Would you miss Ekta Kaul in Mere Angne Mein?

Star Plus’ Mere Angne Mein will soon see the end of Riya’s character. Ekta Kaul is quitting the show. Riya’s character will be getting killed, after she delivers her child. The actress has been the limelight of Mere Angne Mein. Ekta is most known for her role in Rab Se Sona Ishq. Ekta has become a popular face on small screen after playing the bold and beautiful Riya Mathur.

Riya’s character was very much different when the show started. After her marriage with Shivam, Riya was seen fighting against Shanti Devi’s wrong ideals. Sarla has created tough situation for the family by proving Riya dead. Shanti is blamed for Riya’s murder.

Shanti, Kaushalya and Raghav are given death sentence. Sarla realizes her mistake to put Shanti in huge trouble. Sarla and Riya both want to free their family from the wrong blames. Preeti burns Riya’s identity documents, leaving no scope for Shanti to get free. The track has been dragging since much time. The politician Shanti Prasad torturing Shanti’s family and elections track also took long to end. Riya will be proving Shanti and family innocent. There will be high octane melodrama before things get completely fine in Shanti Sadan. The show will get a short leap. Even Ananya Khare, who plays Sarla Agarwal would be leaving the show. It has to be seen how the show runs ahead with the track focusing on Shanti Devi. Would you miss Ekta Kaul in Mere Angne Mein? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

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  1. Riya’s role has no substance at all! Too much is focused on Shanti Devi and not enough on the other significant members of the family! To portray Shivam as a useless, short tempered husband is very off putting!

  2. No we r not going to miss Riya character. As her character in serial is of no use, it’s like side actress. I m happy for whatever reason she is leaving show. Becoz that serial is not deserving Ekta. I was wondering why actress like Ekta is doing such useless drama where she don’t have any scope to do In Riyas characters. Best luck Ekta


    In start show was about how a working girl ajust in conservating thinking family, where MIL rest and order and DIL work and male are given importance but after marriage Riya was shown tooòoooooo dumb… better to end the show

  4. I miss Ekta with Shivam their chemistry was only thing to watch in the show, dont know if i continue this show or not

  5. No never. Ektas character was the dumbest character in the tv industry ever.
    Show started with a note of how modern bahu with liberal mindset will bring a change in the conservative old fashioned stubborn family .

    But we haven’t witnessed anythig as such. It was just as other serials wherin the bahu is tortured by inlaws and bahu is always crying.

    Riya was supposed to bring change in Srivastavs family but director has made Riya become senseless lime Srivastavs.

    By portraying the role of Riya..ekta has proved that a woman doesnt have self respect .how mush ever a woman is insulted by inlaws or anyone, howmuch ever a husband doesnt trust his wife, she still has to bear all the turture all the blames of family and still cry , should not protest and think for the wellbeing of the same family.

    Ekta by portraying the role of Riya has totally degraded the charcter of a house wife or a woman

  6. I guess finally Ektas brain started working and so she decided to quit.
    Good great awesome excellent superb decision Ekta of quitting the show with the senselees brainless dumbest stupidest shameless character of Riya

  7. Total trash.take it out. No leap will do any good.only losers will watch.

  8. Deepanshi mirag

    No ekta plz you dont leave the show I like nd love u so much you are very great person in serial .your role is great plz dont forget the show I miss u so much

  9. no we will not miss the show. Please end the show. We will not only not miss Riya Mathur we will not miss Sarla. We will not miss anyone in the show. There is no logic in the show. and the show just goes on showing bakwas after bakwas. For example Riya is dead because of missing Identity documents? should she not be “missing”? Is there any evidence as to why she is “dead” ? is there a body identified? or any murder weapon? Just “missing” documents? and three people “hanged” to “death”? what kind of judge is that? This serial has surpassed all limits as far as stupidity goes. Please end the show.

  10. am so glad she is leaving u know the show is one of the most annoying and unsuccessful serial I have seen it’s scope was not met and they kept merry go rounding foolishness it should just end it is a waste of actors talent and downcast on their bright future for those that are yet to be recognized in the industry. all the best ekta go find some better things to do

  11. dr. shishupal

    please don’t quit the show

  12. Riya please don’t quit the show… come again with better avatar or something. Without you and Shanti devi the show is incomplete. Please please let some miracle happen

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