remains impressed from her hard work, she haven’t taken any kind of shortcuts to reach to the place where she is now, she always keeps herself busy in her work and other activities and when she gets free she spend her time alone like this only at the terrace watching sea.

This was her life from past 5 years and she is happy in her perfect life in which there is no place for love anymore now. This was the small world that she has created for herself where there is no one to hurt her, where she’s happy.
She once again looked at the beach watching two siblings playing with each other and a smile crept on her face remembering her time with her Brother. She closed her eyes remembering her brother who was always there for her whenever she needs him. Who was her biggest support in fulfilling her dreams. And when her every dream has been fulfilled tben he’s not with her.

“Miss u Bhai” she said looking upwards silently praying that her brother’s soul rest in peace.
She closed her eyes for sometime remembering her brother when a pair of hands covered her eyes surprising her. She smiled knowing who it was. She don’t have to guess who this person is.
“Swara I know its u. now stop playing these old tricks of yours” she said while touching her hands which r still covering her eyes.
“Kya Di! Aap hamesha pehchaan lete ho. Kabhi to guess karne ki koshish kiya karo” Swara said with a pouting face removing her hand from Ragini’s eyes, causing Ragini to smile brightly. Did she just said that she had no friends at all. Well if yes then she’s wrong. She had a friend infact a only friend who knows her more then she knows herself. Her best friend Swara who is just 2 months younger then her but still her best friend. Swara had always addressed Ragini as “Di” as Ragini was always there for her as an elder sister right from the first day they met 8 years back.
“Because I know that only one person have the duplicate key of our flat. And only one person can be this much childish” Ragini said while hitting her head playfully. Swara had always been with Ragini and has adored her every act. They work together in ‘panache’ and sharing the same flat from last 5 years. Swara is the only person who had witnessed each and every change of Ragini’s life and was there by her side like a true friend.
Swara: ya ya I know dat my Di is very smart. I missed u a lot Di.
She said while hugging her to which Ragini too responded.
Ragini: I missed u too. Acha tell me how was ur trip?
Swara: Awesome. Ah! I still couldn’t take my mind off from London. U know it was so much fun over there. I wish u could also be there with me
Ragini: next time I’ll definitely come promise.
Swara: better be. But what r u doing over here in the terrace
Ragini: the same thing that I do from last 5 years
Swara: Feeling lonely Right?
Ragini: Ofcourse not. I don’t have time to feel lonely. Woh to I was just getting bored and having no work at all so thought of sitting over here. Anyways u must be tired na. I’ll just bring a coffee for u.
She said and goes from dere to prepare coffee for swara but swara knows that this was just an another excuse her to skip from the conversation like she’s doing from last 5 years. Afterall she knows her from last 8 years.
She wondered if Ragini can ever be back to same girl which she was 5 years back. Will she ever be able be to the same Ragini which she was 8 years back with whom she has made friendship right from the first day. She had everything in her life which she had dreamt of but still her biggest dream is yet to be fulfilled which she seems to be forgetten now or pretends to be.

“Don’t worry Di! Very soon ur that dream will also come true which u pretend to forgot now. I know there’s someone who’ll bring my Ragini di back again” she said to herself and goes inside to help Ragini.

On the other hand at the another corner of the city he was lying lazily on his bed lost in his own dream world forgetting every worries around the world. Infact to ask when did he got worried for anything. He was the most carefree person who don’t have to worry for his future as he got everything in his life.

He was born having silver spoon in his mouth and being the only heir he don’t have to worry for what will happen in future. He is Sanskar Maheshwari heir of Maheshwari Empires. A charmer among girls and no one had left unaffected by his charm till now but yet he’s single till now as for him he haven’t found any girl of his level. So until he wont find her he’s happy like this only.

He was lost in his dream world when the loud noise of his ringtone disturbs his sleep. He decides to ignore it but it continuously ringing if the cell forced him to open his eyes and give the caller a piece of mind.
“Hello! Who’s it…” he said in his sleepy voice not interested in talking to anyone right now.
“Sanskar, u r still sleeping? Get up u lazy head” came a loud voice from other side causing him to open his eyes in a jerk and he gets up instantly on his bed.

“Oh God! I’m so Dead now” He thought and puts the phone back to his ears.
Sanskar: No Laksh, who said that I’m still sleeping. Woh to I was doing workout that’s why couldn’t pick ur call at once.
Laksh: Stop your stupid reasoning Sanskar because I know u from childhood and it’s not tough for me to catch ur lies.
Sanskar: Ok u caught me. Fine, happy now.
Laksh: Wats wrong with u Sanskar? Did u watched the time? Its 11 am and u have to be here in the office now and u were at home doing nothing but sleeping.
Sanskar: oh C’mon Laksh. Only boring persons like u attend offices on Sunday also while interesting people like me just enjoy my Sunday. And as far as my sleeping is concerned well last night it was so much fun at Disc that I didn’t realize when the clock struck at 4 am.
Laksh: Sanskar grow up now atleast! u r not here to do fun. U had many responsibilities towards life.
Sanskar: oh C’mon now atleast u don’t talk like Dad yaar. Who knows what happen tomorrow, so let us enjoy our present.
Laksh: u r unbelievable Sanskar. Dad has given your responsibility to me nd now I don’t know what should I do with u?
Sanskar: Nothing. Just take a chill pill and relax.
He said and chuckled on his own statement only to get chided by Laksh.
Laksh: Shut up idiot! Not everything in life is a joke. God knows what you’ll do in ur future. But just don’t forget for what u r here for.
Laksh said angrily and disconnects the call. Sanskar rubbed his temples knowing the anger of his cousin brother Laksh Mehra.
Laksh is the only son of Sanskar’s maasi and after the death of his parents Sanskar’s parents has adopted him and treats him as their own son. Laksh too considers Sanskar’s family as his own and call Sanskar’s father “Dad” but he didn’t changed his surname and no one even forced him also to do so. Sanskar and Laksh are of same age and has shared each and every phase of each other’s life.
Laksh wanted to make his own identity so he came to Mumbai and now he’s a owner of well known Fashion Company ‘panache’ without any kind of help from anyone. That’s why Sanskar’s dad use to admire his each and every work and has given Sanskar’s responsibility to him only as he’s the only person who can show Sanskar a right way.

Sanlak r best buddies more then just siblings therefore Sanskar never felt bad for his scoldings. But right now he knows that his brother won’t be pacify so easily so he has to do something really big to pacify his brother and it was not tough also. He knows what he has to do now.
Sanskar: Fine bhai I know how to pacify u. So what I left the office today but tomorrow I’ll be the first one to reach at office and then u’ll be proud of me. Wow Sanskar u r so intelligent!
He said with a smirk and gets involved with his daily routine activities.


When Miss. Perfect meets Mr. Imperfect

Ok so this is it guys! hope u all r gonna like it. I know its a kind of short part and moreover no Ragsan at all. But I kept it all for the next part. This was just like to get u all familiar with the characters. Sorry if I disappoint u all but I’ll make it up in the next part. Pakka wala promise:)

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