Miss Don’s Dawn (Os) Raglak

We see lots of cars, bikes, auto rickshaws and passengers going on the roads of one of the busiest cities of India, Kolkata. In this big busy city we see a small apartment in one of the streets. We can hear a loud music. When we peep inside we see a boy dancing crazily and jumping holding a towel in his hand and rotating it.

After few minutes of his dance he came and stood in front of the mirror and wore his khaki uniform, he then wore his belt and then finally the cap. He then smiled looking himself .

Boy: Arey wah Laksh, you are looking perfect. It’s your first day and you need to prove yourself the best in first impression only as First impression is the last impression.

Then our Laksh left from there on his bike. He is on his way when he saw crowd of people. He stopped there and after parking his bike, he made his way in the crowd to see a scene which shocked him to the core.

(Guess..guess..what it is?)

Some people were beating a middle aged man ruthlessly and no one had that courage to stop them ,all were looking the show without ticket. Laksh looked at all of them in disbelief. He moved towards the men.

Laksh: hey you… Why are you beating him?

Man1 : you stay out of it Mr. Police. Till now no officer came in between our work (He continues his work.)

The people around started whispering seeing policeman going towards them.

One women: He is the first police who is opposing them.

Another women: ha… Don’t know what they will do to him.

Here Laksh sighed. The man was about to hit the middle aged man again… But Laksh held his hand before he could hit that middle aged man Laksh pushed him. The men looked at Laksh angrily and started attacking him. Laksh started fighting with them.

While Laksh is busy fighting with them some one came from behind him and focused the muzzle of the gun at Laksh’s temple. Laksh stoped and looked at the source in fear. He saw a pair of beautiful eyes visible in between her scarf which was covering her face. He got lost in those beautiful eyes while she signed the men to take the middle aged man away. They nodded and went away from there taking the man.

Then the girl looked at Laksh with anger. Laksh came out of his world and held her hand and moved it from his head and held her hand to her back. In this process her scarf got removed and her hair fell on her face. She shook her head trying to make her hair get away from her face. There she was revealed to be our Gorgeous oops Don Ragini.

Laksh got mesmerised seeing her face and lost his grip from her hand. Ragini looked at him with stern face then she averted her eyes with attitude and turned and just went away from there entering into the car in a stylish way.

Laksh got lost in her beauty and keeps staring the way she went. He gets out his dream land when he get a phone call.

Laksh: (whispered) shit!!!

And just ran to his bike where he parked and drove away.


After sime days,

Laksh was going somewhere when he saw Ragini again. But this time she is sitting on a chair under the shelter of umbrella and sipping her juice.

Man: leave me please. I will not do again.

Ragini looked at a small boy who is standing there with teary eyes. She keeps her hand on his head and caressed it but Laksh pulled that boy away.

Laksh: Now what you want from this little kid ha… Morning that middle aged man and now this man and this little kid.

He looked at her angrily and held both the man’s and boy’s hands and just goes away from there glaring Ragini. While Ragini looked at him confused.

Ragini: (irritated) What does he think of himself? Is he some Savior . Ahhh!!!! Leave it… You guys keep an eye on him. And make sure that he don’t cross our way again.

The man beside her nodded yes and she walked away with her own style.


After some days,It was night time. A shadow was moving inside a building. The person looked around keenly. He kept moving carefully when suddenly the person felt a gun on his back. He slowly turned around revealing himself to be Laksh. He looked at the person.

Ragini: (irritated) You!!!! What the hell are you doing here?

Laksh: (looking deep into her eyes) I Love You..I was not able to sleep after I met you, just you were coming in my thoughts..I love you..

Ragini got froze after listening to his confession. After a few seconds Laksh burst out into laughter.

Laksh: hahahaha see your face… Hahaha… Its so funny…. Hahaha….

Ragini looked at him angrily and signed his man. They immediately caught him from back.

Laksh: Hey you leave me

One of the man just lifted him and carried him on his shoulder.

Laksh: Hey man leave me. (He hit the back of the man)

But the man paid no need to his beatings and took him to a small store room and tied him to the chair.

Laksh: (struggling) Hey!!! Leave me… Why did you tied me man. Leave me.

The man just looked at him and closes the door.

Laksh: ahh!!! Leave me… You idiots… You are making an innocent man struggle. You will get loose motions..u will not be able to eat spicy foods…You will get cold and could not eat ice creams for (thinks) ha ten days…. You guys na… Ahh!!! I don’t know… But you will suffer for tying me here.

Ragini got angry hearing him . She took her gun and went inside the room where he was locked..

Ragini: Don’t you love your life? Do you want to go in heaven so soon… what’s your age now..

Laksh(looking innocently):  I was not saying these things to you…I was practicing my dialogues.. I am an actor na..

Ragini (glaring him): Actor? So you aren’t a police officer….

Laksh gave a sheepish smile.

Ragini: And about dialogues so what rubbish….huh..that movie will be flop.

Laksh: Let’s see hottie..

Ragini eyes became wide and she flinching in anger and gritting her teeth she said

Ragini: What you said…?

Laksh: H-a-u-g-h-t-y..

