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so now let’s move to the story…..
The episode start with pragya in a depressed state asked so its u..how could u do this to me? what ve I done to deserve these bad fortunes in life, why did u do this to me?? and she asked Ritika to move out so she can speak to abhi alone. but it fell on her deaf ears saying am with my to be husband but pragya held her arms tightly saying am speaking about my life,,she dragged her out from the room and locked it …

And she came back and asked again,, why did u do this to me? she with teary eyes said u shattered my dreams just in the name of revenge??? do u even know what my mom is passing through? u ve made all her efforts go in vain,I ve insulted and hurt ur ego right??,u could ve beat,slap,arrest or even kill me instead of this punishment, what has my mother done to deserve all this from u??

and abhi asked what did I do to ur mom?
and pragya says you want to know right,, do u know how it feels to be a single mother,she with all those suffering never back off she is always there for us with the hope that even after her toils,if we are able to persue our dreams then she would be be the most happiest person ever on earth,, ,but u have shattered a mothers desire, u in collaboration with my dad made ur lives hell and shattered her desire as well…..she fell on the sofa and cried miserably while abhi who could not bear her cry felt guilty and left the room…..

the screen shift to jodhas home,,,she was in the living room with bulbul lying on her lap their red eyes signify that they ve cried a lot and maan who couldn’t went for work because of the unexpected twist of their lives was trying his best to console them….and jux then the door bell ring so he went to open it and it was purab at the gate..

purab great him and head to jodha and bulbul,, he bend to take jodhas blessing but jux then bulbul raised her head and it dashed with his they had a little eye lock which was broke by jadha….
she asked beta how are u and he responded as being fine,she blessed him and asked bulbul to serve him tea….

bulbul left and purab sat with maan and they chitchat..he asked maan to be strong so he can take care of others and to think pragya would be happy with her in-laws..
but maan says hw can she be happy when her dreams was short lived… how can I even console them as me being the elder brother couldn’t do anything in her favour?? but purab says u don’t worry everything would be alright….
bulbul brought the tea and served it to purab, he sipped it and stare at bulbul,, he joked and says waaaw bulbul I would always come here for tea which made them smile and he was happy to at least make them smile,, he finished it and seek for permission to leave and jodha ask him to take care,,

the screen shift to mehra mansion abhi who was feeling guilty for his deeds went to his room to apologized for his deeds but saw pragya preparing the sofa to sleep on it ,he ask her to sleep on the bed but there was no response from her he again says I am talking to u pragya..

but she says I don’t need any favour from u ,and neither do I need any care from u,I would rather die but won’t share a bed with u…I hate u to the core that seeing u suffocates me… but abhi held her hand and says sorry,, she jerked his hand and says sorry my foot can ur sorry bring back my happiness?? can ur sorry make my mom happy and can it even bring out the pain from my heart? don’t even dare touch me,I would like to curse u but my values did not permit me to curse my husband so she joined her hands and says I request u to leave from my sight he did not leave so she shouted leave and he left giving her an angry look and pragya slept on the sofa and sob quietly..whilst abhi who could not sleep sat on the bed and still glances at pragya…

the screen freezes on abhis guilt feel face and pragyas sleeping face…..to be continued……

precab ……pragya and Granny was preparing for pooja ,,
bulbul decides to meet pragya.. but she upon reaching there met Ritika who taunt her…..

would bulbul get to know the differences between pragya and abhi??? to know more stay tuned
plzzz guys comment and give me your opinion

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