Would you miss Chandra Nandni?

Star Plus’ mega historical drama Chandra Nandni is coming to an end. The leads Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu Prasad have done a commendable work. Siddharth Nigam also joined the cast recently to portray the role of Bindusara. The story was around Chandra and Nandini’s love journey. The show has put light on the life of Chandragupta Maurya of the Maurya Dynasty and his unexplored love story with Nandini, who was his biggest enemy’s daughter. Chandra and Nandini had hatred for each other, to the extent of taking each other’s lives. Destiny unites them. Since then, they develop a relation of understanding, trust and respect. Their hatred turns into love.

Chandra and Nandini together face many enemies, fight battles and become each other’s strengths. Chandra and Nandini’s love becomes eternal. Shweta gained many fame and appreciation with this show. Rajat rose to fame by his portrayal of Akbar in Zee’s Jodha Akbar. Siddharth is most known as Ashoka from Colors’ Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. Chandra Nandni is soon going off-air on 10th November 2017. The show is getting replaced by Ikyawann. Would you miss Chandra Nandni? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Definitely I will miss CHandra Nandini, if u just shows us more postive ,happy,funny n romantic scene that will bring back all viewers who has left the serial n continue to support in future. We want Rajat n Sweta back in action.

  2. Thank god finally got over!!!

  3. Pavithra1616

    I haven’t seen Chandra nandhini so much.. I have only seen some of the episodes.. Once it was my favourite… And I haven’t followed after I didn’t see 1 week episode.. So maybe I will miss it… Not maybe, I will definetly miss shwetha and rajat.. Why are all these good shows going off air?? Hope we will be able to see swetha and rajat together again… Miss them..

  4. Really would like to see them continue again. The one and only serial I see in hindi. Beautiful n fantastic pair. Hopefully they come back with more reliable story.

  5. I like very much of chandra nandini’s chemistry but i don’t like the show

  6. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Actually the show was end for me when chandra nandini again separated for 10 years. But some how I will miss the show only for Shweta Rajat jodi. Their chemistry was such marvelous that I want to see again this jodi.

  7. I have mixed feelings about the show going off. Sad because Rajat will be missed on screen but happy because the show did not have a positive approach and the story had a weak plot.
    Overall waiting for Rajat’s new show with a powerful character and a positive storyline.
    Wishing all the actors the best for the future but my heartiest best wishes I send out to Rajat.

  8. Will definitely miss it….
    Can anyone tell me what happened to http://www.tellyupdates.com site as I am not able to open that page
    Any modifications done to the url please let me know

  9. Definitely going to miss Rajat and Shweta acting and off course miss the firat half of the serial.

    Show started well, and goes well also. Don’t know who’s brilliant idea at the middle seperated CN.

    Well, not much to complaint. Because no use also, show come to end ready. Just hope to see Rajat and Shweta pair in another super show.

    Btw, should thank to the creator of Chandra Nandini for their idea of choosing Rajat and Shweta for the show. The most apt choice for the character. Gonna miss them badly for sure…

  10. I will miss a lot cn and shwetraj chemistry hope to see this amazing couple soon together

  11. Not going to miss CN but will miss rajat and shweta.

  12. Eventhough the storyline is so irritating and stupid, because of Rajat and Sweta I watched CN. We will surely miss this pair. I want to see Rajat in the Royal look again with Sweta or Paridini. Before accepting his next serial he should get confirmation from the makers, the serial should not have non-sence storey line.

  13. i love chandra nandini but i was also in love with dharma and bindusar’s love story.I wanted to see their love story ….will really miss the show..

  14. Will miss Rajat definitely….what a wonderful actor!!…hope he gets a project to showcase his talent in a better way. The pairing was gud but the storyline kept on wavering and couldn’t support the chemistry between Rajat n Shweta.

  15. The drama gradually became irritating and boring to watch which worsen with Mohini’s and Bheemdev’s characters. Recently I watched the drama only to see Dharma’s and Bindusar’s story, I infact skipped C and N’s scenes.
    It is rather shocking to know that I was not really feeling unhappy as I was so obsessed with this drama in the beginning. Anyways all the actors were good in this drama and best of luck to them. The girl who acts as Dharma will be suitable to act as a south Indian heroine as she reminds me of the Tamil actress Nayanthara who looked like Dharma when she entered the film industry.

  16. अरुण


  17. will miss rajat for sure hoping to c him soon

  18. Yes.. Really I’m going to miss Chandra & nandhini both. They lived really as the characters. It is very impressive. They exposed what is real love. They told us that real love is based on strong belief and forgiveness .
    If we realized it then our love never fails in any situation. I’m eagerly waiting for Chandra nandhini season 2. Hats off to the entire team.

  19. Me too missing very very much chandra nandhini.I love this serial and rajat and shewta.the pair was super.but we want bindhusar and dharma love story.very wonderful .songs and background musics also very super .romantic songs.again i watch this serial in tamil also.I miss chandra and nandhini.love u lot.finally I thank to the director for give a wonderful story to us.thank u all.

  20. Me to missing very very much chandra nandhini.I love this serial .such a wonderful romantic .really i missed .but we want bindhusar and dharma love story.I love rajat and shweta very much.that songs also super romantic songs.I miss u lot.finally I thank the director to give a wonderful story.I don’t missed any episodes again again am seeingoing this serial in net.I watch this serial in tamil also.super.byee to all

  21. Don’t end it. . It’s too early.. Show us bindusar & dharma ‘s love story…. We request you

  22. Yes, but the beginnings of the story were more interesting and funny and romantic than the end. After the showing the death of nandini, and Chandra’s waiting for ten years, it really became boring. It was more interesting when they i mean when Chandra and nandni were young.

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