Ragini was about to say something but controlling her anger she locked the room and went.

Ragini(to his man): leave him tomorrow morning.

Man: (worried) but ma’am what if he is some rivals man.

Ragini: (sternly) do what I say.

The man nodded ok.

Laksh: (cry baby face) ahh Lucky… You are not so lucky like your name… Ahahaaanhaan my poor hungry stomach don’t worry I will feed you all the food at a time when I get out of this stupid stinky room.

He makes an irritating face. He sighs and thinks how ge ended up there.


Laksh is in his house and suddenly he felt hungry and wanted to eat something. So he took bike and started going to have something. When he is going he saw a huge building from where he heard a huge sound of somebody’s shout. He looked there and saw few people there outside talking.

Man1: today he is dead. Ragini ma’am will not leave him.

Laksh listening this he just wants to know what is happening inside. He climbs the wall and tries to enter inside the house but gets caught.

@flashback ends

Laksh pouts…

Laksh: why did I come this side? And who was the one shouted in pain. I should find it out.

Thinking Laksh tries to get out of the ropes but could not. Finally he felt tired and slept there like that.


“No…..I won’t leave this bottle….it’s my life..” A whine echoed in the whole hallway which sought everyone’s attention. Ragini who was busy talking with the doctor heard that sound and her brain’s muscle twitched like it happens in cartoons especially with Mitchi Nohara. Her expression changed into angry one as she recognized whose voice it is. It was of our hero Laksh and in the next moment the door behind Ragini got open wide. Ragini and doctor Swara turned only to find a person was standing there holding Laksh’s one hand and in Laksh’s other hand there was a glass bottle..

Ragini (muttered): He came here also..

Other boy: Laksh…give me this bottle…!! I said you thousands time not to drink but then too…

Swara was looking this with confusion whereas Ragini with confusion + irritation.

Laksh(singing): Arey Sanskar…Thodi si jo pi li hai,chori toh nhi ki hai (I have drunk a little bit,I have not stolen something) 

 Ragini(in mind): He drinks? I thought he is a nice person.  

Laksh then made Ragini aside and sat on the stole in a bossy way where Ragini was sitting and suddenly he started winching in pain.

Sanskar(to Swara):  Hello, he is my brother Laksh.

Sanskar looked towards Laksh and found he was staring Ragini.Sanskar hit Laksh’s head from behind and Laksh came out from his dreamland and started winching in pain again.

Swara: Miss Ragini we will continue after a while…can I examine him now?

Ragini rolled her eyes and nodded yes.

Sanskar:He has stomach ache and he is drinking these cold drinks…and eating junk food. (snatching the bottle from Laksh) Laksh give this thumbs up bottle to me…

Ragini who was dialling someone’s number in her phone averted her eyes towards Laksh.

Swaragini(unbelievingly): Thumbs up!!

 Just then that person picked Ragu’s phone.

Opp side: Hello Madam,our work got complete?

Ragini didn’t answer and was looking towards Laksh.

Swara:What he ate?

Sanskar:Don’t ask doctor..he eats all sorts of junk food.

Laksh: I will tell na

Opp side on phone:Hello…!!

Ragini(being irritated):No..!!!That idiot is sitting in front of me in hospital,the work stopped as he is not well and came here for check up.Arghh! Don’t know thinking what he even dared to encounter me!

Laksh:Thinking Aaj kuch tuffani karte hai.

Ragini curled her fingers in a tight fist.Laksh again spoke,

Laksh: Thinking this,I drank Thumbs up on my audition day as it says na Aaj kuch tuffani karte hai but something really tuffani happened with the entry of a tuffan in my life,seeing whom I lost my sense.

Swara who was writing some medicines name lift her head upwards in confusion only to see Ragini glaring Laksh.

Swara(clearing her throat) Excuse me…

Opp: Madam..Laksh sir is there?? Please bring his autograph for me na..I am his big fan.

Ragini looked towards Laksh who was talking casually about his health with Swara

Ragini stood up from her place,

Ragini(to Swara): I am waiting outside….come there only wherever you give brain’s oops sorry stomach’s medicine to him. I am getting bored here, what I do…

Laksh(singing while looking towards Ragu): Kiss Me, Close Your Eyes

Miss Me, Close Your Eyes And Kiss Me,I Can Read Your Lips On Your Fingertips
I Can Feel Your Smile

Come On My Lips and Happiness In Your Eyes
Kiss Me, Close Your Eyes

Ragini widened her eyes listening him whereas he was eating dairy milk silk. His mouth,fingers and clothes were also having chocolate along with him. He was looking so cute while licking the melted chocolate from his fingers. Ragini got lost seeing him when he again started singing the song loudly. She shrugged her thoughts and then She took out the gun from her pocket and placed the muzzle on his temple.

Laksh and SwaSan got shocked because of this action and stood up from there seats.

Laksh:W-what happened?? D-don ji….

Ragini:From past half hour you are eating my brain and I am trying to gulp my anger but you…..

Laksh(innocently): But what I did?

Ragini(in anger): I know you were saying that indirectly to me..I will kill you…

Laksh (in surprise) : What I said to you?? (looking towards SwaSan) Did I said a word to her from the time I came here?

