Hi friends this is Lopez, and am up her with a little story to disturb u guys I don’t know whether it would be up to ur satisfactions but I would try my best to give out what I can….and yessss I was inspired by a pretty lady called miss,TRISHA, infact she gave me all the inspirational words in the world I guess..dear am soo grateful for all ur effort to make it possible… lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu?????????…so friends here we go starting with the character sketch

Maan Singh is the eldest son of jalal and jodha a self inspirational person who doesn’t look up for anyone in life. he works hard to give his mom and two siblings a good life ,he doesn’t like his father because he doesn’t care for them despite him being one of the richest man in town..but he has a friend called purab who is from a reputed family and his father owns the company where maan singh works. and he sometimes help maan Singh in financial aspect too.

pragya singh is the second daughter ,she is a young bubbly lady and though she is from a lower class family but never let emotions to overcome her ambitions, she is a hard worker and never gives up in anything, she is often humiliated by friends for her simplicity but she never gives in and always focus on her motive of being famous via sports.. yes she is a football player but her mom wants her to became a judge so she is pursuing both goals. she loves her family very well and can go to any extent in making her family unit tighter . so under all her busy schedules ie”,sporting and schooling, she always helps her mom at the sweet shop .

bulbul Singh is the last daughter of the house,she is unlike her elder siblings, she is carefree and a dream scented person, she is fashionable and always dream to be a fashion designer and loves her siblings and mom very well

purab is maan Singh’s friend a soft natured person who loves maan very well and sometimes help him through financial means,

Abhishek mehra… is from a well reputed family and an egoistic person as well,he don’t value middle class people, he lives life the way he prefers and never pays heed to anyone except his dady.he is the manager of his father’s company and only makes deal with the rich…

Jalal is rich and famous man as well but he doesn’t care for his family,and likes changing women like cloth,he is a Frnd of abhis father and always dream of marrying pragya to abhi to raise his image as they are famous than him.

Jodha is the mother of three,she loves her kids sooo much and works hard for their upbringing as her rich husband cares lees about them so her eldest son helps in financial aspect in order to meet their needs
so guys that is it with a little prologue

Jodha, pragya alongside with bulbul and maan Singh were having their breakfast, but pragya was in a hurry as they were late but bulbul was delaying and pragya says bulbul I ve to attend the first lesson as I can’t miss it,but bulbul cut in and says oh helooooooo my ambitious sister u are not the only one with goals to ascertain so chill dear as I also ve goals to pursue saying so she rushed to her room to touch up her makeup.

but pragya shout at her and says bubbly makeup again? bulbul says are my sweet fashion disaster,and u not being fashionable doesn’t mean I should also be like u…they head to leave and jodha came with their lunch box and they left for college but on their way out bulbul met here mates and move along with them while pragya left them saying she would take the lead,but on the way something unusual happened she nearly met with an accident,whilst the owner walked out with attitude and instead of apologising, he started scold her saying wat the hell are u doing infront of my car,I know girls like u always cross up the riches path in order to get money and Sympathy but I……

but before he could finish pragya cut him off and was about to slap him but stops and says if i even touch u,then it means there is no between we two, to hell with ur money .do I look like those ladies who would cross an alien like u jux for money? it sometimes grieves my heart why God always work in favour of people who think they are rich but mentally are poor.u nearly took my life and instead of apologizing u are speaking trash,infact I hate my fate for meeting a bad luck like u this early morning saying so she took her back and left giving him an angry look. abhi stood stunned and says in mind I would teach u a lesson which would make u regret for speaking to me in such a way,he wears his sun glasses and walk to his car with attitude.

Precab..Jalal says jodha I have fixed an alliance for pragya with one of my rich friends son.but jodha says I won’t ever allow my daughter to get married without pursuing her dream and she was about to leave but jalal held her hand tightly but in a flirty way saying as I ve full right on u, so do I have on them as well and started tracing his hands via her ear lopes which has an impact on jodha.he left her saying I can see u still love me….

who did jalal fixed pragyas alliance with and hw would pragya cope with the new twist of her life..would maan Singh and jodha allow jalal to stop pragya from achieving her goals.?……… .plzzz Trisha dear this was all that I could scrible plzzzzzzzz bear with it and tell me frankly if I should continue or not and friends plzzzz kindly give me ur opinions????

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  1. Prabhi

    wow its awesome love it
    lopez dear great do continue

    1. Lopez

      aweeeeee thanks prabhi di for loving it,I would surely proceed??

  2. Superb start dear.. do continue..

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  3. really nice dr.. update soon..

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  4. SamyuSam

    Nyc one….. Plzz continue dear….

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      thanks samyusam,,I would surely continue

  5. Reshma_Pradeep

    Nice yaar! Good Try……Do continue

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  6. Trisha

    Oh my goodness! You are such a darling???….thought you were joking when you said you would put Jalal in it. ???
    Love it???
    Thank you soo much for combining my two favourite shows.
    The story is absolutely fantastic! I knew you would rock…had no doubts. Can’t wait for the next epi…. Til then take care…Love you????

  7. Lopez

    aweeeeee tanx dear for loving it,I would surely continue

  8. Nice one….

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  9. Awesome
    Love it?
    Trisha Di was right you rocked it
    Take care..love you♥️

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  10. Hai lopz… Super intro dear….

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  11. Awesome nice episode pls continue

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