Would you miss Colors’ Kawach?


Kawach airing on Colors at the 7pm slot on weekends is finally getting a shutdown. It was known to the viewers, as the show was supposed to end when Naagin 2 begins. Because of the good Trps, the show was given an extension of 14 weeks. The story got the new twist and entry of another spirit Jolly, who has captivated Rajbeer. Jolly spoiled Rajbeer’s image infront of Paridhi. Jolly was then given more strength by Saudamini to possess Rajbeer’s body at any time of the day.

Recently, Pavitra Punia also entered the show as Ritu, who romances with Rajbeer. She wants to separate Rajbeer and Paridhi, and succeeds to some extent. Paridhi was mistaken about Rajbeer and Ritu’s relation, and did not know Rajbeer is romancing Ritu, being possessed by Jolly. Rajbeer and Paridhi have faces many problems since Manjulika became part of their life. Paridhi gets to know of Jolly possessing Rajbeer, and realizes Rajbeer’s innocence. Paridhi will be saving Rajbeer from Jolly and Saudamini. The show will get a happy ending with the last episode airing on November 20. Would you miss Colors’ Kawach? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well

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  1. Priyali

    Bakwas show.

  2. just change the actress!she is looking too aged. otherwise the show is awesome

  3. Yes,will really miss it.


    Want Kawach season 2 with much better story unlike Naagin season 2 its story line is week as compared to Naagin Season 1.. so I hope Kawach Season 2 gets better story than season 1

  5. QueenB

    I think Paridhi looks too old for Rajbeer

  6. Yes we want season two with thesame actor but with a much younger actress Mona looks old for Vivek no offense and this time with a fresh and new story unlike naagin season 2 bored of shivanya and shivangi it’s just a repeat of season 1

  7. At last it is ending. At the beginning, storyline was good. Of late, same repeated story every single episode and irritating Mona Singh. There should have been some young and pretty actress instead of Mona Singh. Show has lost its touch.

  8. Actress is not nice.make good story in season 2.nagin2 is boring.story is not nice

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