SwaSan vigorously shook their heads in no.

Ragini glared them and then averted her eyes towards Laksh,

Rag: You said now only..

Laksh:What…?What I said…

Ragini:You said that…..

Laksh raised his eyebrows but Ragini took her gun back and turned.

Laksh: I was singing the song….huh..it is made for sweet chocolate not for someone like you bitter gourd…a mad dog didn’t bite me that I will sing that for you..

Laksh: So doctor the next thing which I ate….

Ragini turned immediately and before Laksh could say anything she put something in his mouth.

Ragini: You ate everything along with my brain but can’t you purchase a KitKat chocolate? Now be quite… have a break, have a KitKat.

Laksh: Arey Kareli you got so sweet,you gave me chocolate.

Ragini made the grip on the gun tighter when Laksh said,”Now no sidhi baat,no bakwas..”

Ragini looked towards him.

Laksh: (with lots of passion in his voice and looking straight into Ragini’s eyes) The day I saw you for the first time I was drowned in your innocent eyes. The innocence which you are trying to hide from the outer world reflected in your eyes. I fell for that innocence. Later I got to know that you are doing everything for good, to save innocent from cruel through news and I fell for your good heart. I was very curious to know about you, what made you to become Don, I bribed your one of the bukkad followers with lots of food and got to know your past that is you became so just to keep your promise you gave to your adopted father who was also a don…  And this made me to respect you and fell for you head over heals… but that man didn’t do right by making such cute girl a don if he would be your real father, he wouldn’t have done this…leave it…Ragini…I love you Ragini… I love you alot… Will you marry me (he forwards a Dairy milk chocolate towards her)

Ragini went from there..

Laksh(while running behind her shouted):Ragini…!!Ragini…once listen please..I am sorry.

After that day Laksh tried to talk with Ragini many times but she didn’t listen to him.

One day, Ragini was sitting in her room and a paper plane came flying in from the window. She picked the plane and unfolded it.

She started smiling and got lost in Laksh’s thoughts.

She peeped out of the window but found no one…she got bit sad and was about to go when a heart shaped balloon came in front of her and blocked her view,Someone was holding it. Ragini hold that balloon and saw in the direction from where that hand was coming. On the pipe which was nearby Ragini’s window Laksh was clinging.

Dekha Hai Tujh Ko Jabse
Haaye Main Toh Hil Gaya
Lagta Hai Mere Seene Se
Dil Nikal Gaya

He jumped in her room and gave that heart shaped balloon to her. She dropped it on floor and burst it through the heels of her sandals and turned.

Mummy Se Kya Daddy Se Bhi
Milaunga TujheArey Jo Bhi Main Kahun
Tujhe Lagta Hai Kyun GalatPalat!

Laksh hold her waist and made her turn and look towards him.

Tera Dhyaan Kidhar Hai
Yeh Tera Hero Idhar Hai
Tera Dhyaan Kidhar Hai
Yeh Tera Hero Idhar HaiToh Palat!Tujhe Itni Bhi Khabar Hai
Ke Tera Hero Idhar Hai

He forcibly held her hands and did some steps of couple dance.

HaiArey Aa, Kahin Coffee Pilaun Tujhe Main
Arey Aa, Koi Picture Dikhaaon Tujhe Main
Chal, Le Chalu Tujhko Aisi Jagah
O Meri Jaan-E-Jaan
Jahaan Humko Nahi Ho Kisi Ki Khabar
Jahaan Laage Lage Na Kisi Ki Nazar

She pushed him and glared him

Arey Jo Bhi Main Kahoon
Tujhe Lagta Hai Kyun GalatPalat…Tera Dhyaan Kidhar Hai
Yeh Tera Hero Idhar Hai

He looked straighty in her eyes

Ho Kehta Hai Kyun Mujhse Zamana
Arey Haan, Nahin Aasan Hai Tujhko Paana

He made her twirl

Aa Tere Nakhre Uthaoon Sanam
Mujhko Teri Kasam,
Taang Doon Chaand Ko
Teri Khidki Pe Main
Taank Doon Jaan Ko
Teri Kurti Mein MainArey Jo Bhi Main Kahun
Tujhe Lagta Hai Kyun Galat
Arey Palat!

He held her hands and gave her a pleading look making a puppy face.

Tera Dhyaan Kidhar Hai
Yeh Tera Hero Idhar Hai

Ragini(pulling Laksh’s cheeks): Theedha hai par mera hai. (Kurkure’s tagline)

Ragini: Laksh actually I got hurt when u said that about my dad..but do you know being a don and in all this I lost myself..I forgot what happiness is…just ruthlessness was there tough it was for good but  from the day you entered in my life,I keep thinking about you. I enjoyed so much living with you and will love to spend my whole life with this crack piece. But haan never do the acting to love me or my gun will be ready..

She then kissed his cheek. SwaSan were looking this.Swara rested her head on Sanskar’s shoulder and smiled. RagLak side hugged each other.

Swasan: So finally, No confusion, perfect combination. (Bingo’s tagline)

All smiled and hugged each other. Hence proved it was a happy ending. ?

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